MicroMillions III: Phillipito scoops Event #48 title ($3.30 PL Omaha Hi/Lo)

Of all 100 events in MicroMillions III, there was just one Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament on the schedule -- Event #48, a $3.30 buy-in affair. Thus were 5,291 PLO8 fanatics glad to jump in for this one, and after a little over eight hours it was Phillipito of Portugal coming away with the win and a handsome $2,382.60 payday.

That huge field created a total prize pool of $15,873 by the way -- well over the $10K guarantee -- with the top 675 finishers getting paid. It would take about four hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 675 players left Horns_Halos (United Kingdom), kiaalex66 (Slovakia), and DerHerthaner (Germany) had scooped enough pots to find spots at the top of the leaderboard.

Among the cashers was Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki, although he wouldn't last too much longer before falling in 507th for a small profit of $5.87.

An hour-and-a-half later they were down to 100 players, with puschili (Germany) leading followed by slaven78 (Russia) and vmistry (United Kingdom). A couple of hours after that the field had been trimmed to 18 players, with hatabpank (Russia) leading the way with nearly 5 million chips and Phillipito (Portugal) and topka (Estonia) also near the top.

Over the next half-hour the final nine would emerge. GRUSSmos (18th), slaven78 (17th), and ostholm (16th) each took away $47.61 for their efforts. robroy (15th), Syklen (14th), and florynA55 (13th) earned $71.42 apiece. And larik1966 (12th), twistarillo (11th), and eyelist (10th) saw $95.23 added to their PokerStars accounts.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: hatabpank (Russia) -- 7,449,733
Seat 2: yarpen_85 (Poland) -- 1,760,076
Seat 3: stari.gobar (Slovenia) -- 788,672
Seat 4: Phillipito (Portugal) -- 5,814,789
Seat 5: ANBEJUJA (Germany) -- 1,269,468
Seat 6: topka (Estonia) -- 4,048,676
Seat 7: willis59 (United Kingdom) -- 3,559,524
Seat 8: Mr.anson26 (Australia) -- 562,584
Seat 9: Exzik (Ukraine) -- 1,201,478

The final table would play out quickly, ending in less than half an hour. And it only took two hands for a huge pot to develop between a couple of the big stacks, Phillipito and topka.

With the blinds 125,000/250,000, Phillipito opened for 717,500 from the cutoff seat and topka called from the big blind. The flop came 4♥J♦3♥, and topka check-called a bet of 1.25 million from Phillipito. The turn then brought the 2♦ and another check from topka. Phillipito bet 2 million this time, and topka called with the 1,831,176 left behind. The players' cards were revealed...

topka: K♥K♦7♥5♦ -- a diamond flush draw, a straight draw, and a 7-5-4-3-2 low
Phillipito: A♥J♥9♠3♣ -- a heart flush draw, a wheel draw, and a low draw

The river then brought the 5♥, completing Phillipito's flush and a wheel for the low, thus enabling Phillipito to scoop and sending topka out in ninth.

Not long after that hand it was ANBEJUJA open-raising all in for 331,884 (just over a single big blind) from under the gun and watching willis59 reraise pot from a seat over.

All others folded, ANBEJUJA showed K♦K♠J♥T♣ and willis59 A♦A♣9♥5♠, and when the board came T♦6♠9♣7♦3♣, willis59's aces and 7-6-5-3-A low were both best, thus sending ANBEJUJA railward in eighth.

Soon the blinds were 150,000/300,000, and Exzik was opening with a 2x raise from early position, getting an all-in call for 358,008 from stari.gobar from the button. willis59 also called from the big blind, and the flop came K♣9♠2♠. willis59 checked, Exzik pushed all in for 1,602,956, and Exzik called. All three players' hands were turned over...

willis59: K♥K♠8♦4♦
Exzik: A♦3♥2♥2♣
stari.gobar: A♠9♦5♥4♣

The turn was the 6♥ and river the 6♦, which meant willis59's flopped set of kings had improved to a full house, the best high hand when no low was possible. A double-knockout, sending stari.gobar out in seventh and Exzik out in sixth.

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hatabpank was the next to go in fifth place. Having been crippled down to just 235,057 in the previous hand versus Mr.anson26, hatabpank called all in from the button and was up against Phillipito in the big blind.

hatabpank had A♠K♦8♦4♦ and Phillipito T♠T♣7♠3♥. The community cards came 5♣9♥2♠4♠5♠, giving Phillipito a flush and a 7-low, both better than hatabpank's two pair and 8-low. They were down to four.

yarpen_85 became super-short-stacked next, and was all in for 279,412 from the big blind with A♥Q♦6♣5♠ and up against Mr.anson26's J♠8♠7♣4♦. The board came 8♦2♦2♥J♦T♠ -- no low hands, and two pair for Mr.anson26 for a high, thus beating yarpen_85 and sending the latter out in fourth.

The final trio then paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal, and "chip chop" numbers were produced according to their stacks -- Phillipito (15,160,544), Mr.anson26 (8,330,084), and whillis59 (2,964,372) -- leaving $200 for which to play. The group quickly agreed to the proposed numbers, and play soon resumed.

On the very first hand back, willis59 opened with a pot-sized raised to 1.4 million from the button, Phillipito reraised from the big blind, and willis59 called all in with A♦Q♥T♥7♠ versus Phillipito's K♠6♣5♠3♦. The community cards brought a bunch of clubs, coming 7♣4♣2♣A♣Q♣ to give Phillipito a wheel for best high and low and knocking willis59 out in third.

That hand meant Phillipito was able to start heads-up play with 18,324,916 chips, more than twice the stack of Mr.anson26 who had 8,130,084. The pair would play five small-pot hands, then the end swiftly arrived.

In the final hand, the blinds were 200,000/400,000 when Phillipito opened for 1,148,000 from the button and Mr.anson26 called the raise. The flop came 4♥9♣3♥ and Mr.anson26 checked. Phillipito bet 1.6 million, and Mr.anson26 called.

The turn brought the 8♠ and another check from Mr.anson26. Phillipito bet 5,496,000 this time, and Mr.anson26 came back with an all-in raise to 6,382,084 which Phillipito quickly called.

It was A♥K♣4♦2♥ for Phillipito -- the nut low and a pair of fours -- while Mr.anson26 had K♦K♥8♦7♥ for the currently-best high. But the river brought the A♦ to improve Phillipito to a better high hand (two pair). Phillipito's low was also best, and all of the chips slid the Portuguese player's way.

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Congratulations to Phillipito for topping a huge field of 5,291 and turning $3.30 into $2,382.60 in MM III Event #48!

MicroMillions III Event #48 $3.30 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo final table results (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: Phillipito (Portugal) -- $2,382.60*
2nd: Mr.anson26 (Australia) -- $1,789.24*
3rd: willis59 (United Kingdom) -- $1,480.24*
4th: yarpen_85 (Poland) -- $896.82
5th: hatabpank (Russia) -- $674.60
6th: Exzik (Ukraine) -- $515.87
7th: stari-gobar (Slovenia) -- $357.14
8th: ANBEJUJA (Germany) -- $198.41
9th: topka (Estonia) -- $126.98

Entrants: 5,291
Prize pool: $15,873.00
Places paid: 675

As mentioned, this was the only PLO Hi/Lo event; however, there are a couple of no-limit Hi/Lo events on the remaining MicroMillions III schedule (Events #59 and #96). Check out the the MicroMillions page for information about all of the remaining MM III events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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