SCOOP: WhooooKidd whoops it up in $5,200 PLO Event 19

scoop2009_thn.gifOkay, everyone. I want you all to put on your best Dr. Evil. Raise an eyebrow, hold your pinky finger aloft, and say it together: "One meel-uh-yun dollars."

That's what 190 players were playing for in the "high" version of SCOOP Event No. 19, Pot-Limit Omaha. $1,000.000, to be divided among the top 27 finishers. Entrants each put up the $5,000+$200 entry for this one, meaning there was a $50,000 overlay to make the tourney's million dollar guarantee. The winner stood to earn $215,000.

That's a lot of frickin' bones. And no one had to hijack any nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage to get it.

Not that laying claim to any of that dough was going to be easy. Pot-limit Omaha is known as the "action game," and action there was. Perhaps too much for players like shaundeeb, Tîmex, Andy McLEOD, and Team PokerStars pros Steve "stevejpa" Paul-Ambrose, Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu, and Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, all of whom were ousted before the first one-hour break.

idemidovpstars.JPGThere were a few other Team PokerStars pros in the field as well, including Barry Greenstein, Dario Minieri, Humberto Brenes, Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, Ivan Demidov (pictured), and John Duthie. Minieri would go out in 65th, then Greenstein followed in 58th. With 40 players remaining, 1sneaky had the chip lead with 62,559, followed by caprioli with 50,268. Also in the top ten at that point were Daniel "steamraise" Alaei (5th), Demidov (7th), and Boeken (9th).

Brenes would fall soon afterwards in 39th, then Duthie would go out on the cash bubble in 28th. With 20 players remaining, batoelrob had taken over the chip lead, being the only player with more than 100,000 chips. Viking79 was in second with 95,790, and caprioli in 3rd with 80,457. At that point Boeken was still there in 8th place, Demidov was in 9th, and Alaei was in 13th.

A big hand between WhooooKidd and batoelrob in which Whooookid's aces full of kings beat batoelrob's kings full of aces meant most of batoelrob's stack had slid across the table. That hand propelled WhooooKidd into second place, just behind Viking79, and batoelrob would go out a couple of hands later in 16th. Not long afterwards, dagunman would knock out a short-stacked Noah Boeken in 15th, meaning Demidov was the last Team PokerStars pro standing.

Altrum Altus knocked out "steamraise" Alaei in 13th. Then came the following big confrontation between Demidov and caprioli:

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Demidov was out in 12th. BobbyFi next eliminated monika13 in 11th, then when p3achy_keen ousted a short-stacked dagunman, the final nine had been set:


Seat 1: Viking79 -- 93,392
Seat 2: aba20 -- 70,401
Seat 3: BobbyFi -- 89,172
Seat 4: lilholdem954 -- 92,056
Seat 5: WhooooKidd -- 182,200
Seat 6: Altrum Altus -- 85,975
Seat 7: caprioli -- 180,094
Seat 8: p3achy_keen -- 132,428
Seat 9: zangbezan24 -- 24,282

Players only played about eight hands before the next break came, during which Altrum Altus began proposing last longer bets.

Altrum Altus: $500 last longer
p3achy_keen: how bout
p3achy_keen: last longer for who wears a lobster suit during during the ME
Altrum Altus: hahaha not till 21 till after this years series
Altrum Altus: or that coulda been good

Alternate plans were proposed, including wearing the lobster suit at the upcoming EPT Monte Carlo event. "lol would monte carlo allow giant lobsters walking around their casino?" asked Altrum Altus.

A question to ponder, indeed.

Perhaps we'll get back to you on that one later this month when coverage of PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo begins here on the PokerStars blog.

Getting back to the action, players came back from the break to Level 17, where the blinds were 800/1,600. A hand soon arose in which WhooooKidd raised to 4,800 from early position, and it folded around to zangbezan24 who pushed all in for 12,082. WhooooKidd called, turning over A♥J♠T♦8♥ to zangbezan24's rundown hand of Q♠J♣T♠9♦. The community cards came 8♦5♥2♦3♦K♦, giving WhooooKidd a pair of eights and zangbezan24 nothing but ninth place prize money.

It would be another hour and 15 minutes before the next elimination. A flop of Q♥3♠9♥ incited a raising war between aba20 and lilholdem954, ultimately ending with all of aba20's chips in the middle and nearly all of lilholdem954's. aba20 held 9♠K♣Q♠T♦ for top two pair and a gutshot, while lilholdem954 had 7♣8♣K♥T♥ for the same straight draw plus a flush draw. The 4♥ on the turn gave lilholdem954 the flush, but the Q♣ on the river gave the hand back to aba20 with a full house. That hand left lilholdem954 with just 2,369 chips, and on the very next hand aba20 finished lilholdem954 off in 8th place. Meanwhile, aba20 had assumed the chip lead with nearly 270,000 chips.

Soon after that, aba20 raised from early position to 6,000, WhooooKidd called, then p3eachy keen raised to 25,250 from the big blind. aba20 folded, but WhooooKidd stuck around. The flop came 9♣T♠7♦, prompting p3achy_keen to push all in for 42,526, and WhooooKidd called. p3achy_keen showed 8♠A♦3♦A♠ for the overpair, while WhooooKidd had connected with the flop well with 9♥J♠T♦6♥. The 9♦ on the turn gave WhooooKidd the full house, and the 8♥ sealed it. p3achy_keen was out in 7th, leaving perhaps to check the Yellow Pages for places that rent lobster suits.

WhooooKidd and aba20 were the current big stacks at the table, and soon they'd be wrangling over what was easily the biggest pot of the night. aba20 got it started by raising preflop to 8,000 from the button, and WhooooKidd called from the big blind. The flop came 9♦T♥A♦, setting off fireworks on both sides of the table. WhooooKidd bet 13,850, aba20 raised to 59,050, WhooooKidd reraised to 194,650, aba20 reraised all in to 255,121, and WhooooKidd called with the 60,471 left.

WhooooKidd turned over 8♠A♣A♥6♥ for the flopped set of aces, while aba20 showed K♦K♠6♠6♦ for kings and the nut flush draw. The turn was the 9♣, pairing the board and giving WhooooKidd the full house. The river [10s] made no difference, and suddenly aba20 went from being chip leader to out in 6th. Meanwhile, WhooooKidd was now way up to 552,822 in chips, miles above second place caprioli with 138,313.

Just a few minutes later, WhooooKidd was raising to 8,000 from under the gun and Viking79 was calling from the big blind. The flop came 5♠3♦Q♠. Viking79 checked, WhooooKidd bet 12,850, Viking79 check-raised to 56,050, WhooooKidd repopped it with a pot-sized raise, and Viking79 called with the last 42,236, showing 4♦9♠7♠5♣ versus WhooooKidd's Q♥3♠A♠4♣. WhooooKidd had Viking79's flush draw covered. The T♥ came on the turn and the K♠ on the river, bringing WhooooKidd that nut flush and knocking Viking79 out in 5th.

WhooooKidd was on the rampage now, and soon was raising it up again to 11,000 from the button. Altrum Altus reraised to 37,000 from the small blind, and WhooooKidd called. The flop came 4♥5♦6♥, Altrum Altus pushed all in for 69,050, and WhooooKidd called. Altrum Altus showed K♠2♥K♣5♣ and WhooooKidd A♥Q♥T♥4♠. Altus was ahead, but the Q♠ on the turn gave WhooooKidd two pair, and the hand held up as the J♦ came on the end. Altrum Altus was out in 4th.

Just minutes later, BobbyFi would get all 85,272 left in the middle on a flop of T♥J♣2♦ and WhooooKidd was there again with the call. BobbyFi showed T♠K♣9♠8♠ for a pair of tens and the straight draw, while WhooooKidd turned over 9♣7♦8♣4♠ for a straight draw as well. The 8♦ popped out on the turn, completing WhooooKidd's straight but giving BobbyFi two pair and a little bit of hope. But the 3♦ on the river dashed that dream, and BobbyFi was out in 3rd.

Heads up play began with WhooooKidd having a better than 4-to-1 chip advantage with 762,337 to caprioli's 187,663. caprioli battled gamely more than 20 hands. But WhooooKidd was no Dr. Evil, ready to place caprioli in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death. No, the WhooooKidd wasn't going to be letting anyone escape tonight.

On the final hand, WhooooKidd limped from the small blind/button, and caprioli checked. The flop came J♠6♠5♥, caprioli checked, WhooooKidd bet 6,250, and caprioli called. The turn was the Q♦. caprioli again checked, WhooooKidd bet 16,450, caprioli check-raised to 68,000, WhooooKidd repopped it enough to put caprioli all in, and caprioli called.

caprioli showed 6♦6♣9♠7♥ for a flopped set of sixes and a draw to a straight, while WhooooKidd showed Q♥9♦7♥Q♠ for an overpair and the same straight draw. Then came the turn -- the Q♦ -- giving WhooooKidd the better set. The river was the 4♦, and we had a champion.

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Here's how the payouts went at the final table:

SCOOP Event #19: $5,200 Pot-Limit Omaha
1. WhooooKidd (Rochester Hills) $215,000
2. caprioli (São Paulo) $155,000
3. BobbyFi (Santa Barbara) $117,500
4. Altrum Altus (Cancun Amigo) $87,500
5. Viking79 (Helsinki) $60,000
6. aba20 (Brighton) $50,000
7. p3achy_keen (San Francisco) $40,000
8. lilholdem954 (Las Vegas) $30,000
9. zangbezan24 (Toronto) $20,000

We're just one day away from the big one, tomorrow's SCOOP Main Event. Check out the PokerStars SCOOP page for details.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP