MicroMillions III: PowerfulNutz the Razz master in Event #91 ($4.40 Razz)

Razz is a game that tests everyone's patience. High cards are bad and pairs, well they just suck. There's no all-in button. There's no escape. It's a game that can send you crazy. But sometimes that patience is rewarded, and the cards start to fall your way to make it all worthwhile. Just ask Canadian PowerfulNutz who was knocked down time and time again in this tournament. PowerfulNutz was desperately short on multiple occasions and on the verge of elimination, but the cards fell the right way in the end to see PowerfulNutz become the Razz master with victory in the MicroMillions III worth $1,288.48 in prize money.

It was MicroMillions III Event #91 with the $4.40 Razz event attracting a field of 1,839 to produce a prize pool of $7,356. The top 240 players would finish in the money, but czajnik wasn't one of them as the Polish player bubbled in 241st place, just short of the $6.98 min-cash.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki was once again among the action, and in the money, with another impressive run that ended in 91st place for $11.76 in prize money.

After six hours of razzle dazzle, we saw a spectacular final table bubble that eliminated two players in the one hand:

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Despite starting with a queen, barraco32 caught good as both opponents paired and bricked their boards to see the double KO start our final table with one empty seat.

Final Table Line up
Seat 1: EEvgen (1,391,198 in chips)
Seat 2: PowerfulNutz (749,921 in chips)
Seat 3: denasman1 (1,543,708 in chips)
Seat 4: koneko1074 (938,199 in chips)
Seat 5: SJongeJongen (650,240 in chips)
Seat 6: barraco32 (3,272,188 in chips)
Seat 7: (empty)
Seat 8: Genrih V (649,546 in chips)

barraco32 started off in the chip lead, while the short-stacked SJongeJongen was first to go from the final table. SJongeJongen had anted down to the point where all in on fourth street showing 4♦4♥. barraco32 called showing 7♦5♥ and improved to a nine-seven low with A♣T♣7♦5♥6♣Q♠9♥. SJongeJongen could only muster a nine-eight low holding 9♦7♣4♦4♥8♠J♣A♥, leaving SJongeJongen eliminated in 7th place for $147.12.

barraco32 continued to run red hot with another massive double elimination to take us from six to four players in an instant:

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Once again barraco32 caught good on the river to better both opponents with a sixty-five low far too strong. koneko1074 was the shorter stack and as such finished in 6th place for $220.68, while denasman1 took 5th place for $367.80.

barraco32 was way out in front with PowerfulNutz on the short stack, but PowerfulNutz landed a much-needed double up when all in on third street and making a nine-seven low to better Genrih V's jack-low.

Genrih V was then the one under pressure and barraco32 was again the destroyer when Genrih V was all in on third. The two boards ran out with Genrih V making a jack-low with 2♦6♠K♥7♦7♠3♠J♦ but it was narrowly pipped by barraco32 holding 6♥J♥2♠2♣T♥7♥5♦ for a superior ten-low. Genrih V departed in 4th place for $514.92 in prize money.

barraco32's lead at the top was finally challenged in a massive exchange with EEvgen where the action was capped on the river with both players feeling that they held the best hand. barraco32 was showing (X-X) 7♠8♣Q♣3♣ (X) but could not better EEvgen's 2♣5♣6♣T♠T♦A♣4♦ for a deceptive sixty-five low.

That hand put EEvgen on top and changed the momentum full circle as barraco32 continued to slide.

Shortly after, the two again went to showdown following capped action on fifth street, and bets on sixth and seventh from barraco32. EEvgen made the call down with 4♣A♠2♠T♣7♣K♥5♣ for a seven-five low which narrowly pipped barraco32's 6♠2♥4♥K♠7♦3♣K♦ for a seven-six low.

PowerfulNutz was happy to sit back and watch the fireworks, but the antes caught up and PowerfulNutz had to make a move. PowerfulNutz was all in on third street and ended up with a ten-low and that was enough for the double up as barraco32 paired twice to end up with a king-low.

barraco32 continued to struggle as PowerfulNutz survived every all-in encounter to stay alive. Even when PowerfulNutz made a rather unimpressive king-six holding 3♥5♦6♦4♣K♣5♥5♣ when all in on sixth street, it ended up being good as barraco32 could only find a king-ten with 8♦4♠2♦4♥T♠8♣K♠.

That hand left barraco32 on the short stack, as it seemed that every time the chips went in, barraco32 was narrowly pipped. That trend continued just two hands later when barraco32's last chips went into the middle on third street. barraco32's board ran out 3♦A♦J♠Q♠T♣7♥3♥ for a jack-ten low but EEvgen's 9♥7♣6♠9♦J♦2♠9♣ was good for a jack-nine low. After dominating proceedings early on this final table, the luck turned full circle on barraco32 to end the tournament in 3rd place for $698.82 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: EEvgen (7,061,132 in chips)
Seat 2: PowerfulNutz (2,133,868 in chips)

Now, we admit that heads-up Razz is not the most entertaining spectacle. It's no-one's fault, the game is just fundamentally flawed heads-up. So the next forty minutes of trading heads-up Razz pots didn't provide a lot of noteworthy action, but PowerfulNutz was able to successfully grind away on EEvgen to close the gap.

PowerfulNutz won a healthy pot, leading the betting on all streets with an eight-seven low to take the chip lead before EEvgen was able to fight back in a hand that saw EEvgen all in on the river holding 9♠2♣T♠6♣6♥J♥7♥ for a ten-low but PowerfulNutz could only manage 7♠3♣J♦A♥9♥Q♣3♥ for a jack-low.

PowerfulNutz wouldn't be denied and ground down EEvgen by winning the majority of pots. Of the 103 heads-up hands played, PowerfulNutz would win 58 of them.

When PowerfulNutz scooped a big pot with an eight-six low, EEvgen was approaching the felt and forced to make a move next hand with all the chips in on fourth street. EEvgen ended with 4♥7♠Q♣K♣6♥7♣A♠ for a queen-low but it wasn't quite enough as PowerfulNutz made a jack-low with a board of 2♥7♥A♦2♦5♥K♦J♣. EEvgen pocketed $919.50 for 2nd place as PowerfulNutz is the Razz master with victory in the MicroMillions III worth $1,288.48.

MicroMillions III Event #91 Results

Entrants: 1,839
Prize pool: $7,356
Places paid: 240

1st PowerfulNutz (Canada) - $1,288.48
2nd EEvgen (Russia) - $919.50
3rd barraco32 (Mexico) - $698.82
4th Genrih V (Ukraine) - $514.92
5th denasman1 (Australia) - $367.80
6th koneko1074 (Japan) - $220.68
7th SJongeJongen (Netherlands) - $147.12
8th tarantaleo (Bulgaria) - $73.56

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Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.