SCOOP: A Day in the Life -- BrynKenney wins 21-plus hour Event #8-High

SCOOP logo.gifThe "High" version of Event No. 8, a $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em event, kicked off at eight in the evening Eastern time, with 1,145 players having either bought or won their way into seats. That turnout helped the prize pool balloon to $1.145 million -- more than twice the $500,000 guarantee -- and also meant the first place finisher would stand to make $200,146, while the top 144 would all cash.

The large turnout meant another long tourney, which also means another lengthy SCOOP report for you here. Let's spin a few Beatles tunes on the virtual jukebox, why don't we, as we make our way together through this one?

The Long and Winding Road

The early stage of the tourney saw a few names -- philbort, ilushan, bino2002, Vick is God, and Mills23 among them -- tending to appear and reappear at the top of page one of the leaderboard. Team PokerStars pro Chris "Money800" Moneymaker would also turn up there some, hovering between 15th and 20th during the early going, and while he'd outlast many of the three dozen or so of his PS teammates also entered in the event, he'd ultimately bust shy of the cash in 313th.

Indeed, none of the Team PokerStars pros would make the money in this one, with Grant Levy soon following Moneymaker to the rail in 294th and Pat Pezzin crashing just shy of the money bubble in 150th.


Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin

It would take a little over nine-and-a-half hours for the field to shrink to 100 players, at which point slimshaggy, gbecks, and Tim0thee were leading the way. They'd reached the 12-and-a-half hour mark when down to 50, with Magnifico18, MesmerizePLZ, and Jo Mornz at the top of the counts.

A Hard Day's Night

As the tourney wound down to the final two tables -- and crossed the 15-hour mark -- players and railbirds alike, perhaps foreseeing that the end was still quite a way off, began commenting on how protracted some of these SCOOP events have become. "Dang sick stamina," commented one railbird, echoing the sentiment of several. In particular, the first few "High" buy-in no-limit hold'em events, with deep starting stacks and 30-minute, slowly increasing levels, have been taking longer than might have anticipated, due largely to the big fields these events have been attracting.

While Event No. 2 was scheduled as a two-day affair, Event No. 1 (six-max. NLHE) and Event No. 3 (six max. NLHE with re-buys) were both played straight through. The first one -- Event No. 1 ($2,100 buy-in) taken down by Raj "BadcardsAA" Vohra -- took just over 22 hours to complete. And Event No. 3 ($530 with re-buys), won by Corey "Comandr_Cool" Burbick, took a tad over 20 hours.

Another facet of the railbird commentary concerned the fact that ags104 -- winner of the two-day Event No. 2-High event -- was still with chips and among those vying for the Event No. 8-High title. One railbird noted that a win in this one would likely assure ags104 of the SCOOP 2010 Player of the Series. As explained here, that person stands to receive not only a nifty trophy and PokerStars chip set, but a 2010 WCOOP Main Event ticket plus prize packages for both the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and 2011 EPT Monte Carlo events.

Another quickly sought to point out the understatement of that observation, adding "of the scoop? this is some jovial gent **** right here, of all history, son." An allusion, of course, to the performance of Yvgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko at last fall's WCOOP, where he won the Main Event and cashed five times. Actually, Daniel "djk123" Kelly's 2009 WCOOP might have been a better touchstone here, where his 11 cashes included three final tables, a victory in the penultimate H.O.R.S.E. High Roller event, and a fourth-place finish in the Main Event.


This second deep run by ags104 was indeed impressive. However, with just 11 players left things looked quite grim for ags104 when he was all-in preflop with A♥K♦ against msusyr24's Q♣Q♠, then saw the flop come Q♥A♦5♦. ags104 was going to need a lot of help to survive this one.

Such help did arrive in the form of running diamonds -- 2♦7♦ -- giving ags104 the tourney-saving flush and the 1.54 million-chip pot, suddenly pushing him back among the leaders.

The unlucky msusyr24 would soon bust in 11th place, but it would take a full hour of ten-handed play before the final table bubble would burst. With the blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante), gbecks -- a.k.a. Garrett Beckman -- pushed all in for his last 402,667 with a pair of sevens, and ags104 took a while before making the call with A♣8♥. An ace flopped, Beckman couldn't catch up, and 17 hours and 15 minutes into play, we'd reached the final table:


Seat 1: ags104 -- 1,270,483
Seat 2: KJulius10 -- 2,428,678
Seat 3: BrynKenney -- 2,117,919
Seat 4: WatchOutFish -- 1,419,431
Seat 5: TheMasterJ33 -- 740,537
Seat 6: gabe2323 -- 1,746,835
Seat 7: Cod Meharly -- 436,953
Seat 8: SFisch4 --652,089
Seat 9: Magnifico18 -- 637,075

Money (That's What I Want)

KJulius10, BrynKenney, and gabe2323 were the top three when the final table began. But with more than $700,000 of that prize pool still up for grabs, they could count on a tough battle from the other six.

The first elimination of the final table came about a half-hour in. The table's short stack, U.K. player Nicky "Cod Meharly" Evans, open-shoved for 338,953 from early position and got one caller in Magnifico18. Evans showed 8♦8♠ and was in a tough spot versus Magnifico18's J♥J♣. The board came A♣6♦6♣Q♠A♦, and Cod Meharly was gone in eighth.

A little while later, Jason "TheMasterJ33" Dewitt opened with a raise to 62,139 from the cutoff, then gabe2323 reraised to 158,999 from the button. It folded back to Dewitt who pushed all in for 553,462 total, and gabe2323 made the call, showing K♣K♥ to TheMasterJ33's T♦A♥. The community cards were dealt -- 3♣Q♥T♠5♥9♦ -- and Dewitt had been eliminated in eighth.

WatchOutFish next opened with a raise to 58,800 from UTG, and Magnifico18 of France bumped it up to 125,000 from the cutoff. The button and blinds got out, then WatchOutFish reraised to 275,000. Magnifico18 made the call. The flop came 7♦8♥Q♦, prompting a bet of 198,500 from WatchOutFish. The Frenchman responded with an all-in shove of 556,159, and WatchOutFish called, showing A♥Q♥ for top pair-top kicker -- better than Magnifico18's T♦T♥. The turn and river brought a couple of deuces, and Magnifico18 hit the rail in seventh.

Run For Your Life

KJulius10 was still in front with 3.4 million, while ags104 had become the table's short stack with just over 770,000. By Level 33 (15,000/30,000, 3,750 ante), KJulius10 would slip a bit back down to 2.1 million, while gabe2323 took the lead. A hand then came up in which KJulius10 opened for 64,420 from the cutoff, and BrynKenney called from the button. Both blinds folded, and the flop came an intriguing 9♠T♣9♥.

KJulius10 continued for 81,000, then BrynKenney raised to 239,000. KJulius10 made the call. The turn brought the 5♦. This time KJulius10 checked, and BrynKenney bet 1,069,000 -- enough to put KJulius10 all in. The latter studied a moment -- was this one of those he's-got-a-monster-or-air scenarios? Should he stay or run for his tourney life?

Finally KJulius10 decided to call, showing just A♣8♠, a decision he immediately regretted when he saw BrynKenney's 9♣T♠ -- a flopped boat. Here's how that one looked from above:

RSS readers click through to see replay

I'm So Tired

The remaining five had been playing for more than 20 hours when ags104 opened with a slightly-more-than-2x raise to 90,000 from under the gun, then BrynKenney reraised to 230,000 behind him. It folded back around, and ags104 pushed all in for 1,091,135 total. BrynKenney made the call. ags104 showed A♣T♣ and was racing against BrynKenney's 7♦7♥. ags104 couldn't hit a pair, though, as the board came K♦9♠2♥3♥Q♦, knocking the Event No. 2-H champ out in fifth.

The remaining Fab Four were beginning to talk about making a deal when WatchOutFish raised to 88,000 from UTG and BrynKenney called from the big blind. The flop came 2♥Q♣A♣. BrynKenney checked, WatchOutFish bet 99,800, BrynKenney raised to 249,000, and WatchOutFish called. The turn was the 6♠. This time BrynKenney bet 1,099,999, and WatchOutFish called with his remaining 1,049,082. BrynKenney showed 6♣6♥ for turned set, while WatchOutFish had just A♦8♦ for a pair of aces, making the K♥ no matter. WatchOutFish was out in fourth.

The tourney was then paused for the remaining three to discuss a deal. There was a short delay while numbers were being calculated, during which the players commiserated over the marathon-like nature of the event:

SFisch4: fallllinnnng asleeep.............
gabe2323: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
gabe2323: wow
gabe2323: is this the longest tournament of all time
gabe2323: im going to sleep for at least a day
BrynKenney: lol
BrynKenney: ya

That sort of talk made it seem likely a deal would be struck, but in fact they could not come to terms, and play continued. Soon came a hand in which gabe2323 folded, SFisch4 raised to 150,000 from the small blind, then BrynKenney made it 319,000 from the BB. SFisch4 repopped it to 700,000, BrynKenney pushed his 4 million-plus all in, and SFisch4 called with his remaining 1,328,146. SFisch4 showed T♥T♠, behind BrynKenney's Q♦Q♠. The board ran out 7♥J♠4♦6♣6♦, and just two players remained.

Two of Us

At the start of heads-up play, BrynKenney had 6,102,838 while gabe2323 had 5,347,162. A few hands later they were nearly even, with BrynKenney holding a very slight lead, at which time the tourney was again paused to discuss a possible deal. Again, however, terms could not be reached, and the cards were in the air once again.

Soon after, BrynKenney would make a huge dent in gabe2323's stack in a pocket aces-versus-pocket eights hand, resulting in BrynKenney enjoying about a 5-to-1 chip advantage. Then came (you guessed it)...

The End

gabe2323 had doubled up once to sit with a stack of 4,114,828 to BrynKenney's 7,335,172 when the final hand took place. With the blinds 25,000/50,000, gabe2323 opened from the small blind/button for 134,555, then BrynKenney raised to 329,000. gabe2323 made the call, and both saw a flop come 7♥Q♣2♦. BrynKenney led for 399,999, and gabe2323 called. The turn was the 8♣. This time BrynKenney bet 639,000, and again gabe2323 stuck around.

The river was the 3♦. BrynKenney bet 2,639,000 -- almost the size of gabe2323's remaining stack. gabe2323 raised all in for just a touch more, and BrynKenney called. Both had flopped top pair, but BrynKenney's K♦Q♠ meant he had gabe2323's Q♥J♠ outkicked. We had a champion!

SCOOP Event #8-High No-Limit Hold'em results
1st place: BrynKenney ($200,146)
2nd place: gabe2323 ($145,415)
3rd place: SFisch4 ($108,775)
4th place: WatchOutFish ($108,775)
5th place: ags104 ($57,250)
6th place: KJulius10 ($45,800)
7th place: Magnifico18 ($34,350)
8th place: TheMasterJ33 ($22,900)
9th place: Cod Meharly ($13,167.50)

Big congrats to BrynKenney, who after more than 21 grueling hours of play emerges as the winner of SCOOP Event #8-High! Be sure to check back here at the PokerStars blog for reports on all things SCOOP, and visit the SCOOP site, too, for more on the Series.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP