SCOOP: AMBlues19 tops a light-speed final table in Event #15-M, $162 NLHE 2x Chance Turbo

SCOOP logo.gifAsk anyone on the SCOOP grind for a few tips on surviving this intense spate of tournaments and they'll probably talk to you about pacing yourself, getting plenty of rest and the wonders of those little five-hour energy shots you can purchase at the local 7-Eleven. SCOOP is about stamina. It's about having the mental acuity to outplay opponents while battling extreme fatigue. And if there has been one hallmark of SCOOP thus far, it has been the marathon length of the events. Two days ago, BrynKenney's journey from starting stack to SCOOP champion took more than 21 hours. Event #1-high ran for more than 22 hours and the medium and high installments of Event #3 ran 19 and 20 hours respectively. So, after a week of events with roomy structures and long blind levels, Event #15, 2x Chance Turbo No-Limit Hold'em was a welcome change of pace for players, giving them the opportunity to button-mash and three-bet shove their way to a SCOOP title, all in under five hours.

The $162 buy-in medium installment of Event #15 drew 2,513 entries. 1,245 players took advantage of the "second-chance" element, making single rebuys to create a $563,700 prize pool. 360 places were paid with first place set to earn $89,065.50. More than 30 members of Team PokerStars Pro entered the fray, including Lex Veldhuis, Hevad Khan, Veronica Dabul, Chris Moneymaker, Leo Fernandez, Lee Nelson, Vanessa Rousso, Jason Mercier, George Danzer, Greg Raymer, Noah Boeken, and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. Five Team Pros earned cash finishes: Emad Tahtouh (304th), Grzegorz Mikielewicz (212th), J.P. Kelly (163rd), Lee Nelson (132nd), and Jude Ainsworth (28th).

We arrived at the final table thanks to a double knockout. With the blinds up to 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante, AMBlue19 opened for 164,788 and MrMalzanini moved all-in for 1,911,731 from the small blind. Cdbr3799 called all-in for 1,461,129 from the big blind and AMBlues19 called as well. It was pocket fours for MrMalzanini, and A♣Q♥ for cdbr3799, but AMBlues19 flopped top pair with A♠K♦, the board running out 5♣K♣6♦8♥9♣ to earn him the 5.4 million pot. Cdbr3799 went out in 11th and MrMalzanini finished tenth, taking us to our nine-handed final.

Here's a look at the chip counts as the final table action got underway.

Seat 1: R|P(URL (1,633,940 in chips)
Seat 2: biggy999 (528,476 in chips)
Seat 3: fingaz (757,114 in chips)
Seat 4: AMBlues19 (6,937,648 in chips)
Seat 5: WoopShoopi (3,118,989 in chips)
Seat 6: Marlowe (882,361 in chips)
Seat 7: Numb Nutzzzz (1,504,352 in chips)
Seat 8: freezeplay (1,422,952 in chips)
Seat 9: NutsErryTime (2,004,168 in chips)

Would you believe it if we told you that this final table took only thirty minutes start-to-finish including a break? Seriously, we're not kidding. Things started off with a bang on the first hand of the final table as we lost our first player. The action folded around to R|P(URL in the small blind, who raised to 800,000, enough to set biggy999 all-in. He made the call from the big blind, turning over K♥9♦ to R|P(URL's K♦3♥. Biggy999's dominating hand was still out in front on the Q♦6♣4♥ flop. Same story when the Q♣ hit the turn. However, R|P(URL came from behind and hit his three-outer on the river, the 3♠ falling to eliminate biggy999 in ninth place. He earned $4,791.45 for his efforts.

Would you believe it if we told you that on the second hand of the final table we lost our second player? Nope, not lying about that one either. Marlowe decided it was time to make his move, shipping his last 857,361 in the middle before the flop. Numb Nutzzzz moved all-in for nearly 1.5 million behind him. The rest of the table folded around to AMBlues19 in the big blind, who flat-called the all-in. The board ran out Q♣4♦9♥9♦5♥, Numb Nutzzzz's pocket eights holding up against AMBlues19's A♦K♣ and Marlowe's K♦J♠. Numb Nutzzzz took down both the main and the side pot, sending Marlowe to the rail in eighth place for a $8,173.65 score.

Our seven remaining players managed to control themselves for eight more hands before sending another opponent packing. Numb Nutzzzz opened for 480,000 from under-the-gun and was met with a reraise to 840,000 from NutsErryTime. Numb Nutzzzz called and they saw a 9♥5♥5♣ flop. Numb Nutzzzz checked, NutsErryTime moved all-in for 884,168 and Numb Nutzzzz called only to see the bad news--he'd run his A♦K♠ right in to NutsErryTime's pocket aces. The turn was the 6♦, the river was the 4♠, and Numb Nutzzzz ended his run in seventh place with a $13,810.65 payday.

Players headed on a five-minute break after that hand and when they returned, it took only another four minutes before someone else hit the rail. This time it was fingaz, who moved his short stack all-in pre-flop with J♠7♥. Much to his dismay, he got action instead of picking up the blinds when AMBlues19 called, tabling A♥J♣. Fingaz did not improve on the K♠8♥9♦4♦2♣ board and was KOed in sixth place, earning $19,447.65.

Four hands later, WoopShoopi was the next to depart. With the blinds up to 70,000/140,000 and a 17,500 ante, WoopShoopi open-shoved for 1.7 million from under-the-gun holding J♥T♠ and AMBlues19 called from the big blind with pocket jacks. The board ran out a diamond flush--3♦A♦6♦5♦7♦--but AMBlues19 held the J♦ to give him the higher flush. WoopShoopi took home $25,084.65 for fifth place while AMBlues19 moved up to 9.45 million in chips.

On the very next deal, freezeplay was sent packing in fourth place. Here's a look at how the hand played out:

RSS readers click through to watch replay

As play turned three-handed, AMBlues19 was the dominant chip leader with 11.6 million, R|P(URL held 4 million and NutsErryTime was on the short stack with 3.2 million. R|P(URL asked his opponents if they wanted to have a look at chip count chop numbers and while NutsErryTime was game, AMBlues19 was not interested.

Unfortunately for R|P(URL, he was out in third place only four hands later. After R|P(UR opened for 420,000 from under-the-gun, AMBlues19 shoved for more than 9.1 million and R|P(URL called, his A♦4♣ dominated by AMBlues19's A♣Q♦. There was no love for R|P(URL on the 9♣K♠T♠9♦6♣ board and he ended his SCOOP run with a $47,914.50 payday.

Only 20 minutes and 26 hands after the final table began, the action was heads-up. AMBlues19 started play with a more than 2-1 chip lead over NutsErryTime.

Seat 4: AMBlues19 (12,748,270 in chips)
Seat 9: NutsErryTime (6,041,730 in chips)

AMBlues19 and NutsErryTime duked it out for another ten minutes and 37 hands. NutsErryTime saw his stack whittled down from 6 million to 2.7 million before deciding to make a stand. AMBlues19 had been open-shoving for the last few hands, and when NutsErryTime looked down at A♥7♣, he decided to make the call. It was a good one--AMBlues19 showed A♦4♦--but things certainly got more interesting when the flop came down K♠Q♦5♦. NutsErryTime still lead, but AMBlues19 picked up the nut flush draw. The turn was a blank, the 9♥, but like a dagger through the heart, the T♦ fell on the river, making AMBlues19's flush. NutsErryTime had to settle for a runner-up finish and $66,894.27 while AMBlues19 earned the SCOOP title and $89,065.50... all for four hours and 18 minutes of work.

SCOOP Event #15-M, $162 2x Chance Turbo NLHE Results

1. AMBlues19 ($89,065.50)
2. NutsErryTime ($66,894.27)
3. R|P(URL ($47,914.50)
4. freezeplay ($32,976.45)
5. WoopShoopi ($25,084.65)
6. fingaz ($19,447.65)
7. Numb Nutzzzz ($13,810.65)
8. Marlowe ($8,173.65
9. biggy999 ($4,791.45)

There's still one full week of SCOOP action left! Head over to the SCOOP page for a full schedule and satellite information.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP