MicroMillions III: Kovtun 778 wins Event #82 ($2.20 NLHE)

As the MicroMillions III enters its final weekend, Russia continues to dominate the series in every statistical category, including entrants, money won, and cashes. 117 Russians have made final tables, more than twice that of second-place Germany, and that count was boosted by two tonight. Russians went one-two in Event #82, Kovtun 778 claiming his country's 13th bracelet after a heads-up battle with fellow countryman serzh sova.

10,842 players bought in to Event #82, creating a $21,684 prize pool. 1,440 places were paid with first place set to earn $3,043.60. MicroMillions mega-grinder Marcin Horecki was in the field, and while he still has a solid lead in the Player of the Series race, he didn't add another cash in this event.

A double elimination set this final table. With the blinds at 80,000/160,000, akselerons open-shoved for 640,436, darua_60 called all-in for 323,232 right behind him, and alpina100 called from the small blind.

alpina100 K♣7♠
akselerons 6♦6♥
darua_60 4♠4♥

Alpina100 paired his king on the flop and went on to catch running spades for a flush, the board finishing K♠J♠J♦3♠9♠. The shorter of the two all-in players, darua_60 finished in 11th place while akselerons took 10th.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: paulsiatat (4,386,080 in chips)
Seat 2: Kovtun 778 (14,011,295 in chips)
Seat 3: chunkeyyy (1,672,533 in chips)
Seat 4: David7770 (2,293,944 in chips)
Seat 5: alpina100 (9,683,048 in chips)
Seat 6: akon03 (532,654 in chips)
Seat 7: JoeToye89 (10,289,060 in chips)
Seat 8: serzh sova (7,006,918 in chips)
Seat 9: scombrus (4,334,468 in chips)

Early exits

Akon03 made the final table with little more than three big blinds and luckily woke up with A♥K♣ on the first hand. Akon03 open-shoved on the button and JoeToye89 called from the small blind with K♥J♥. Akon03's ace-high held through the turn, but his luck soured on the river as the J♣ spiked to pair JoeToye89. Akon03 was eliminated in ninth place, collecting $147.45.

JoeToye89's chips ended up flowing to David7770 when a standard coinflip took a dramatic turn. All-in preflop with T♦T♠ against JoeToye89's K♠Q♠, David7770's hopes faded when the flop fell K♦8♥5♣, but he hit running tens to make quads and double up to 4.93 million.

David7770, however, didn't fare quite as well with his next pocket pair. Short stack chunkeyyy open-shoved for 2.14 million with 2♦2♠ and David7770 reshoved for 4.43 million to isolate with 8♦8♣. Lurking in the big blind with A♠Q♣, serzh sova called. David7770's eights were good through the turn, but serzh sova hit a river queen to win the 11.3 million pot and score a double KO. Chunkeyyy finished in eighth place for $216.84 while David7770 took seventh for $433.68.

Four hands later, paulsiatat open-shoved for 2.36 million on the button and alpina100 called from the big blind. Paulsiatat led with A♠4♠ vs. Q♠8♦, but alpina100 flopped a queen to send him home in sixth ($650.52).

Five-handed fight

With five players remaining and the blinds up to 100,000/200,000, serzh sova held the chip lead with 17.5 million. Alpina100 was second with 13.6 million, Kovtun 778 held 11.8 million, JoeToye89 had 7.1 million, and scombrus was the short stack with 4.1 million.

JoeToye89 was down to 4.4 million when he picked up A♥K♦ and three-bet shoved from the small blind. Kovtun 778 called with K♣Q♦ and JoeToye89's ace-high held to double his stack to 9.2 million. Scombrus was even lower in chips when he saw a rare free flop from the big blind with 9♣6♥. The flop fell 7♦6♣2♠ and scombrus shoved for 3.74 million with middle pair. Alpina100 called and flipped over K♥K♦, but scombrus rivered the 9♥ to snap them off with two pair.

Still on the short stack with 7.2 million, scombris doubled twice more, both times at Kovtun778's expense. First, scombrus' K♦5♠ rivered a full house against Kovtun 778's K♥9♥. Then, on a later hand, both players flopped trip nines, but scombrus had the better kicker with K♥9♥ vs. 6♦9♦.

Five-handed play dragged on for more than 45 minutes before JoeToye89 three-bet shoved for 12.7 million and initial raiser alpina100 called all-in. JoeToye89's A♣T♥ held up against alpina100's A♥6♦, his ten kicker playing on the A♠K♣5♣7♥K♦ board. The stalemate broke as alpina100 hit the rail in fifth place, earning $867.36.

JoeToye89 finishes fourth, scombrus out in third

With the blinds up to 300,000/600,000, serzh sova was down to 4.65 million and open-shoved with pocket fours. Kovtun 778 made an easy call with A♦Q♣, but serzh sova hit a four on the flop, his set doubling him up to 10.2 million. Kovtun 778 recovered his losses when he picked up A♥A♠ and JoeToye89 called his four-bet shove with A♦K♠. Kovtun 778's pocket aces held and he moved up to 16 million. Down to 7.7 million, JoeToye89 three-bet shoved preflop with K♣Q♣, but ran into Koytun 778's A♦J♣. JoeToye89 did not improve and was discharged in 4th place, earning $1,084.20.

Kovtun 778 was firmly in control with 33.7 million, scombrus was a distant second with 13.7 million and serzh sova was the short stack with 6.75 million. Serzh sova got a reprieve when his K♣Q♣ flopped two pair against Kovtun 778's J♠9♦ to take him up to 13.9 million in chips. Scombrus, however, wasn't as fortunate. After opening for 1.7 million from the small blind, scombrus check-raised all-in on the T♦T♣7♠ flop. Kovtun 778 called with Q♥T♥ for trips, scombrus revealing only ace-high with A♠3♣. Kovtun 778 improved to tens full with the 7♦ on the turn and scombrus was out in third, scoring $1,561.24.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: Kovtun 778 (40,901,652 in chips)
Seat 8: serzh sova (13,308,348 in chips)

Initially, sezh sova gave Kovtun 778 a run for his money. Serzh sova picked up A♥A♠ and flopped a set to double up, then doubled again when his K♣T♠ flopped top pair against Kovtun 778's 9♦4♥. Serzh sova moved up to 23.7 million before Kovtun 778 roared back and regained control in this 13.25 million pot:

Kovtun 778 won the final eight hands, whittling serzh sova down to 4.85 million before he three-bet shoved with Q♠T♠. Kovtun 778 called with a dominating A♦T♣, the 8♥6♣3♣K♣K♠ board sealing his win.

Congratulations to Kovtun 778 on shipping a MicroMillions title. He picked up $3,043.60 for the win while runner-up sezh sova earned $2.211.76.

PokerStars MicroMillions III Event #782 ($2.20 NLHE) results

Players 10,842
Prizepool: $21,684
Places paid: 1,440

1. Kovtun 778 (Russia) $3,043.60
2. serzh sova (Russia) $2,211.76
3. scombrus (United Kingdom) $1,561.24
4. JoeToye89 (Poland) $1,084.20
5. alpina100 (Germany) $867.36
6. paulsiatat (Romania) $650.52
7. David7770 (Georgia) $433.68
8. chunkeyyy (Singapore) $216.84
9. akon03 (Romania) $147.45

It's the final weekend of the MicroMillions III. Don't miss out on the action! Visit the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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