MicroMillions III: gjPokerBE does a good job in Event #50 ($4.40, 4-max, 4x Chance)

Surviving a field of 17,000 entrants is not an easy task, but that is just what gjPokerBE had to do in Event #50, a $4.40 buy-in that was played as a 4-max table with each player being able to re-buy up to four times. In the end gjPokerBE took down the player that started the final table as the chip leader on the way to capturing a career-large payday of $11,108.78.


Getting down to the final five from 17,411 took just over nine hours. The play from eight to five took a few minutes as Danymite76 moved to the top of the leader board. 234567 became the final table bubble boy after moving all in with 2♦2♠ and was called by gjPokerBE who held K♥J♠. The pocket twos held all the way to the river on the 8♠5♠4♦ T♣ board but when the J♥ came on the river 234567 was eliminated in sixth place collecting $1,106.23.

Here's how the final table got started:

Seat 1: Danymite76 (61,880,974 in chips)
Seat 2: shrewd doer (20,066,693 in chips)
Seat 3: Swaggadon (29,688,766 in chips)
Seat 4: gjPokerBE (55,471,768 in chips)
Seat 5: Deeagie (20,261,799 in chips)


Danymite76 wasted very little time moving further away from the pack. After calling a 1,200,000 chip raise of Swaggadon pre-flop the two players saw a J♣T♥5♣ flop. Danymite76 checks to Saggadon who bets 1,800,000, Danymite76 raises to 3,999,099, Swaggadon re-raises to 10,200,000, finally Daynmite76 four-bet shoves all-in making Saggadon make a decision of either folding or going all in. Swaggadon calls and the players cards are revealed. Daymite76 has 5♠5♦ for the flopped set while Swaggadon is at risk of elimination with K♦K♥. The 4♣ turn and 3♦ river brought no assistance to Swaggadon who collects $1771,77.

The next elimination took a few hands to occur as the short stacks each took a turn at doubling up. Eventually the remaining four players were essentially even in chips.

By the time the dust settled a new chip leader was established, but by only a few chips. Danymite76 was the one that doubled a couple of the short stacks but eventually got the best of one. It was a battle of the blinds when shrewd doer shoved all in and was called by Danymite76. shrewd doer showed K♠8♣ to go against Danymite76's pocket nines. The J♦7♦2♠ Q♦ 4♥ board was a safe one for Danymite76 eliminating shrewd doer in fourth place collecting $2,810.55.

With that elimination Danymite76 moved to within 3,000 chips of the now chip leader gjPokerBE. That lead would eventually disappear with Danymite76 sliding into the chip lead once again this time moving above the 100-million chip mark for the first time of the tournament. It did not take long for gjPokerBE to jump back to the lead though getting paid off with pocket aces against Danymite76's ace-queen.

Releasing the lead was only the beginning of the end for Danymite76. A few hands later Danymite76 and gjPokerBE once again sparred. And once again it was gjPokerBE getting the better of things. Danymite76 started things off raising to min-raising to 4,000,000 from under the gun, gjPokerBE re-raised to 9,000,000, and Danymite76 moved all-in. gjPokerBE called showing Q♠Q♦ having Danymite76's 4♥4♦ dominated. The J♥7♦4♠ flop delivered a set of fours for Danymite76 and a breath of life. The 6♦ turn was a safe card for Danymite76 but the Q♣ gave gjPokerBE a pair of queens to beat Danymite76 who collects $4,573.32 for third place.

When Heads-up play began gjPokerBE held over a three to one chip lead on Deeagle. The first few hands were merely just gjPokerBE shoving and Deeagle folding. Eventually though Deeagle managed to get a couple of double ups to take over the chip lead.

At that point the players paused the tournament to discuss a chop. They opted for a chip chop and quickly agreed to Deeagle getting $9,807.65 and gjPokerBE getting $9,608.78, leaving $1,500 to play for.

From there the players swapped the chip lead but eventually gjPokerBE was able to finish things off. After catching a straight on the river with king-jack against Deeagle's ace-king Deeagle moved all-in with K♣2♠ on the next hand only to run into gjPokerBE's J♠J♣. Those jacks held up and even improved as the T♥8♠5♦ 4♠ J♦ board ran out.


Deeagle collects $9,807.65 for second place thanks to the previously mentioned deal while gjPokerBeat takes $11,108.78.

Congrats to gjPokerBeat on taking down Event #50.

MicroMillions III Event 50 ($4.40 NLHE - 4-max) Results (reflects a deal):

Entrants: 17,411
Re-buys: 20,063
Prize Pool: $149,896
Paid Players: 2,400

1st place: gjPokerBE (Belgium) - $11,108.78*
2nd place: Deeagle (Russia) - $9,807.65*
3rd place: Danymite76 (Portugal) - $4,573.32
4th place: shrewd doer (Russia) - $2,810.55
5th place: Swaggadon (United Kingdom) - $1,771.77
*indicates a heads-up deal

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Michael Reed is a freelance contributor to for the PS Blog.