SCOOP: delysid wins 4 times to capture Event 16-L, $22 NLHE [4x Shootout]

scoop2009_th.gifIt's a simple concept. Win your first table, make the money. Win your second table, make the next money rung. Win your third table and there's only one more table to go.

By the time the final table of Event 16-Low started, each of the ten players seated at the table was a winner three times over. Three times, each player sat down at a ten-handed table and played a single-table, no-limit hold'em freezeout. Three times, each player won. But down to the final ten out of a starting 8,504, only one would be able to pull off the feat a fourth time. That player would be the Event 16-Low champion and would leave with almost $27,000 on a $22 buy-in.

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"My god.What a match," said majscht, the last of the ten finalists to make the final table. majscht's opponent, seismic9, was all in with the worst of it four times before finally busting.

Start off slow

As you'd expect for a small buy-in tournament with a lot of money on the line, the final shootout table started cautiously. lostrom was the first player to take a significant hit after floating the flop with air and then bluff-raising a turned straight draw. The straight draw didn't hit on the river, and even worse for lostrom was that the lone other player in the hand, kalixalven, had pocket aces and didn't fold.

bil667766 also suffered an early setback after a four-way min-raised flop of 5♠ 6♣ 9♣. bil667766 check-called 300 chips from mcf1sh, another 540 on the J♣ turn, and then 1,380 on the 9♦ river. mcf1sh showed down a full house, 6♠ 9♠, to claim the pot and knock bil667766 below 2,000 in chips.

The two short stacks, lostrom and bil667766, went to war an orbit later. bil667766 opened the button to 180, then snap-called after lostrom jammed for 1,591. bil667766 had Big Slick, A♣ K♠, that turned an ace against lostrom's Q♠ T♠. That left lostrom drawing dead to a 10th-place finish.

While the other players treaded water, kalixalven continued to chip up. Of particular note was a hand in which kalixalven four-bet shoved a flop of 8♦ 7♠ 3♥ against Jarfish. Jarfish declined to call the all in, allowing kalixalven to crest 10,000 in chips unmolested.

bil667766, back to a healthy stack, took a very unfortunate bat against delysid. The two got all the chips - 4,500 worth - in the middle on a flop of 4♣ 2♠ J♣. delysid had flopped top pair, J♥ A♣, but bil667766 was in there with a surprising two queens, Q♥ Q♦. The bad news for bil667766 was that the board came running clubs to give delysid a flush and the pot. The loss left bil667766 with just 651 chips. bil66766 busted in 9th place a short time later by running into aces.

Saa29 caught a piece of very bad luck to finish in 8th place. Saa29 was dealt Q♥ Q♦ at the same time that Rockfish_UK was dealt K♣ K♦. You can imagine what happened. Raise, re-raise, 4-bet, all in, call. Roll out an 8-high board and send Saa29 to the rail.

Settle in for the long haul

If this had been a football match, the next hour would have been described as a battle for field position. The players jockeyed and grappled with raises and three-bets, trying to accumulate precious chips before the blinds started to push the pace along. There were a few double-ups and a few bad beats along the way. Jarfish doubled through majscht when queens held against Big Slick; delysid doubled through 1JC1 when jacks out-flopped aces; and 1JC1 paid the favor forward to kalixalven by spiking an ace on the river with A♥ 4♦ after kalixalven flopped a pair with K♣ 9♣.

The beats didn't end there for kalixalven. At the 250 and 500 level, kalixalven opened for 699 pre-flop and was called by mcf1sh out of the big blind. mcf1sh check-called another 750 on an all-small flop, 2♦ 5♦ 4♦. mcf1sh then led the 6♥ turn for 1,750. The chips were all soon in. kalixalven had a pair, A♦ 4♠; mcf1sh had a 6-high straight with 3♥ 2♥. The river paired the board.

But that just meant it was kalixalven's turn to double-up, doing so twice in short succession to climb back to 8,000 chips - and making the short stacks 7 for 7 in all-in situations since the elimination of Saa29. At some point a short stack was going to bust. It wound up being 1JC1. delysid opened for 900, then called 1JC1's 2,850-chip shove. It was a flip, delysid showing pocket sevens against 1JC1's Big Slick. This time, a seven on the flop basically ended the hand and sent 1JC1 to the rail.

Start to apply pressure

That was the first of several flips that narrowed the field. The next involved a battle of fish, Rockfish_UK and Jarfish, and a dramatic river card:

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Jarfish tagged the next elimination as well, by flopping a set of eights to take out majscht after all the chips went in pre-flop. After 2.5 hours of relatively even play, there was suddenly a chip leader. Jarfish had half the chips; kalixalven had a quarter; and the other quarter was distributed between delysid and mcf1sh. Jarfish went for the kill against kalixalven on another flip, Big Slick against pocket jacks, but kalixalven flopped a third jack to double up and take over the chip lead.

For delysid and mcf1sh, it seemed like merely a matter of time. Blinds went up to 200 and 400 while their stacks each simultaneously dipped below 4,000. mcf1sh shoved first, moving in over kalixalven's open-raise with 8♠ 6♦. kalixalven snap-called with a medium ace A♠ 9♥ and collected the pot after neither player hit the board.

Sprint to the finish

Three handed there was a surprising hand played between Jarfish and kalixalven, with delysid (and kalixalven) no doubt begging for a diamond:

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delysid refused to go gently into that good night, staying level at around 4,000 chips until catching a nice double-up with A♠ 2♣ against Jarfish's K♠ 6♠ when an ace flopped. That double-up gave delysid the slightest of space in which to work - 20 big blinds' worth of space.

But it didn't mean much when kalixalven started winning almost every pot - 10 of 13 at one point - to climb to 34,000 chips. Jarfish and delysid both looked like they were just trying to hang on and outlast the other player. It was Jarfish that lost the grip first, raising all in for 9,500 with A♥ 3♦. kalixalven had opened with pocket fives and made the quick call. There was no short stack survival on a board of 6♣ 7♥ T♠ 9♥ J♦. Jarfish exited in third place, leaving delysid and kalixalven to battle for the SCOOP title.

kalixalven started with a 4-to-1 chip lead but delysid quickly turned the tide, first by rivering two pair against kalixalven's turned two pair and then when A♣ K♥ held up against A♠ J♥ on a T♠ 5♠ 3♠. Brick turn and river cards gave delysid the 2-to-1 chip lead. But kalixalaven returned the favor, getting the chips in bad on a flop of 7♠ 6♦ 2♥ with pocket fives. Delysid called with the best hand, 7♣ A♠, but the board came running 9♣ 8♠ to bail out kalixalven with a straight.

Two hands later the chips were in again. delysid was the short stack, with about 10,000, and showed down pocket threes. Kalixalven tabled A♣ T♦. delysid spiked a three on the flop, and a good thing - the turn and river were once again runners for kalixalven, T♥ and A♦. Play continued, with delysid scrambling back up to 20,000 in chips.

The hand that decided the match was probably the sickest hand of the final table:

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A crippled kalixalven was eliminated the very next hand when 9♦ T♥ couldn't run down K♠ 5♣. It was surely a bittersweet finish for kalixalven, who had been one slim draw away from being the champion of this event. Instead that honor went to delysid after an incredibly hard-fought heads-up battle.

SCOOP Event 16-Low $22 No-Limit Hold'em [4x Shootout] results:

1st place: delysid ($26,794.80)
2nd place: kalixalven ($19,559.20)
3rd place: Jarfish ($14,882.00)
4th place: mcf1sh ($10,630.00)
5th place: majscht ($6,803.20)
6th place: Rockfish_UK ($5,102.40)
7th place: 1JC1 ($3,911.84)
8th place: Saa29 ($2,806.32)
9th place: bil667766 ($1,955.92)
10th place: lostrom ($1105.52)

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP