MicroMillions III: xenayaro77 ships Event #97 ($11 NLHE, Sunday Storm Special Edition)

With the MicroMillions III running Event #97 became a special edition of the Sunday Storm. With 45,928 players shelling out $11 to enter this event it had the third largest field of the series, behind only Event #1 and the Main Event. After taking on the initial chip leader and gaining a massive chip lead xenayaro77 went on to dominate the final table to win $35,682.54.


With a $459,280 prize pool first place was scheduled to receive $35,682.54 with 5,967 players making it into the money, earning at least $22.96. A couple Team Online members and one Team PokerStars Pro member were one of those that made some return on their investment. Leading the way was Team Online member Dag "DagPalovic" Palovic who finished 1,213th for $73.48. Team PokerStars Pro, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, was next up finishing 2,080th for $41.33 followed by Sigge "ClarkKent89" Reichard in 4,352nd collecting $27.55

It took a few more hours to get to from the last PokerStars Pro to get to the final table, by the time only nine remained wrawras was at the top with over 60-million in chips while the nearest opponent held 32-million. Heres a look at how the final nine were seated with chip counts.

Seat 1: SamBuLka (24,663,188 in chips)
Seat 2: svenxxx18 (19,243,449 in chips)
Seat 3: ArKip (32,402,188 in chips)
Seat 4: Rkdel (19,263,834 in chips)
Seat 5: wrawras (60,461,567 in chips)
Seat 6: Poker151191 (17,674,504 in chips)
Seat 7: Poondog69 (9,631,122 in chips)
Seat 8: xenayaro77 (29,344,246 in chips)
Seat 9: WinnerVad (16,955,902 in chips)


The first elimination came after svenxxx18 min-raised from under the gun to 1,800,000 and then xenayaro77 raising to 3,949,000 from the button. svenxxx18 called and the pair got a T♠6♠5♣ flop. svenxxx18 checked to xenayaro77 who raised 17,974,449, exactly enough to out svenxxx18 all in if they call. svenxxx18 did call showing Q♠Q♥ against xenayaro77's A♣A♦. The A♠ left svenxxx18 needing any of the remaining spades to survive. The J♦ did not bring give svenxxx18 any help. svenxxx18 collects $1,864.67 for ninth place.

The next elimination hand started with Poondog69 moving all-in from middle position and getting called by ArKip. Poondog69's 7♠7♦ needed to hold up against ArKip's A♠K♣. It took very little time for ArKip to take over the lead as the K♦T♠T♥ flop delivered two pair, kings and tens, to pull ahead of Poondog69's tens and sevens. The K♠ turn finished things off eliminating Poondog69 in eighth place for $3,178.21.

A few hands later Poker151191 was all-in with 7♠7♦ against Rkdel's J♥J♣. The board ran out 6♠6♣4♣ Q♦ K♦ eliminating Poker151191 in seventh place for $4,670.87.

After those quick eliminations the top two players in chips decided to mix things up with the chip leader getting the bad end of the deal. After seeing a Q♦8♥2♦ flop the two got into a raising war that ended with xenayaro77 getting all-in while wrawras had 23-million left behind. wrawras held Q♠8♠ for two pair against xenayaro77's Q♣Q♣ for a set of queens. The turn brought a 3♣ and the river was the A♦ giving xenayar77 the 109-million chip pot and massive chip-lead.

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It took a few hands of wrawras shoving before finally getting called, and once again it was xenayaro77 there to call. wrawras was all-in with Q♠Q♣ to lead the way against xenayaro77's A♥8♦. The A♣4♥2♣ gave put wrawras at risk needing one of the remaining queens to survive. The 9♦ turn and 7♠ river was what wrawras needed. wrawras collected $6,723.85 for fifth place.

The next elimination came when WinnerVad shoved all-in from under the gun and was called by ArKiP. ArKip showed Q♦Q♥ putting WinnerVad at risk with A♣T♠. The J♣T♥8♠ flop gave WinnerVad a pair of tens but not the lead. The K♠ turn took some outs away from WinnerVad who was left looking for one of the remaining tens to get the double. The A♦ gave ArKip a straight to eliminate WinnerVad in fifth place for $10,076.60.

In a battle of the blinds xenayaro77 shoved all-in over Rkdel's initial raise, Rkdel called and the pairs cards were shown with Rkdel showing 7♠7♥ against xenayaro77's K♥8♥. The 8♠6♠2♥ flop gave xenayaro77 a pair of eights to take the lead in the hand. The Q♠ turn and 4♥ river changed nothing eliminating Rkdel in fourth place collecting $13,438.53.

A few more hand were played before getting down to heads up as ArKip and xenayaro77 got into a raising battle in the blinds. By the time the dust settled ArKip was all in and at risk with Q♥Q♠ against xenayaro77's A♥J♠. The K♥7♣2♣ flop was good for ArKip leaving xenayaro77 needing to catch running jacks or running straight cards to win the hand. The J♦ started things for xenayao77 and the J♥ finished things off sending ArKip out in third place for $16,828.01.

With xenayaro77 holding just under a twenty to one chip lead over SamBuLka the heads-up battle only lasted a few hands. On the third hand of heads-up play SamBuLka was all-in with J♦T♦ needing to improve against xenayaro77's K♣6♠. The board ran out 8♠7♦5♠ A♠ 9♠ giving SamBuLka a jack-high straight but also giving xenayaro77 an ace-high flush to win the event. SamBuLka collected $25,738.05 while xenayaro77 gets $35,682.54.


Congrats to xenayaro77 on winning Event #97.

MicroMillions III Event 97 ($11 NLHE, Sunday Storm Special Edition) Results:

Entrants: 45,928
Prize Pool: $459,280
Paid Players: 5,967

1st place: xenayaro77 (Latvia) - $35,682.54
2nd place: SamBuLka (Russia) - $25,738.05
3rd place: ArKip (Russia) - $16,828.01
4th place: Rkdel (Czech Republic) - $13,438.53
5th place: WinnerVad (Ukrain) - $10,076.60
6th place: wrawras (Brazil) - $6,723.85
7th place: Poker151191 (Norway) - $4,670.87
8th place: Poondog69 (Canada) - $3,178.21
9th place: svenxxx18 (Germany) - $1,864.67

The MicroMillons III is closing out today with this being one of the last events on the schedule. Head over to the main tournament page to see who is at the top of the leader board.

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