SCOOP: blakeb0921 tears up the field in Event #21-low, $270 heads-up NLHE

SCOOP logo.gifEven low-rollers need a little high-roller action every once in a while. That's what today was about, with SCOOP Event #21 kicking up the buy-ins several notches at every level for the Heads-up NLHE event. The $270 "low" buyin installment drew 1550 entrants creating a hefty $387,500 prize pool. 256 places were paid, with $65,875 going to the champion.

Team PokerStars Pro was out en masse for this event with appearances from Chris Moneymaker, Victor Ramdin, William Thorson, J.C. Alvarado, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Peter Eastgate, Johnny Lodden, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Alex Kravchenko, Gavin Griffin, Hevad Khan, Marcin Horecki, and Noah Boeken. J.C. Alvarado won the Team Pro last-longer, cashing in 209th place.

By the time we were down to four players, each of them was guaranteed to walk away with $21,312--quite a nice return on their $270 investment. These were the matchups:

Jakivi vs. BobbyFi
THAY3R vs. blakeb0921

Midway through the second level, Jakivi turned a king-high straight draw and had his river check-raise paid off by BobbyFi to jump out to a 3-1 chip lead. Meanwhile, one table over, THAY3R had been hard at work chopping out small pots to give him a slight lead over blakeb0921, but was crippled after calling blakeb0921's three-bet shove on the 6♦5♣3♥ flop holding pocket fours. Blakeb0921 had 7♦6♣ for top pair, THAY3R's outs missing on the Q♣ turn and the 5♦ river. Left with only 500 in chips, THAY3R got them in the middle before the flop with 9♠4♠ against blakeb0921's J♠7♣, but the board ran out 8♣4♦3♠5♣6♠, blakeb0921 making a jack high straight to eliminate THAY3R in fourth place. He earned $21,312 for his finish while blakeb0921 had his ticket punched to the finals.

Back on Table 2, BobbyFi had ground his way back up to his 5,000 chip starting stack before going to war with Jakivi on a Q♦5♦5♣ flop. Jakivi check-raised BobbyFi's 240 chip flop bet to 640 only to have BobbyFi come back over the top for all his chips. Jakivi called , turning up J♦T♦ for a flush draw while BobbyFi had two pair with Q♠J♥. The A♥ on the turn was a good card for BobbyFi but the 6♦ on the river was a disaster. Jakivi made his flush and raked in the pot, leaving BobbyFi with only 400 in chips. They all went into the pot on the next hand, BobbyFi's A♠7♥ unluckily dominated by Jakivi's A♦9♣. He couldn't improve on the 6♠Q♦4♣2♦T♣ board and hit the rail in third place, earning $21,312 for his valiant effort.


The final match between Jakivi and blakeb took a swift 25 minutes to complete. A few hands after cards went on the screen, the tournament was paused to they could discuss a potential deal. Jakivi proposed a $45,000 save for each of them, leaving $10,750 at stake for the winner. Blakeb0921, however had an interesting methodology when it came to making a decision.

"Let me flip a coin" he wrote in the chat box.

A few minutes later, blakeb0921 returned with the results.

" was tails, aka no deal" he said, and play resumed.

After a few minutes of trading chips back and forth, blakeb0921 pushed out to a nearly 3-1 chip lead after taking down several mid-sized pots when Jakavi folded to pressure on the flop. However, Jakivi stormed back, nearly evening the score on this hand:

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Unfortunately for Jakivi, he wasn't able to hang onto those chips for long. Only three hands later, he was all in again, his tournament life coming down to this hand.

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With that, blakeb0921 put away Jakivi, becoming PokerStars' newest SCOOP champion, and earning $65,875 along with a SCOOP Champion's Watch. We're also guessing that after it landed on tails, telling him not to make that deal, he probably has a new lucky coin too. For his runner-up finish, Jakivi collected $34,875.

Results for SCOOP Event #21-Low, $270 Heads-Up NLHE

1. blakeb0921 ($65,875)
2. Jakivi ($34,875)
3. BobbyFi ($21,312)
4. THAY3R ($21,312)

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP