SCOOP: And then there was one, Jord4n wins Event #35-Medium heads-up tourney

scoop2009_thn.gifDay 2 begins with money in our 16 player's pockets and the big riches of $172,800.00 for first prize within four more victories. But those victories would not come easy with a defending champion and a Team PokerStars pro racking up victories on the live circuit.

Round of 16

aejones vs. 3Kingme3:

A relatively quick match that came down both players shoving at a flop of K♦4♣6♦ for a 15,500 chip pot. aejones had a big drawing hand holding 5♦3♦ for an open ended straight draw with a flush draw, while 3Kingme3 had to dance around all those outs holding top pair K♥7♥. None of aejones' out would make the board as the 6♣ turn and A♠ sealed up the victory for 3Kingme3.

Timvd19 vs. PURPLE"K"99:

This match barely got out of the starting blocks as they were finished before the turn of the blinds. With the board reading 5♦ 9♠ A♠ J♥, Timvd19 checked as PURPLE"K"99 pushed out 1,675 chips after three-betting the flop. Timvd19 came over the top and covered his opponent. After some alone time, PURPLE"K"99 made the call holding Q♥A♣ as Timvd19 had a lesser kicker but one that matched the board 5♣A♦ for two pair. The two pair would hold thru the 4♥ river knocking over PURPLE"K"99. Timvd19 would join lb6121, ButchTimothy, evanski, and Jord4n in the next round.

gibralter11 vs. Jason Mercier:

What. A. Call.

This match would tilt gibralter11's way after making this soul read on the river shove by the Team PokerStars Pro for his tournament life:

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With the board reading 6♠ 3♦ A♦ K♠ 8♥ and a shove covering the read of gibralter11's remaining chips, he would ask Mercier if he hit the river 8. Not the ace or king mind you, but the river. After nearly a minute of thought, gibralter11 made the call with pocket sevens 7♠7♥ as Mercier turned over the bluff 4♠Q♠ knocking him down to just 672 chips. Two doubles up later, gibralter11 would out pip the Team PokerStars pro A9 to K9 and advanced.


Jason Mercier 10th place

RunThisTable vs. Sasuke234:

The last match before the quarterfinals had the defending champion all-in several times from a short stack battling to try to get back to even. And RunThisTable would finally do so in the 80/160 level taking pocket sevens past the pocket fives of Sasuke234 for a 10,400 chip pot to tie up the match. A bit of bad luck would strike the defending champ in the final hand. As Sasuke234 had RunThisTable down to 4,155 chips while still in the 80/160 blind level and the two would shove preflop as the RunThisTable turned up J♣A♠. Sasuke234 had the lesser A♦T♥ and was still behind after the 9♣A♥9♦ flop. The advantage changed dramatically on the T♠ turn and closed the books on a possible repeat with an unnecessary rivered full house T♦.

Knocked out: (All receiving $9,600.00): PURPLE"K"99, aejones, El_Cañonero, Amoroso5, carryhero, spamz0r, Team PokerStars Pro JasonMercier, RunThisTable

Advancing: 3Kingme3, ButchTimothy, evanski, gibralter11, Jord4n, lb6121, Timvd19, Sasuke234


ButchTimothy vs. lb6121:

One pip was too many for lb6121 spelled his end, as this match would only move into the 30/60 blind level. With ButchTimothy holding a 14,404 to 5,596 chip lead and after the two saw a 3♥ 9♥ 2♦ flop. An evil looking 666 bet from ButchTimothy got lb6121 to raise to 1380, and ButchTimothy came after his chips with a shove as lb6121 made the call with middle pair J♣7♣. As stated BatchTimothy had one better with the 7♦Q♦, and the remainder of the board T♥ 9♦ stayed jack-free sending ButchTimothy one step closer to that six figure pay day.

3Kingme3 vs. Sasuke234:

The slayer of the defending champion wasn't able to get much going against 3Kingme3 and fell into some hard luck in the match's final hand. With the spade filled board reading 9♠ 7♠ T♠ and 3Kingme3 holding a 14,795 to 5,205 chip lead the two would find those spades to their liking. Sasuke234 flopped top pair and a open-ended straight flush draw holding 9♥ 8♠, as 3Kingme3 had the same pair but higher kicker and higher spade 9♣ Q♠. Both would hit trips on the turn 9♦ and a flush on the river 3♠ but it wasn't one of Sasuke234's super outs ending the Sasuke234's night in the quarterfinals.

Timvd19 vs. Jord4n:

Jord4n was two cards from elimination being all-in with pocket eights 8♥8♣ facing the Q♦A♦ of Timvd19 after Timvd19 would flop top pair 2♠ 4♥ Q♥. The figure eight 8♦ would appear on the turn for a set of eights, and staking the claim to the 14,490 chip pot. Timvd19 would find a double up to 8,400 chips in the 60/120 blinds level as his ducks swam past the big slick of Jord4n in the same manner as Jord4n's double-up by hitting a set on the turn when top pair was flopped.

