SCOOP: Belabacsi Finally Breaks Through to Win Event #15-H $1,575 NL 2x Chance Turbo

scoop2009_thn.gifIf you look up the word "fast" in the thesaurus, you will find over a dozen synonyms, many of which perfectly describe the 2x Chance Turbo event in this year's SCOOP.

Accelerated. Breakneck. Brisk. Expeditious. Flying. Quick. Rapid. Swift. Velocious.

All of those words are synonymous with Event #15-H $1,575 NL 2x Chance Turbo. In this tournament, players had the option of a single re-buy during the first ninety minutes of the 2x chance turbo, provided that they were down to zero in chips.

The "high" version of the 2x turbo attracted 455 runners, with only 233 of whom opted for a re-buy, which boosted the prize pool to $1,032,000. The top 63 places paid out with $196,080 awarded to the winner.

Team PokerStars Pros dabbling in the 2x turbo included... Greg Raymer, ElkY, Noah Boeken, Chris Moneymaker, Humberto Brenes, Leo Fernandez, Vanessa Rousso, AABenjaminAA, and jorj95.

The field blazed into the money in an astounding 2 hours and 20 minutes. Notables who cashed included jorj95 (61st place), Xaston (54th), Shaniac (48th), mement_Mori (44th), AABenjaminAA (40th), TwinMSU (31st), Chris Moneymaker (30th), dpeters17 (23rd), StuMan123 (22nd), Sheets (21st), and EeeTee2008 (15th).

chrismoney.jpgMoney800 = 30th place

Chris Moneymaker had gotten off to a good start, and the former WSOP Main Event champ hovered in the Top 10 in chips for most of the tournament until he met his demise when his A♣Q♣ was pitted against A♠K♥. Moneymaker was crippled, only to bust out on the next hand.

Bubblicious a.k.a. Find Another Way to Pay Your Plastic Surgeon

TheLipoFund walked away with the dubious honor of being today's Bubble Boy. TheLipoFund did not win any money with a disappointing 64th place finish.

With five tables to go, the basic strategy in the 2x turbo seemed fairly simple... shove with any Ace, or any pair, and depending on the situation... sometimes shoving with any two.

With ten players to go, Hotpockets77 was all in with J♣T♣ and couldn't run down
mrvogt's Q♠J♠ to stave off elimination. Hotpockets77 finished in an untimely 10th place and bubbled off the final table. With nine players to go, mrvogt held the chip lead wit almost 580K.

The Final Table


SCOOP Event #15-H $1,575 NL 2x Chance Turbo - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: szusza84 (192,908)
Seat 2: Al K. Holick (459,111)
Seat 3: Phantom0082 (245,768)
Seat 4: takechip (301,812)
Seat 5: Belabacsi (460,658)
Seat 6: smokrokflock (487,630)
Seat 7: cpfactor (260,943)
Seat 8: mrvogt (579,099)
Seat 9: The Rounderr (452,071)

It took 3 hours and 13 minutes hours to get down to a final table, such is the nature of turbo tournaments.

Takechip Takeout

And it didn't take too long before we had our first elimination when takechip ran into Peter "Belabacsi" Tarply (the first ever Hungarian bracelet winner, which he won at the 2009 WSOP). Most recently, Belabacsi finished in second place in Event #9-M Mixed Hold'em. Belabacsi was on a mission to win his first ever SCOOP event and takechip became just one of his many victims.

The two players were all-in preflop with takechip's Q♣J♦ trailing Belabacsi's A♥9♣. The board ran out K♦T♥8♣7♦6♠ and Belabacsi dragged the pot with a straight. Takechip won $17,131.20 for 9th place and Belabacsi was just getting warmed up.

Phantom0082 Phades Out

Short-stacked Phantom0082 was the next casualty after losing a flip to The Rounderr. Phantom0082's Q♥J♣ did not improve agaist pocket sevens. Phantom0082 took home $23,220 for 8th place.

Szusza84 Swept Away

Szusza84 open shoved for 243,533, cpfactor re-shoved, and everyone else folded.

cpfactor: A♣Q♣
szusza84: Q♠9♣

The board ran out T♠7♦3♦6♥T♥, and cpfactor won the pot with ace-high to pad his chip lead to over 763K. Szusza84 hit the road in 7th place with a $44,540 score.

The Rounderr = Nevermore

Guess what? Another pre-flop all-in flip. Mrvogt open-shoved to 491K and The Rounderr called all-in for 68,506.

mrvogt: A♥K♥
The Rounderr: 7♣7♦

The flop was Q♦T♠3♦ and The Rounderr dodged a huge bullet, however, he wouldn't be so lucky on the turn when the K♠ fell. The river was the 5♠ and The Rounderr bailed out in 6th place. He won $43,860.

With five players remaining, the action was paused while the players embarked on what would be a lengthy discussion about a deal. At that juncture, mrvogt held the chip lead with 864K, or approximately 25 BB. After tense negotiations, the final five agreed on a deal (with an extra $15,000 going to the winner) and play resumed.

Al K. Holick Loses His Crutch

Smokrokflock shoved for over 500K. Al K. Holick called all-in with A♦K♣. He couldn't win a race against smokrokflock's 5♦5♣ and was crippled. That hand pushed smokrokflock over 1 million in chips, while Al K. Holick slipped to a mere 60,000.

Al K. Holick Heads to the Bar

Belabacsi open-shoved for his last 206K. cpfactor had him covered and called. Al K. Holick called all in from his big blind for his last 15K.

Belabacsi: K♥K♠
cpfactor: shows 7♦7♠
Al K. Holick: 4♥2♦

The board ran out T♠T♣3♣8♦ 2♠ and Belabacsi's kings held up. He won the main pot and the side pot. Al K. Holick was eliminated in 5th place. He won $111,306, which should cover his bar tab for a few weeks.

Mrvogt Falls in 4th

Mrvogt was the shortest stack at the table with four to go. He made a stand with A-7, but Belabacsi's A♣K♣ thwarted any chance of a potential double up. Mrvogt finished in 4th place and won $123,371.

The Scent of Blood Entices Belabacsi

After busting mrvogt, Belabacsi had seized the chiplead with almost 1.4 million. He couldn't hold onto the lead for too long before he ran his A♦8♦ into cpfactor's K♣K♦. Belabacsi slipped to under 200K, but he clawed his way back into contention. He doubled up on the very next hand to stay alive. And then, he caught a break...

With Belabacsi on the ropes, the two big stacks clashed. When the dust settled, smokrokflock was doing the walk of shame and heading to the rail. Both players were all-in preflop. Cpfactor had smokrokflock covered, and was also ahead with pocket queens against A♥5♦. Cpfactor faded the ace and his queens held, while smokrokflock finished in third place. He won $105,780.

The Final Two: Belabacsi vs. cpfactor

It didn't look promising for the Hungarian. He found himself extremely outchipped, but that did not deter him one bit.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 5: Belabacsi (380,204)
Seat 7: cpfactor (3,059,796)

Belabacsi found little river luck to double up with K♦2♦ against cpfactor's 8♦8♠. Now with over 760,408, Belabacsi secured himself some breathing room, but he was still nowhere close to being out of jeopardy.

Q♠6♠ Is the Nuts

Belabacsi seized momentum with a timely double up.

cpfactor: shows A♦3♠
Belabacsi: shows Q♠6♠

The flop was A♠Q♥9♥ and although both players hit the flop, cpfactor was ahead with a pair of aces. The turn was the J♦, but the 6♦ spiked on the river, giving Belabacsi two pair. It was good enough to win the pot and he all of sudden went from 360K to 1.4 million.

"How's it going over there?" wondered cpfactor.

"I need that watch, lost SCOOP HU twice already," explained Belabacsi about his desire to win their heads-up battle.

The Swing

Cpfactor's lead shrunk to 2 million compared to Belabacsi's 1.36 million. The two did not waste time before they got it all in once again.

cpfactor: A♦5♦
Belabacsi: 8♠8♥

The flop was K♠J♠3♠ and Belabacsi couldn't have been happier with flopping a spade-draw. The turn was the T♠ and he flushed out cpfactor.

RSS readers must click through to see the replay

Here's what happened on the final hand...

Both players were all-in preflop. Cpfactor was slightly ahead with pocket fours, while Belabacsi was racing with T♥9♣. Belabacsi must have known it was his time to finally win a SCOOP event, because he flopped trip tens, which held up. He won the hand and knocked out cpfactor in second place. Cpfactor collected $144,480 for his efforts.

RSS readers must click through to see the replay

The heads-up battle only lasted 26 hands. And when it was over, Belabacsi had pulled off a successful coup and come-from-behind victory to win his first SCOOP title an avenge his runner-up finish in Event #6.

SCOOP Event #15-H $1,575 NL 2x Chance Turbo Final Table Results:
1. Peter "Belabacsi" Traply - $128,216*
2. Danny "cpfactor" Smith - $116,534*
3. Smokrokflock - $104,169*
4. mrvogt - $123,371*
5. Al K. Holick - $111,306*
6. The Rounderr - $43,860
7. szusza84 - $44,540
8. Phantom0082 - $23,220
9. takechip - $17,131.20

* Denotes a five-way chop.

There's still plenty of time to get in on all the SCOOP action. Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a full schedule of events.

Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP