SCOOP: Watch the Main Event highlights

scoop2009_thn.gifIf like us you're only just catching your breath after the enthralling SCOOP series, then apologies for getting your heart racing all over again. Thing is, our friends over at have only gone and put the best bits of the Main Event on video so you can watch the highlights. If you want to see what it takes to win just under a million bucks, then you'd best click the triangle thingy in the video below....

Watch SCOOP 2009: Event 22 - $10,300 NLHE Main Event on

If you are still hungry for more, they've also bagged up, chopped and prepared a great highlights dish from Event 21 and from Event 19. You'll find those about two centimetres down the page.

Event 21:

Watch SCOOP 2009: Event 21 - $25,500 NLHE (Heads-Up) on

Event 19:

Watch SCOOP 2009: Event 19 - $5,200 PL Omaha on

In fact, if watching videos is your thing, then it might be an idea to click here to see the latest 100 videos we have put up on this fine blog. That lot should keep you quiet for a while - probably just what you need to settle the blood pressure after SCOOP.


The Main Event final table

Simon Young
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