MicroMillions III: fabcunha takes down Event #59 for Brazil ($3.30 NL Omaha Hi/Lo)

For most MicroMillions champions winning one of the events means a career-high cash. That just about applied to fabcunha who edged out his previous PokerStars best of $2,318 by beating a field of 7,606 players to win Event #59: $3.30 NL Omaha Hi/Lo. Notch up a $2,623.53 win for Team Brazil.


Getting down to the final table of nine was a battle with the hi/lo format. But before they could get to the final table they had to survive to the money. With 7,607 entrants a total of 990 players made it to the money. Of those 990 was Team PokerStars Marcin "Goral" Horecki who won $5.93 for his 791st place finish.

Once they got down to the final two tables kuku&biany and TMaxx805 started to make their march towards the top. By the time they got to the final nine they were the only two players above 6-million while nala01 and IWINMEETING were the short stacks with just over 1-million. Here's how they started the final table:

Seat 1: jahiphop (2,111,589 in chips)
Seat 2: Porto1977 (4,650,445 in chips)
Seat 3: allessandr7 (5,278,920 in chips)
Seat 4: fabcunha (4,229,359 in chips)
Seat 5: TMaxx805 (6,461,237 in chips)
Seat 6: Ziemni0k (5,906,748 in chips)
Seat 7: nala01 (1,191,624 in chips)
Seat 8: IWINMEETING (1,242,612 in chips)
Seat 9: kuku&biany (6,962,466 in chips)

It only took one hand to get down to eight. The hand got underway with Porto1977 raise to 410,000 from the button and fabcunha call from the big blind. The flop came J♥7♠4♣. fabcunha checked to Porto1977 who bet 3,800,000, fabcunha raised all-in, and Proto1977 called going all-in. Porto1977 showed A♣5♥4♦4♠ for a set of fours and fabcunha showed A♦J♣J♠2♣ for a set of jacks. The A♦ turn changed nothing as well as the 2♣ river meaning Proto1977 was eliminated in ninth place collecting $176.86.

Over the next couple of hands the chips continued to fly around with nala01 getting a double and TMaxx805 picking up a couple million chip pot. In the fourth hand of the final table IWINMEETING moved all-in from under the gun for just less than a min-raise and was called by TMaxx805 and nala01 from the small blind. Both nala01 and Tmaxx805 checked the K♥K♦4♥ flop. nala01 then raised to 500,000 and TMaxx805 folded. The remaining players cards were revealed with nala01 holding K♠J♠5♥4♠ for a full house kings full of four while IWINMEETING held A♦9♠3♠2♥ for nothing but a backdoor straight draw. The J♣ turn closed everything out eliminating IWINMEETING in eight place collecting $273.85.

The next elimination took a few more hands than the first two did. Thirteen hands later allesandr7 and jahphop butted heads. All of jahiphop's chips went into the middle pre-flop with A♠K♣9♣7♥ against allessandr7's A♣K♦6♥4♣. The 8♦4♦4♥ flop pretty much brought an end to the hand as allessandr7 flopped trip fours. The 9♥ turn gave jahiphop a glimmer of hope but the 8♥ shut the door sending jahiphop out in seventh place collecting $502.06.

As the next set of hands were completed Ziemni0k was knocked down to just over one big blind and was all-in a few times but managed to win at least half of the pot twice before moving all-in with A♠8♦5♠3♦ against nala01's K♣Q♣Q♥6♦. The board ran out K♥J♦5♦ J♠ 4♠ improving nala01's queens to two pair, kings and jacks eliminating Ziemni0k who only managed to get two pair jacks and fives. Ziemni0k collected $730.27 for sixth place.

After a few more hands with split pots nala01 ended up all-in pre-flop with A♣K♣T♠8♠ against allesandr7's Q♠T♥9♣8♦. The A♦J♦8♣ flop gave both players a pair with nala01 maintaining the lead with a pair of aces against allesandr7's pair of eights, but it was the straight draw that ended up coming into play later. The 3♣ turn only gave nala01 a flush draw but it was the 9♠ that changed everything giving allesandr7 a queen-high straight to eliminate nala01 in fifth place collecting $958.48.

Now that they were four-handed the remaining players decided to take a look at a chip chop. Once the following numbers were posted the players all agreed and play continued to see who would take the leftover money.


It took a couple of hands before an elimination finally happened after the deal was reached as either the short stack would double up or at least win half the pot. Eventually though allessandr7 was all-in with A♦K♠2♠2♥ against fabcunha's A♣K♣K♦9♠. The board ran out K♥8♥4♣ 4♥ A♥ giving both players a full house but it was fabcunha's kings full of fours that won the hand eliminating allesandr7 in fourth place collecting $2,142.39 thanks to the previous deal.

Only three hands were needed from there to get to heads-up play as fabcunha once again dispatched a player. This time it was TMaxx805 getting all-in pre flop with A♦8♣3♦3♠ against fabcunha's A♣A♠J♦8♦. The board ran out J♠T♠9♥ 8♠ 2♣ giving fabcunha two pair, jacks and fours, to beat TMaxx805's pair of eights. TMaxx805 collected $2,361.54 for third place.

When heads-up play began fabcunha held just over a two to one chip lead and never let that go. Two hands in kuku&biany moved all-in and was called by fabcunha. fabcunha held the lead with A♥8♠3♦2♥ over kuku&biany's Q♦6♠4♥3♠. The J♣6♥5♦ flop gave kuku&biany the lead with a pair of sixes. The A♦ turn shifted that lead back to fabcunha and the 9♠ changed nothing. kuku&biany collected $1,997.05 for second place thank to the previous deal while fabcunha collected $2,623.53.

Congrats to fabcunha on winning the MicroMillions III Event 59.

MicroMillions III Event 59 ($3.30 NL Omaha Hi/Lo) Results (reflects a deal):

Entrants: 7,607
Prize Pool: $22,821
Paid Players: 990

1st place: fabcunha (Brazil) - $2,623.53*
2nd place: kuku&biany (Mexico) - $1,997.05*
3rd place: TMaxx805 (Russia) - $2,361.54*
4th place: allessandr7 (Ukraine) - $2,142.39*
5th place: nala01 (Sweden) - $958.58
6th place: Ziemni0k (Poland) - $730.27
7th place: jahiphop (Canada) - $502.06
8th place: IWINMEETING (Finland) - $273.85
9th place: Porto1977 (Germany) - $176.86
*indicates a four-way deal

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