MicroMillions III: JACKPOT786's the winner in Event #74 ($8.80 NLHE 4-max. Super KO)

Knocking out anyone in a multi-table tournament is generally super. But when the tourney is a "bounty" event such as Event #74 of the MicroMillions -- an $8.80 buy-in, 4-max. "Super Knockout" tourney -- there's more than just good feelings and chips as a reward for eliminating an opponent. There's cash, too!

Event #74 came with a $15K guarantee, but that was easily smashed when 7,076 entered, thereby creating a total nearly four times that figure. $29,719.20 of the loot went toward the prize pool -- to be divided among the top 900 finishers -- while another $29,719.20 was reserved for bounties, with $4.20 awarded each time a player was able to felt another.

It would ultimately take more than nine hours for all of the bounties to be claimed, with JACKPOT786 of the United Kingdom taking the last one to earn the Event #74 title and a nice $3,302.73 first prize.

It took about five hours for that field of 7,076 to be carved down to just 100 players, with current MicroMillions III Player of the Series leader Marcin "Goral" Horecki having added another MM III cash to his total by then with a 674th-place finish ($10.69). At that point JACKPOT786 and Alex'LuckyK' of Russia were leading the way as the only players with more than 1 million chips.

About 45 minutes after that the field had been halved to 50. By then 13 players had more than a million chips, with Asul (Romania) and 1Margo1 (Ukraine) on top with about 1.5 million each.

By the seven-hour mark just 12 players were left gathered around three four-handed tables, with JACKPOT786 having reassumed the chip lead with a stack of about 5 million.

Zockerqlb then knocked out Eiziuks (Lithuania) in 12th; havokka000 eliminated both the_chunk111 (United Kingdom) in 11th and ottley (also United Kingdom) in 10th to collect their bounties; and Insane3bet took out YuriHT (Belarus) in ninth. Each of those four eliminated players earned $189.31 for their finishes in addition to whatever bounties they'd collected along the way.

JACKPOT786 next used Q♦Q♠ to overcome the A♣8♠ of Dschingis68 (Germany) to eliminated the latter in eighth. TEVIODIE81 then took out tomo8308 (Ireland) in seventh, using A♠Q♣ to beat tomo8308's A♥J♠ and claim the bounty. And Zokerqlb used A♠J♣ to knock out xipa85 (Russia) in sixth when the latter's K♣6♣ failed to catch up. Those three players each earned $279.95 worth of the prize pool.

The remaining five were assembled around an unofficial five-handed final table, and few minutes later it was JACKPOT768 picking up K♥K♣ versus the Q♦Q♥ of Zokerqlb (Germany), and the kings held to knock out Zokerqlb in fifth ($449.35).

A little over seven-and-a-half hours after Event #74 had begun, the last four-handed table was underway!


Seat 1: JACKPOT786 (United Kingdom) -- 13,303,438
Seat 2: TEVIODIE81 (Argentina) -- 11,425,244
Seat 3: havokka000 (Finland) -- 5,695,680
Seat 4: Insane3bet (Austria) -- 4,955,638

After several minutes of four-handed play the blinds were 60,000/120,000 when TEVIODIE81 opened for 240,000 from under the gun, then Insane3bet reraise-shoved for 2,615,638 from the small blind. It folded back to TEVIODIE81 who called, turning over A♠J♦. Meanwhile Insane3bet had three-bet with K♠9♥, and when the board rolled out 8♠7♠6♥2♠3♦, Insane3bet was out in fourth.

On the very next hand, JACKPOT786 was the one raising to 240,000 from under the gun, and havokka000 responded with a reraise to 600,000 from the big blind. JACKPOT768 pushed all in and havokka000 called for 2,769,569, showing A♠4♠ versus JACKPOT786's A♦6♥. The community cards came 7♣9♥Q♦7♥6♠, that river six preventing a chop and sending havokka000 out in third.

They were down to two.


TEVIODIE81 began heads-up play with the advantage, with 21,686,993 chips to JACKPOT786's 13,693,007. TEVIODIE81 was hoping to become the first player from Argentina to win a MicroMillions III event, but JACKPOT786 had other ideas.

The pair made it to the eight-hour break with TEVIODIE81 still on top, but after 20 minutes more JACKPOT786 would pull even with TEVIODIE81, then quickly take a couple of medium-sized pots to grab a better than 3-to-1 advantage.

Before long, JACKPOT786 had TEVIODIE81 all in and at risk holding A♦4♣ versus JACKPOT786's A♣3♠, but the hand resulted in a chopped pot. A while later TEVIODIE81 was all in again with K♣J♠ versus JACKPOT786's J♣7♣, and that time TEVIODIE81 scored a double-up to close the gap.

But JACKPOT786 soon pushed back to grab a few more pots and by the time they made it to the nine-hour break again had a commanding lead with 25,454,105 to TEVIODIE81's 9,925,895.

They returned and immediately JACKPOT786 began to whittle away at TEVIODIE81's stack, pushing the latter under 5 million. But TEVIODIE81 would double-up again, this time using K♠8♠ versus JACKPOT786's J♥8♦.

TEVIODIE81 grabbed a few more pots to move back up to 12,651,790 to JACKPOT786's 22,728,210 and appeared ready to even the score once more. Then, with the blinds at 200,000/400,000, JACKPOT786 raised to 800,000, TEVIODIE81 reraised all in with that stack of 12.6 million, and JACKPOT786 quickly called.


The flop came 2♣8♥3♦ and the turn the 8♣, and TEVIODIE81 was looking for a saving ten or a second board pair on the river to survive. But the river was the J♠, and JACKPOT786 had grabbed TEVIODIE81's bounty and the Event #74 title.


Congratulations to JACKPOT786 for getting the most super "Super Knockout" of them all heads-up to win the title and $3,302.73 first prize!

MicroMillions III Event #74 $8.80 NLHE 4-max. Super Knockout final table results:
1st: JACKPOT786 (United Kingdom) -- $3,302.73
2nd: TEVIODIE81 (Argentina) -- $1,997.13
3rd: havokka000 (Finland) -- $1,158.15
4th: Insane3bet (Austria) -- $709.99

Entrants: 7,076
Prize pool: $29,719.20
Bounty pool: $29,719.20
Places paid: 900

MicroMillions III continues through Sunday, with the big $1 million guaranteed, $22 buy-in Main Event (Event #98) coming up Sunday afternoon. Information on that one and all of the other MM III events can be found over on the MicroMillions page.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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