SCOOP: DJ_PissedOFF in good mood after triumph in Event #3-Low

SCOOP logo.gifIt featured the lowest buy-in -- technically speaking -- of all 114 SCOOP events. Just $5.50 got one a seat into Event No. 3-L, a 6-max., no-limit hold'em event. But one could spend still more. Lots more. This was a re-buy event, with unlimited re-buys for $5 a pop during the first hour (for 3,000 chips), plus the choice to take the add-on (5,000 chips) for another five spot.

In all, 24,162 players found their way to this one. There would be 40,279 re-buys during that first hour, plus another 16,336 add-ons afterward, altogether building a hefty $403,885 prize pool, well above the quarter million dollar guarantee. The top 4,200 finishers would cash, with the first to make it into the money earning $24.23, while the last player standing stood to gain $45,026.72.

It took about five hours to reach the cash bubble, at which point barry_dread, KarliTheNuts, and Tigerspot were atop the chip counts. Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari was also then on the front page of the leaderboard in 19th. A thousand more players would hit the rail over the next half-hour. At the six-hour mark, another thousand had skedaddled. With 2,200 players remaining, cornflakes89 was in lead, with only Thomas Bichon, George "Jorj95" Lind III, and Akkari left of Team PokerStars.

Akkari would eventually bust in 1,733rd for a modest cash of $44.42. At the 7 hr., 20 min. mark, 1000 players were left, with DaMethod in the chip lead, followed by Beefarm and skinner1412. With 500 left, Walking had moved out in front with 2.46 million, and would maintain his lead over the next couple of hours. Meanwhile, Thomas Bichon was approaching the top 20, with Lind still there in 124th. With 250 players left, Bichon had moved into the top 10, while Lind had cracked the top 100.

Lind would bust in 170th (for $210.02), however. With 100 left, jojobegood was in first with almost 12 million chips, followed by Gags 30, crstle, cacestbonca, and English lain. Bichon would eventually fall down the leaderboard as well, and then out in 83rd place ($323.10).


Thomas Bichon

As more players were eliminated, the chip stacks became ever more gaudy, with the average stack exceeding 10 million chips with 27 players remaining. With 15-minute levels, however, the average tended to hover around 40-45 big blinds. That fact, along with the short-handed play, meant players -- especially those with below average stacks -- generally found it needful to continue to push the action, and thus the field continued to shrink at a reasonable pace.

By the time the field had been whittled down to 10, they had been going at it for 14-and-a-half hours. Jundawomg led the way with 63.6 million, followed by jojobegood with 61.2 million and fres fish with 36.2 million. Steve "gboro780" Gross would go out in 10th ($1,716.51), followed by moertelmu in ninth, Houtenaar in eighth, and Gags30 in seventh (all of whom earned $2,423.31). At last, with the blinds just about to increase to a whopping 500,000/1,000,000 (with a 125,000 ante), the final six-handed table was set:


Seat 1: N1GhtFoX -- 31,390,971
Seat 2: Jundawomg -- 110,505,327
Seat 3: DJ_PissedOFF -- 56,103,297
Seat 4: jojobegood -- 38,233,742
Seat 5: fres fish -- 19,186,779
Seat 6: RukiCBC -- 19,582,884

Early on at the final table, N1GhtFoX was all in preflop with pocket kings against chip leader Jundawomg's pocket aces, but spiked a king on the river to survive. Jundawomg was quickly back in action, open-raising to 2.5 million from the hijack seat. DJ_PissedOFF reraised to 12 million -- a little less than half his stack -- and it folded to fres fish who pushed all in for 23,548,558 from the small blind. Jundawomg folded, but DJ_PissedOFF made the call, showing 2♣2♥ versus fres fish's A♣K♦. The board ran out 8♣4♣9♠T♠6♥ and the deuces held, sending fres fish up the creek in sixth.

Not long after, with the blinds now 700,000/1,400,000, DJ_PissedOFF raised from UTG to 2.8 million, and jojobegood shoved all in for 16,377,449. It folded back to DJ_PissedOFF who called with K♦J♦, behind jojobegood's A♠7♣. But the flop came 2♦K♠T♥, giving DJ_PissedOFF the advantage. The turn was the 5♦ and the river the 4♠, and jojobegood was out in fifth.

After a few more hands the four remaining players all had chip stacks within the 60-80 million range, at which point all wanted to discuss a deal. After an agreeable, brief conversation, all four quickly agreed to take $25,000 each and leave another $6.619.18 to the eventual winner.

The blinds had now reached 1 million/2 million, with an ante of 250,000 (no shinola!). N1GhtFoX opened with a raise to 6 million from UTG, and DJ_PissedOFF reraised to 22 million from the SB. It folded back to N1GhtFoX who pushed all in for 57,183,777, and DJ_PissedOFF made the call. N1GhtFoX showed T♠T♣ and DJ_PissedOFF had A♣4♣. The flop came 5♥Q♣K♥ and the turn the 7♣, keeping N1GhtFoX in front. But the A♠ on the river sent N1GhtFoX scurrying into the evening in fourth.

Jundawomg held the lead with almost 145 million chips, while DJ_PissedOFF was up close to 83 million chips, RukiCBC third with 47.1 million. The latter two would soon get involved in a huge hand that went as follows. DJ_PissedOFF opened with a raise to 8 million from the small blind, and RukiCBC called from the BB. The flop came J♥Q♠J♠. DJ_PissedOFF continued for 10 million, and RukiCBC called. The turn was the 5♣, and again RukiCBC called DJ_PissedOFF's 10 million bet. The river brought the A♣. This time DJ_PissedOFF bet 14 million, RukiCBC raised all in to 18,920,252, and DJ_PissedOFF called. RukiCBC had J♣T♣ for trip jacks, but DJ_PissedOFF's K♣T♠ gave him a straight, knocking RukiCBC out in third.

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Jundawomg still held the lead at the start of heads-up play with 144,605,176 to DJ_PissedOFF's 130,397,824. The pair would only play seven hands before it was all over, with DJ_PissedOFF winning all but one of those hands.

On the last hand of the night, DJ_PissedOFF opened with a raise to 10 million from the small blind/button, and Jundawomg called. The flop came K♠8♦J♥. Jundawomg checked, DJ_PissedOFF bet 10 million, Jundawomg raised to 38 million, DJ_PissedOFF reraised to 70 million, Jundawomg pushed all in, and DJ_PissedOFF called. Jundawomg showed 8♥K♥ for two pair, while DJ_PissedOFF had K♣Q♥ for kings only. The turn was the 9♣, but the J♦ on the river paired the board and gave DJ_PissedOFF the better hand and the title.

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SCOOP Event #3-Low No-Limit Hold'em, 6-Max., rebuys results (*reflects four-way deal):
1st place: DJ_PissedOFF ($31,619.18)*
2nd place: Jundawomg ($25,000)*
3rd place: RukiCBC ($25,000)*
4th place: N1GhtFoX ($25,000)*
5th place: jojobegood ($5,452.44)
6th place: fres fish ($3,130.10)

Congratulations to DJ_PissedOFF for coming out on top of a massive field of 24,162 to take it down. For more news on all things SCOOP, check back here on the blog as well as over on the SCOOP site for schedules, results, and more.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP