SCOOP: Corey "Comandr_Cool" Burbick freezes out Shawn "buck21" Buchanan in Event #3-H, $530 6-max NLHE with Rebuys

SCOOP logo.gifWe've all heard the old adage more times than we can count.

"In no-limit hold'em, all you need is a chip and a chair."

Fortunes turn around on a single hand. Chip stacks rise and fall as fast as an elevator car in the Empire State Building. And in a deep-stacked, highly skilled field like the one that turned out for Event #3-High, $530 no-limit hold'em with rebuys, the cream tends to rise to the top. As night turned into morning, Corey "Comandr_Cool" Burbick pulled off a remarkable come-from-behind victory, turning his 10-1 chip defecit heads-up into a SCOOP title and a six-figure payday. Burbick defeated perhaps the most stacked final table we've seen thus far in SCOOP 2010-- including 2009 SCOOP champion Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, 2007 WCOOP champion Shawn "buck21" Buchanan, and Jason "JP OSU" Potter, who has three SCOOP and WCOOP final tables under his belt.

703 players ponied up, making 804 rebuys and 527 add-ons, to create a $1,017,000 prize pool. 90 places were paid, with first place set to earn $183,060. More than two dozen members of Team PokerStars Pro bought in, including Barry Greenstein, Andre Akkari, Chad Brown, Vanessa Rousso, and Vicky Coren. When the money bubble burst at the eight and a half hour mark, three were still standing with Dennis Phillips (83rd), Nacho Barbero (80th), and Victor Ramdin (67th) notching cash finishes.

Rebuy events mean deep stacks, and as the field thinned to two tables, the average stack was well over the 100 big blind mark. Blinds were 5,000/10,000 with a 1,250 ante when the final table bubble burst at 6:12 a.m. EDT, yurabond exiting in seventh place when his K♣J♠ could not improve against The Grinder's A♦6♠.

Here's how our six survivors stacked up as the final table got underway:

Seat 1: The Grinder (1,570,039 in chips)
Seat 2: JP OSU (843,788 in chips)
Seat 3: jvans (624,404 in chips)
Seat 4: e1mdopp (1,099,881 in chips)
Seat 5: Comandr_Cool (1,541,393 in chips)
Seat 6: buck21 (1,476,495 in chips)

SCOOP Event 03-H final table.jpg

The final table lost its first player fifteen minutes in. Jvans was the shortest stack, but not really a "short stack" when he opened for a 30,000, then called Comandr_Cool's 78,000 three-bet. The flop came down A♠8♦6♦ and Comandr_Cool led out for 72,000. Jvans raised to 144,000, Comandr_Cool min-reraised to 216,000, and jvans pulled the trigger, moving all-in for 560,154. Comandr_Cool called and jvans was in dire shape, his A♣J♥ outkicked by Comandr_Cool's A♦Q♥. The turn was the 5♥, the river was the 8♥, and Comandr_Cool raked in the 2.1 million pot, eliminating jvans in sixth place. He earned $30,510 for his efforts.

Only moments later, Comandr_Cool was at it again. He of the flame-haired Conan O'Brien avatar took out Jason "JP OSU" Potter two hands later on a coin toss that landed in his favor. Comandr_Cool opened for 30,000 from the cutoff. The Grinder called from the small blind and JP OSU put the squeeze on from the big, three-betting to 129,775. Comandr_Cool four-bet to isolate, making it 229,550 to go and The Grinder folded, putting the action back on JP OSU. He decided to go for it, moving all-in for 820,663 and Comandr_Cool made the call, his pocket tens racing with JP OSU's A♥Q♦. JP OSU couldn't improve, however, on the 9♦6♥4♥5♥J♦ board and ended his run in fifth place for a $50,850 score. After the hand, Comandr_Cool had a 2-1 chip lead over his three remaining opponents.

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi had been comfortably cruising along at the top of the pack, playing his typical aggressive style until an ugly river card cost him two-thirds of his chips. With the action folded to him in the small blind, The Grinder limped in for 7,000. E1mdopp bumped it up to 42,000 from the big blind and The Grinder re-popped him, making it 210,000 to go. E1mdopp wasn't having any of that and moved all-in for 1,220,416, but the Grinder made the call, his A♠Q♣ dominating e1mdopp's A♦T♥. Things were looking good for The Grinder on the 6♥3♣3♦ flop on the 4♠ turn, but the T♦ spiked on the river, pairing e1mdopp's kicker and sending The Grinder's chip count plummeting from 1.57 million to 351,000.

The Grinder was able to hang on for another twenty minutes before buck21 took him out in fourth place on this hand. He collected a very bling-bling $71,190 for his efforts.

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With the blinds at 7,000/14,000 with a 1,750 ante and the stack sizes ranging from 1.3 to 4.2 million, it looked like we were in for a marathon three-handed match. E1mdopp, however, couldn't seem to find any traction against his opponents and saw his stack steadily dwindle, dropping by more than half to 621,000 when this hand came up. E1mdopp opened for 35,250 from the button and buck21 made the call from the big blind. He checked the T♠9♥7♥ flop over to e1mdopp, who bet 56,500. Buck21 called and they went to the turn, which fell the 8♠. Buck21 checked again, e1mdopp bet 133,500, and buck21 put the pressure on with an all-in reraise. E1mdopp decided to save his last 394,000 in chips and found a fold, buck21's stack rocketing up to more than 4.8 million.

E1mdopp nursed his short stack for the next thirty minutes, finally deciding to make a stand with Q♥K♣. He open-shoved for his last 319,022 and both Comandr_Cool and buck21 called from the blinds. The flop was A♠T♣Q♦. Comandr_Cool led out for 380,000 and with good reason-- he flopped top and bottom pair. Buck21 got out of the way, leaving his two opponents to show down their hands. The turn was the 3♥ and the river was the K♠, e1mdopp making an inferior two pair. For his eighteen-plus hours on the virtual felt, e1mdopp earned $101,700.

E1mdopp's exit left Comandr_Cool and buck21 to duke it out for the big cheese and the SCOOP title. Here's how they stacked up as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 5: Comandr_Cool (2,567,944 in chips)
Seat 6: buck21 (4,588,056 in chips)

Comandr_Cool won the next nine pots in a row, pushing the chip counts closer together; he now held 3.35 million to buck21's 3.8 million. Buck21, however, made up a lot of ground in this hand, when he flopped two pair against Comandr_Cool's top pair:

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Buck21 was up to 4.5 million and Comandr_Cool down to 2.6 million after that hand. He continued pulling away as dawn broke over the west coast of the U.S. and as the tournament crossed the 19-hour mark, he held a 5.8 million to 1.4 million chip lead over Comandr_Cool.

buck21 said, "19 hrs lol"
buck21 said, "grindinggg"

Buck21 whittled Comandr_Cool down to under a million in chips as heads-up play entered its second hour. Victor Ramdin stopped by to check out the action and buck21 clued the Team PokerStars Pro in on his secret formula for stamina.

VictorRamdin said, "does any one need a cup of coffee"
buck21 said, "on my 4th red bull lol"

Buck21 managed to keep Comandr_Cool under control for quite a while, but Comandr_Cool ground his way back up to 2 million in chips before retaking the chip lead on this hand:

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The two were dead even again, with Comandr_Cool holding 3.599 million to buck21's 3.556 million as the twentieth hour of play concluded. When they returned from their five-minute break, however, it only took four more hands of play before we crowned a champion.

Holding just over 4 million in chips to buck21's 3.1 million, Comandr_Cool called buck21's 77,000 raise and they saw a T♥8♣3♣ flop. Comandr_Cool led out for 105,000 and buck21 called. The turn came the J♦ and Comandr_Cool fired again, making it 245,000 to go. Buck21 looked him up and they went to the river, which fell the 5♥. Comandr_Cool loaded a third bullet and bet 630,000 only to be met with an all-in reraise from buck21. He quickly called, turning over 9♦7♦ for a straight to the jack, crushing buck21, who turned over A♠K♠ for ace high. Once down more than 10-1 in chips against buck21, Comandr_Cool completed a stunning come-from-behind victory, earning a SCOOP title and $183,060. For his runner-up finish, buck21 collected $137,925.

SCOOP Event #3-High, $530 6-max NLHE with Rebuys results

1. Corey "Comandr_Cool" Burbick ($183,060)
2. Shawn "buck21" Buchanan ($137,925)
3. e1mdopp ($101,700)
4. Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi ($71,190)
5. Jason "JP OSU" Potter ($50,850)
6. jvans ($30,510)

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP