SCOOP: dhutt24 leads massive Event #22-L (Main Event) Field

scoop2009_thn.gifFinally, we've made it. After 21 thrilling and varied SCOOP events across a spectrum of buy-in levels, we've come to the two-day finale: the SCOOP Main Event. And what a Main Event it is turning into!

The $1,000,000 guarantee for the $109 "low" version of the Main Event was never in danger of not being met. By the time late registration concluded, 18,747 players signed up. That meant a prize pool of $1,874,700 and a first prize of $187,470.01. For just $109 and two days of perfect poker, someone was going to earn more than most people earn in a year. To be in the Top 10 counts at the end of Day 1 required a player to amass almost 8 million chips. "Every turn card is a sweat," remarked one railbird.

It was definitely going to take perfect poker to get to the final table. 18,747 players meant that there were 2,083 tables to start play. The odds against any single, random player making the final table were 2,082-to-1. Too much can go wrong somewhere between 18,747 and 9, even when you play perfectly. If you don't play perfectly, you can forget any final table dreams.

The Team PokerStars Pros turned out in force for this event, and they could write a book about what went wrong between 18,747 and 9. 23 of them -- more than two-thirds of the Team -- tried their hand at the low-stakes version of the Main Event. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier won the Team last-shorter bet as the first Pro eliminated when he went out in 17,180th place. In truth, it was a rough day for the whole Team. Only Victor Ramdin, Marcin Horecki and JC Alvarado saw any return on their investment. Alvarado made the deepest run, finishing in 676th place for prize money of $487.43.

KidNyam119 was the chip leader in the latter stages of the day and got there by making some pretty sick calls and ducking some pretty big draws. Sometimes in the same hand. For example, there was this hand in which KidNyam119 eliminated Jannik007111:

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Sdouble also made a late push up the leaderboard. We can't tell you how many times we saw Sdouble raise or re-raise a pot. It was as if Sdouble was the self-appointed terror of the table. His image was so crazy that we watched one player call all in against Sdouble, on a flop of 6♣ 8♣ A♦. Sdouble opened the pot for about 250,000, was raised by vvap to 640,000, three-bet all-in and was called for another 1 million. vvap showed down 8♠ J♦, a hand absolutely crushed by Sdouble's A♣ Q♣. A third club on the turn, the 9♣, gave Sdouble the lock and pushed his chip count to more than 5 million.

Sometimes, with all the action, it was easy to miss certain things. We'd like to tell you how TitanTilts zoomed to 9.6 million in chips when the next closest player was at 6.5 million. Honestly, we don't know. That's the way it goes in no-limit hold'em. Hit a small rush, make the most of it, and go from middle of the pack to top dog.

dhutt24 soon joined TitanTilts at the 9.0 million mark, thanks in no small part to the reversed fortunes of KidNyam119. dhutt24 check-raised from 890,000 to 1,780,000 on a board of [5] J♥ 2♠ A♣ after floating a flop bet from KidNyam119 of 375,000. KidNyam119 surrendered to the turn check-raise. Later on, dhutt24 took down a pot worth more than 7 million chips against JimJiminy. The action was raised preflop by dhutt24, then re-raised by JimJiminy to 411,950. JimJiminy bet 1.0 million on a flop of A♣ 4♥ K♦, then check-called 2.0 million when the turn fell 7♥. Both players checked the Q♦ river, with dhutt24's K♣ 7♦ two pair, kings and sevens, besting JimJiminy's single pair of kings, K♥ 3♥. That pot allowed dhutt24 to become the first player to eclipse the 12 million chip mark.

Other players were accumulating chips as well. Sdouble continued a relentless assault on his table to chip up to 8.3 million while Allanon85 quietly amassed a stack that was almost as impressive. Of course, they all suffered their share of setbacks along the way to the end of the day. Allanon85 suffered the biggest setback after opening a pot to 380,000 and being re-raised by Benny Binion to 1.4 million. Allanon85's response to shove all in for just more than 7 million, probably hoping to take down the pot. Instead Benny Binion snapp-called all in for 5.5 million total and showed down K♥ K♠. Those kings held up against Allanon85's A♦ Q♠ and gave Benny Binion the chip lead with 11.7 million chips. Allanon85 would eventually be eliminated in 41st place. Sdouble found himself in a tailspin as well and followed Allanon85 out of the tournament in 38th place.

dhutt24 righted his own ship with a hand that wasn't exactly the prettiest:

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dhutt24 used the chips from that pot to re-establish dominion over the table. The big hand of the night came against TitanTilts, a player who had shown a repeated propensity to raise all in. The two players took a raised flop of 2♦ 8♥ 5♦. dhutt24 led out for about 875,000 before TitanTilts moved all in for 6.3 million. dhutt24 made the call with chips to spare, turning over 6♦ 3♦ for an inside straight flush draw. TitanTilts showed down A♥ J♥, barely the best hand. The turn 3♠ gave dhutt24 a pair of threes and the lead; the river 4♣ made a straight for both players, but dhutt24's was best.

That hand created a massive pot worth over 14 million chips and gave dhutt24 a commanding chip lead. At the end of the day he was the overnight chip lead with 21.4 million chips. That's triple the average stack of 7.2 million chips. and 7 million chips more than JannotLapin, the second-place player. Although a lot can still happen between now and the crowning of a champion later today, we'd say dhutt24 has a leg up on the field of 26 remaining players.

End of Day 1 Top Ten Chip Counts:

1. dhutt24 (21,485,086 in chips)
2. JannotLapin (14,301,227 in chips)
3. xxRogexx (13,676,255 in chips)
4. Benny Binion (11,696,241 in chips)
5. Naxer (11,080,806 in chips)
6. 75champ75 (10,747,618 in chips)
7. Tiktok23 (10,346,942 in chips)
8. mosche (9,028,382 in chips)
9. AlGohr (8,624,415 in chips)
10.ByggmesterBe (7,962,404 in chips)

Play will resume at 16:30 ET on Monday with blinds at 150,000 and 300,000 and an ante of 37,500. Until then, follow along with all the SCOOP action on the
SCOOP page. You can track the results of the top performers on the leaderboard page. has also been hard at work putting together their usual fantastic video coverage of the SCOOP series.

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