The match remained tightly contested until both would get it in preflop with Jord4n holding a slight 11,235 to 8,765 chip lead. Watch the final hand play out below:

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Outkicked Timvd19's J♠A♥ couldn't overcome the Q♠A♣ of Jord4n and we had our third semi-finalist.

gibralter11 vs. evanski

gibralter11 would lead this match until the 50/100 blind level when gibralter would run top pair into evanski's flopped two pair and turned full house to take the 12,130 chip pot and the lead. From there gibralter11 would even things up for a bit but evanski continued to pull away racking up a 16,570 to 3,430 lead into the 60/120 blind level. On a flop of 6♣ 3♠ 7♠ both players would ship:

gibralter11: 7♦ 5♦
evanski: 9♥ 8♣

Top pair vs. overs and an open-ended straight draw and the 5♣ looked good for gibralter11 but instead hit evanski's straight draw which avoided the four outs on the river 6♠ to close out the quarterfinals and prevent gibralter11's attempt to become a two-time SCOOP winner this year.

Knocked out (all earning $22,400.00): lb6121, Sasuke234, Timvd19, gibralter11

Advanced: 3Kingme3, ButchTimothy, evanski, Jord4n

Semifinals #1:

SCOOP 35-MSemi2.jpg

evanski vs. ButchTimothy

evanski would start this match out fast winning six out of the first seven hands and kept the pressure on winning two sizable pots (2,200 and 8,522) without showdown thus taking a 14,523 to 5,477 chip lead. The lead would hold throughout the rest of the starting 25/50 blind level into the final hand in the 30/60 level. After a flop of 2♥ 2♠ 8♠ evanski led out for 400, ButchTimothy bumped to 999, as evanski shoved while well covering his opponent. With top pair 8♦T♠ ButchTimothy made the call and was ahead of the two overcards of evanski A♦Q♠. 6♥ on the turn looked good for ButchTimothy to claim these much needed 8,078 chips, but the lady on the river Q♦ said otherwise sending $51,200.00 to ButchTimothy and evanski to the finals as 3Kingme3 and Jord4n continued to battle on the other table.

Semifinals #2:

SCOOP 35-MSemi1.jpg

3Kingme3 vs. Jord4n

Jord4n would claim an early lead after the 40/80 blind level notching a 3,600 chip pot with top pair and value betting on all streets to take a 12,235 to 7,765 chip lead. This trend would continue for Jord4n who continued to collect a thousand here and there, slowly chipping apart 3Kingme3 until the top decided to end things preflop. With Jord4n holding a 13,180 to 6,820 chip lead we would flip for second finalist.

Jord4n: T♣T♠
3Kingme3: K♣A♠

People call it a classic race as it never goes out-of-style as long as we continue to play texas hold em'but only one could win and the 8♦ Q♣ 7♠ Q♠ 7♥ board determined that person would be Jord4n who would advance to face evanski in the finals as 3Kingme3 was out of checkers but earned $51,200.00 in 3rd place.


SCOOP 35-MFinal.jpg

Jord4n vs. evanski

After the first hand was laid out both players started the chop negotiations with Team PokerStars pro Jason Mercier sticking around after losing in the Round of 16 to help these two with their lengthy talks via skype, yahoo, MSN, chatroulette, tin cans on a string, carrier pigeons and maybe pony express as it took nearly 15 minutes for them to have Mercier return to playing.

Not much movement of chips through the first level as both players respected each other's preflop raises and three-bets. Jord4n would claim the first big pot of the night claiming 4,000 chips when evanski had no answer to a river 2,500 chip bet from Jord4n with the board reading 7♥ 5♠ 6♥ 9♥ K♦.

The players continued their tightly knotted stack sizes despite aggressive play on both sides thru the 30/60 and 40/80 blind levels as we moved into the 50/100 blind level Jord4n broached the idea of a chop again, but evanski politely declined as play continued with the stacks below:

evanski (10355 in chips)
Jord4n (9645 in chips)

Forward to the 100/200 blind level and Jord4n began to pull away a bit after snagging a 7,760 chip pot after a boat full of ducks appeared on the river with the board showing 4♦ Q♦ T♣ 2♠ Q♠ was good after a 3,170 chip raise and evanski could only muck.

evanski (2687 in chips)
Jord4n (17313 in chips)

Seventeen hands later Jord4n would put the rest of evanski's chips to reside in his stack. Watch the final hand play out below:

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A bit anti-climatic with the large chip lead and flopping Q♣ K♥ 5♥ top set with pocket kings K♦K♠ mauling the middle pair of evanski Q♦8♣. The T♣ on the turn completed the formality as the 989:1 shot did not come in for evanski and Jord4n became the Event #35-Medium SCOOP champion earning the full $172,800.00 as evanski also took home a big paycheck ($96,000.00) as the runner-up.

Be sure to check PokerStars.TV, PokerStarsBlog, and the SCOOP homepage as the three-tiered Main Event is starting up and the SCOOP Player of the Series race is sure to tighten up with just two events left as Team PokerStars pro George "Jorj95" Lind continues to lead the pack for that stuffed prize package including a WCOOP Main Event buy-in and PCA prize package.

$500,000.00 Guarantee SCOOP Event #35-M NLHE Heads-up Matches Results:

1. Jord4n (Half Moon Bay) $172,800.00
2. evanski (Toronto) $96,000.00
3. and 4. 3Kingme3 (Port Jeff station) and ButchTimothy (Stockholm) $51,200.00
5. thru 8. gibralter11 (jacksonville), Timvd19 (Zoetermeer), Sasuke234 (Westbay), lb6121 (london) $22,400.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP