SCOOP: Calm and Collected mistakooll Quickly Wins Turbo NLHE Event #23-H

SCOOP logo 2010.gifFast isn't usually a word used to describe no-limit hold'em online tournaments. When the money bubble or final table bubble looms, play often slows to a crawl, and money jumps at the final table can turn the action into a true test of patience.

Turbo is a different story. Add that word to a tournament, along with five-minute levels, and the tournament suddenly turns into non-stop action! Event 23 (High) was a turbo no-limit hold'em event with a $1,050 buy-in and $500K guarantee. Oh, and did we mention it was a rebuy tournament as well? Wheee!

It was a whirlwind tournament from the start. There were 344 players up for the challenge, and when the rebuy period was over, there were 660 of said rebuys purchased, along with 263 add-ons, making for a $1,267,000 prize pool - more than double the original guarantee. Play was swift (understatement), and as the money bubble approached, Team PokerStars Pro George "Jorj95" Lind III came close to making another cash but finished just short in 48th place. The money bubble burst with 45 players guaranteed some cash, and it was shortly thereafter that the last member of the PokerStars team, Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis, was eliminated in 32nd place.

As the final table approached, the craziness reached an all-time high for the event. With 11 players remaining, Bruno GT moved all-in with T♥9♠ against the pocket fives of blanconegro, and the board of Q♠7♠6♣5♣6♥ made a full house for blanconegro and eliminated Bruno GT in tenth place with $19,005.00.

But before all nine players could be moved to the same table, another hand was in progress that eliminated someone else. The other table found zangbezan24 all-in with A♥4♦, but "Dumping"KGB woke up with pocket jacks from the big blind and made the call. The board brought nothing of significance when it showed 8♥3♦9♥K♦8♣, and Sorel "zangbezan24" was gone in ninth place with $22,172.50 before ever being seated at the official final table.

Mistakooll leads eight-person final table

Suddenly, the final table was in action with the following eight players and their chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: mistakooll (900,580 in chips)
Seat 3: "Dumping"KGB (567,673 in chips)
Seat 4: Iftarii (289,453 in chips)
Seat 5: mement_mori (371,183 in chips)
Seat 6: Altrum Altus (917,763 in chips)
Seat 7: psuNYY51 (191,910 in chips)
Seat 8: blanconegro (415,522 in chips)
Seat 9: pitplaya420 (672,916 in chips)

2010 SCOOP - Event 23-H Pic.JPG

The very first hand of the table found Iftarii all-in with 3♠3♦, and pitplaya420 made the call from the big blind with A♣5♣. The flop of 8♠9♦T♠ allowed the pocket pair to hold, as did the 6♠ on the turn. But the A♦ gave top pair to pitplaya420 and eliminated Iftarii in eighth place with $30,408.00.

Whether it was the speed or the action itself that prompted the comment, mement_mori took a moment to type, "most absurd ft I have ever been part of."

No time to analyze that statement because, ironically, mement_mori was in the process of doubling through "Dumping"KGB to stay alive.

One player at a time not quick enough?

A few hands later, a monster hand developed when "Dumping"KGB moved all-in preflop. Altrum Altus called, but psuNYY51 came over the top all-in from the button. Altrum Altus made that call as well and showed A♥9♦. "Dumping"KGB's tournament life was on the line with K♠7♦, as was psuNYY51's with 9♣9♥. The flop of 5♣5♥6♥ only added another pair for psuNYY51, and the 7♣ on the turn gave "Dumping"KGB two pair, though not two winning pair. But the A♣ dropped hard on the river, giving Altrum Altus the aces and fives, eliminating the other two players at once. "Dumping"KGB, who won Event 16-H only days before, took home $43,078.00 for seventh place in this event, and psuNYY51 grabbed $55,748.00 for sixth place.

A few big hands changed the make-up of the five-handed table, as mistakooll took a 630K-pot from Altrum Altus, and blanconegro doubled through mement_mori.

Five hands later, mement_mori pushed all-in with J♦9♣, and blanconegro was there to make the call with A♥8♠. The board blanked for both players when it came Q♠Q♥5♣4♥T♥, and that left mement_mori with a fifth place finish and $72,219.00 to go with it.

From there, it was pitplaya420's turn. After blanconegro opened for a raise, pitplaya420 moved all-in for 752,369 chips with K♥9♣. Blanconegro made the easy call with K♣K♠, and the board of J♥4♠3♠6♣Q♥ to allow the pocket pair to hold up. Pitplaya420 left the event in fourth place with $104,527.50.

During three-handed play, it was mistakooll who took the reins from the start, and aggressive plays like the following allowed him to grab the chip lead from blanconegro:

RSS readers click through to see replay

It was Altrum Altus who was unable to gain any momentum or keep up with the two bigger stacks. With 910,638 chips, Altrum Altus pushed all-in with 6♦6♣, and original raiser mistakooll made the call with 8♥8♠. The virtual dealer brought out 5♠A♠J♠A♥3♣, and that was the end of the line for Altrum Altus, who walked away with $139,370.00 for the third place finish.

Turbo heads-up with mistakooll in the lead

Seat 1: mistakooll (3067798 in chips)
Seat 8: blanconegro (1259202 in chips)

Shockingly, it didn't take long to end the heads-up battle. Blanconegro sought a spot to make a move and finally did it with K♣6♥. Mistakooll called with A♠J♠, and the board came 3♣8♠Q♥7♥J♣. The pair of jacks wasn't necessary for the win but gave it to mistakooll anyway. The second place finisher was blanconegro, who left with $183,715.00 for the effort.

The latest SCOOP winner was mistakooll, who took home a whopping $245,164.50 for overcoming some challenges and taking charge at the uber-fast final table of Event 23-H.

SCOOP Event 23-High (NLHE w/Rebuys) Results for 05/10/10:

1st place: mistakooll ($245,164.50)
2nd place: blanconegro ($183,715.00)
3rd place: Altrum Altus ($139,370.00)
4th place: pitplaya420 ($103,527.50)
5th place: mement_mori ($72,219.00)
6th place: psuNYY51 ($55,748.00)
7th place: "Dumping"KGB ($43,078.00)
8th place: Iftarii ($30,408.00)
9th place: zangbezan24 ($22,172.50)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker is far from over, with numerous events still on the schedule and corresponding qualifiers to offer seats at a fraction of the price. Check out the SCOOP website for details and PokerStars.TV for series highlights.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP