SCOOP: Beckersen81 prospers in Event #29-L $33 8-Game

scoop2009_thn.gif8. The number is considered very lucky in Asian cultures. In Mandarin, the word for 8 sounds very similar to the word for prosper, which makes the number 8 the most revered digit by superstitious gamblers.

The number 8. It's lucky. It's just what it is.

The 8-game format on PokerStars is the ultimate test of all-around excellence in different games. In case you have no idea about the make up of 8-game, it's essentially H.O.R.S.E. with three action games wrapped around it, sort of like a juicy steak wrapped in scrumptious bacon.

8-Game = Limit Triple Draw + H.O.R.S.E. + NL + PLO.

For the low version of this SCOOP 8-game event, it took 64 minutes to run through a full cycle with 8 minute levels.

The event attracted 3,138 runners who pushed the prize pool over $94,140. Top 450 places paid with $14,593.62 set aside for first place.

A couple of Team PokerStars Pros went deep, including Anders "Donald" Berg (304th), Johannes Steindl (176th), George "jorgj95" Lind (146th), and Sebastian Ruthenberg (29th).

Notables cashing in this 8-game event included Ryan "rkruok" Nathan (409th), Sergey "gipsy74" Rybachenko (337th), Ari "BodogAri" Engel (280th), teacuppoker (215th), Mike "Gordo16" Gordon (73rd), Brock "t soprano" Parker (43rd), Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen (42nd), and Ilya "ilushan" Gorodetskiy (33rd).

Over 3,100 players were eliminated in the first eight hours of play. With seven tables to go, Team Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg was lurking in the Top 5 in chips. However, disaster struck for Sebatsian Ruthenberg during a tough run of NL. He lost two hands and went from the penthouse to the outhouse. On the first hand, it was one of those crazy hands where you're ahead preflop... then behind on the flop... then ahead on a fortuitous turn card... and then sucked out on the river.

Here's that first unfortunate hand for Ruthenberg, which you can view in our snazzy replayer...

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On Ruthenberg's elimination hand, he got it all in with A♦A♥ against Beckersen81's J♥9♥. Beckersen81 caught running hearts to flush out Ruthenberg's aces. The Team Pro from Germany was knocked out in 29th place.


With the final two tables began, playing three-handed and four-handed, djmonkey was the shortstack and the only player under 1 million in chips. However, he soon had company when Ivan E 8888's stack tumbled during Razz, and eventually found his fate.

Beckersen81: (8♥A♣)4♠2♦J♥2♠(3♥)
Ivan E 8888: (3♦A♥)6♠8♦6♥T♣(Q♣)

Ivan E 8888 was all in by the river, and his T-8-6-3-A low was not good enough to beat Beckersen81's 8-4-3-2-A low. Ivan E 8888's run ended in Razz as he bubbled off the final table in 7th place. He won $1,035.54 for his efforts.

The Final Table


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: djmonkey (565,846)
Seat 2: ElCanalla (1,138,276)
Seat 3: mflippy (5,938,522)
Seat 4: Beckersen81 (2,671,265)
Seat 5: pocket22s (4,057,963)
Seat 6: Olaf Maguhn (1,318,128)

Djmonkey squeezed into the final table with the slimmest of stacks, while mflippy began the final table as the chip leader closing in on 6 million.

ElCanalla ElBusto

During a round of Stud, one of the short stacks headed to the rail. ElCanalla, a pro from Argentina, was down to his last 220K in chips with betting limits set at 120K/240K. He would be all-in by 4th street against the chip leader mflippy.

ElCanalla: (7♣7♥) T♥2♠8♥6♣(5♦)
mflippy: (K♠8♣) Q♣9♥J♦9♦(6♦)

ElCanalla's pair of sevens did not improve and he also whiffed on a gutshot on 7th street. Mflippy won the pot with a pair of nines. ElCanalla became the first player to be eliminated from the final table. He won $1,647.45 for 6th place.

Spun Out Monkey

I will say this, that djmonkey is one tough primate. The little bugger survived with next to no chips during the last two tables. Despite the short stack, he somehow outlasted a couple of players for a significant pay jump.

During Stud, djmonkey shoved on 3rd street for his last 89,846. Four players called. They checked it around on 4th and 5th street, but Beckersen81 fired at the pot on 6th street with K♠4♠K♥K♣ showing. Everyone bailed and only Beckersen81's trip Kings stood in the way of djmonkey from doubling up. He had two pair and needed to boat up on the river in order to avoid elimination. Alas, it was not meant to be...

djmonkey: (5♠5♥)8♣8♠3♦7♦(9♦)
Beckersen81: shows (A♦2♠)K♠4♠K♥K♣(J♣)

Beckersen81 won the pot and improved to 3.4 million, still trailing chip leader mflippy's 7.8 million stack. Djmonkey busted out in 5th place and won $3,059.55.

Olaf Maguhn Out in 4th

During Stud H/L, the table lost another short stack. This time it was Olaf Maguhn. He had the bring in with the 4♣, and Beckersen81 called with a 5♣.

On 4th street... Beckersen81 check-called a 120,000 bet with (x-x)5♣Q♥ vs. Olaf Maguhn's (x-x) 4♣J♣.

On 5th street... Beckersen checked (x-x)5♣Q♥3♣. Olaf bet his (x-x) 4♣J♣3♦ for 240,000. Beckersen81 check-raised to 480,000. Olaf called for his last 2,282. The players opened up...

Olaf Maguhn: (6♠8♥)4♣J♣3♦
Beckersen81: (4♠3♥)5♣Q♥3♣

Beckersen81 was ahead with a pair of treys against Olaf's jack-high and 8-6-4-3 low draw. Olaf's final two cards were T♣ and 6♣. He missed his low and only improved to a pair of sixes. Beckersen81's final two cards ran out J♠ and Q♣. The queen on 7th street gave Beckersen81 two pair, which was more than enough to win the pot. With no qualifying low, Olaf Maguhn busted out in 4th place. He won $5,036.49.

Action was paused to discuss deal. Mflippy held the lead with 6.3 million, while Beckersen81 and pocket22's were almost even with 4.6 million a piece. The players quickly worked out a deal, and returned to work.

Mflippy Crushed by Kings

Beckersen81 quickly won a pot against mflippy to take a slight lead. The three remaining players would pass the lead back and forth for the rest of Stud H/L, with no one sitting on more than 6 million.

But then, the tides turned against mflippy during NL. The slide began when Beckersen81 dragged a pot with A♦2♦ for two-pair against mflippy's inferior two-pair. Mflippy sunk to 3 million while Beckersen81 took the lead with 6.3 million.

And then, it was over in a matter of seconds. Mflippy opened to 240,000. Beckersen81 three-bet huge for 2.48 million, essentially making mflippy commit his entire stack if he were to make the call. Mflippy headed into the tank and made his decision -- he shoved all-in for 2,533,952. Beckersen81 called for only 53,952 more.

Beckersen81: K♣K♦
mflippy: K♥Q♠

Beckersen81 was ahead with Kings. The flop was the Q♥J♣7♥, which breathed some life into mflippy, but he still needed a miracle if he expected to survive. The turn was the 6♠, and the river was the 2♣. Beckersen81's Kings held up and he won the pot. Mflippy began the final table as the chip leader, but couldn't hold onto the big stack busting out in 3rd place. He won $11,372.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 4: Beckersen81 (8,846,884)
Seat 5: pocket22s (6,843,116)

The heads-up battle was set, and action began towards the end of the NL level. Fireworks quickly ensued when the game switched to PLO. The total heads-up match lasted seven hands.

On the final hand, both players limped in. The flop was K♠K♦T♦. Pocket22s bet 100,000. Beckersen81 in-raised to 200,000. Pocket22s called. The turn was the T♣ and both players checked. The river was the 5♦. That's when things heated up.

Pocket22s checked.
Beckersen81 bet 400,000.
Pocket22s check-raised to 1.76 million.
Beckersen81 re-raised to 5.84 million.
Pocket22s called all-in for his last 6.6 million.

pocket22s: A♦K♥5♠4♥
Beckersen81: K♣Q♠T♥3♠

Tough break for pocket22s because Beckersen81 flopped a full house against pocket22s trips. Beckersen81 slowplayed his boat and allowed pocket22s to catch up on the river. Beckersen81 won the pot with a bigger boat. Pocket22s headed to the rail in second place, and won $10,276.11.

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For first place, Beckersen81 earned $11,500. He now has supreme bragging rights as the SCOOP "low" 8-game champion.

SCOOP: Event #29-L $33 8-Game - Final Table Results
1. beckersen81 - $11,500 *
2. pocket22s - $10,276.11 *
3. mflippy - $11,372 *
4. Olaf Maguhn - $5,036.49
5. djmonkey - $3,059.55
6. ElCanalla - $1,647.45

* Denotes a deal made among the final three players.

There's still plenty of time to get in on all the remaining SCOOP action. Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a full schedule of events. Also, check out the SCOOP leaderboard.

Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP