MicroMillions III: perm1000 runs them down in Event #80 ($5.50 NLHE)

We're rounding the bend and into the home straight in the MicroMillions III series. There's just a few days left to turn budget buy-ins into thousands of dollars in cold-hard cash. And that's exactly what perm1000 from Canada achieved today as a measly $5.50 investment was turned into $4,658.59 in winnings in a dominant performance on the PokerStars virtual felt.

Event #80 of the MicroMillions III series was a $5.50 No Limit Holdem event that attracted 5,951 players to produce a prize pool of $29,755 to exceed the guarantee.

The top 765 players would share in the cash, but Brazil's PCPN wasn't one of them, sadly bubbling in 766th place to miss the $8.92 min-cash.
After almost eight hours of play, a short-stacked labourboi moved all in with 9♣7♠ but failed to improve against KostyaJR's Q♠J♣ to see labourboi out in 10th place and our final table formed as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: perm1000 (5,526,234 in chips)
Seat 2: voguepergola (2,880,592 in chips)
Seat 3: RATAKEY41673 (4,643,900 in chips)
Seat 4: Dextol92 (2,004,788 in chips)
Seat 5: Pietro907 (2,165,350 in chips)
Seat 6: KostyaJR (5,344,348 in chips)
Seat 7: botinhaa (1,185,020 in chips)
Seat 8: avraam1966 (1,721,981 in chips)
Seat 9: Lamperman11 (4,282,787 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 50k/100k/12.5k with a couple of short stacks getting close to that ten big blind danger zone. But it would be Dextol92 who would be the first eliminated, on just the second hand of the final table.

Lamperman11 opened with a raise before Dextol92 shoved all in with 9♦9♠. However Lamperman11 wasn't going anywhere with A♠A♥ and made the easy call. The board ran out 2♣3♣3♠8♠3♦ without a nine to leave Dextol92 on the rail in 9th place for $238.04.

avraam1966 landed a double up with A♥Q♥ holding against KostyaJR's A♦T♣ as the dominated ace would prove to be KostyaJR's downfall. A short time later KostyaJR opened with a raise and then called a three-bet from perm1000 to see a flop of 7♣A♦3♠. perm1000 coyly checked from the big blind and KostyaJR moved all in, but perm1000 snapped it off with A♣K♠ to leave KostyaJR's A♥J♥ in trouble. The turn brought the K♥ to seal the deal and the K♦ river was just salt into the wound. KostyaJR picked up $371.93 for 8th place.

By this stage botinhaa was down to only 1.5 big blinds which were finally committed preflop with 7♠8♠. perm1000 tried to isolate with a raise but RATAKEY41673 called to see a flop, but folded when perm1000 fired a bet on the Q♣3♦J♥ flop. That flop missed botinhaa with perm1000's A♠J♣ well in front. The J♠ turn was a little overkill, and the 8♥ didn't matter as botinhaa was bundled out in 7th place for $669.48 in prize money.

RATAKEY41673 was down to eleven big blinds and was looking set for a double up when K♠K♥ flashed onto the screen, but the timing was a little unfortunate:

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Lamperman11 found aces and eliminated an opponent for the second time on the final table, leaving RATAKEY41673 to pocket $967.03 for 6th place.

perm1000 was the chip leader and extended that advantage even further when avraam1966 decided to three-bet shove with A♥J♠. The aces were being passed around the table as perm1000 called and tabled A♦A♣. The board was spread T♠8♣5♥J♦6♥ as top pair wasn't enough to save avraam1966 from elimination in 5th place. avraam1966 turned a $5.50 investment in a healthy $1,264.58 payday.

Voguepergola took a chunk out of the chip leader with a double up holding K♠K♦ against perm1000's 8♥8♠, while Lamperman11 continued to apply pressure with some big re-raises to collect several nice uncontested pots.

Pietro907 got in on the fun, landing a double up with Q♠8♣ against Lamperman11's 4♠A♦. Pietro907 flopped a queen, and Lamperman11 rivered a straight, only to see Pietro907 make a flush holding the only club with four more on board.

voguepergola caught a double up with A♣5♠ spiking an ace to crack Pietro907's pocket kings, but Pietro907 pulled some back next hand with another entertaining double up:

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Unfortunately it wasn't enough for Pietro907 to recover, as a short time later, Pietro907 moved all in from the small blind for around eight big blinds holding Q♦J♦ with Lamperman11 calling from the big blind with K♥T♠. The board of T♦4♣8♥A♠6♥ brought a pair for Lamperman11 which was enough to eliminate Pietro907 in 4th place for $1,681.15.

perm1000 continued to push the action holding the big stack, and the aggression was rewarded with a little luck as well. Lamperman11 opened with a raise and perm1000 moved all in with K♣J♣ but Lamperman11 made the call with a dominant A♥J♠. Lamperman11 would have to fade the king to double right back into contention, but there it was on the flop on the board of 7♥K♠4♣T♣8♠. Lamperman11 had to be content with $2,454.78 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: perm1000 (25,554,275 in chips)
Seat 2: voguepergola (4,200,725 in chips)

perm1000 held a huge chip lead, and despite voguepergola doubling up twice, perm1000 was the more aggressive player and was able to grind down voguepergola each time until the final blow was struck.

The players saw a flop of 9♠4♠5♦ which created plenty of action as the chips went flying into the middle. voguepergola moved all in with 3♠7♠ for a flush and straight possibilities, but the spades proved to be no good as perm1000 showed 8♠5♠ for a pair with a superior flush draw. The A♦ turn and T♥ river completed the board to leave voguepergola to pick up $2,454.78 for 2nd place as perm1000 takes the win for Canada, along with $4,658.59 in prize money.

MicroMillions III Event #80 Results

Entrants: 5,951
Prize pool: $29,755
Places paid: 765

1st perm1000 (Canada) - $4,658.59
2nd voguepergola (Australia) - $3,466.45
3rd Lamperman11 (Colombia) - $2,454.78
4th Pietro907 (Costa Rica) - $1,681.15
5th avraam1966 (Greece) - $1,264.58
6th RATAKEY41673 (Argentina) - $967.03
7th botinhaa (Brazil) - $669.48
8th KostyaJR (Russia) - $371.93
9th Dextol92 (Russia) - $238.04

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.