SCOOP: DonkPredator's Fixed Limit Feast; Wins Event #32-L $55 FLHE 6-Max

scoop2009_thn.gif "Limit hold'em is a science and no-limit is an art form."

The premier NL players consider themselves true artists like Picasso and Miles Davis. In cooking terms, they are celebrity chefs whipping up exotic meals in swanky eateries, while their limit hold'em counterparts are humping the lunch shift at Subway grinding out generic sandwich after sandwich.

Limit hold'em is not particularly sexy, but for many online grinders it more than pays the bills. If you ask me, limit hold'em is similar to playing poker like a robot -- the majority of your moves are automatic, mechanical, and rote. Your choices are limited to fold, call, or raise. Even a monkey can do it. Not that I've ever actually seen a monkey play online poker, but sometimes you have to wonder if there's a primate on the other end making a horrendous call and sucking out on you.

Because of the mechanical nature of limit hold'em, it's simply not as sultry and deviant as a walk on the wild side with NL. However, short-handed limit hold'em is an entirely different beast. More hands and faster action at a 6-max table makes the tournament format more exciting than usual full ring limit, and yet not as volatile as NL.

The "low" event attracted 2,246 runners who generated a $112,300 prize pool. First place paid out $17,688.08, and the top 330 players were awarded prize money.

Dutch pro Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis won the Team PokerStars last longer. He was the only Team Pro to cash in this event when he finished in 248th place. Fellow Team Pros, Tony Hachem and Anders "Donald" Berg, both busted just before the money.

The money bubble burst 4 hours and 20 minutes into the tournament, but not everything was irie for MarleyGroup, who blazed out in 331st place.

Notables cashing in Event #32-L included... Jennicide (263rd), MrSmokey1 (110th), rkruok (102nd), D.Nowitzki (38th), and locoenlacabeza (27th).

Turn in Hell for Floppinhel

With seven players to go, one of the final two tables was playing three-handed where Floppinhel found himself the short-stack against two of the biggest stacks left in the event. He opened to 160,000 and DonkPredator defended his big blind. The flop was K♦6♣2♣. DonkPredator checked, floppinhel bet 80,000, DonkPredator check-raised to 160,000, floppinhel three-bet, DonkPredator capped it at 320,000, and floppinhel called. The turn was the 6♥. DonkPredator bet 160,000, and floppinhel called all-in for his last 28,608.

DonkPredator: 7♦6♦
floppinhel: K♠9♣

Floppinhel was ahead on the flop, but his kings were chased down by a hellish turn which gave DonkPredator trips. The 9♥ gave floppinhel two-pair, but it was not sufficient. He bubbled off the final table in 7th place.

The Final Table


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: DiggNitty (890,880)
Seat 2: He1en ke11er (1,721,180)
Seat 3: DonkPredator (4,802,252)
Seat 4: icallseat3 (2,164,032)
Seat 5: HeyGuyRH (860,976)
Seat 6: gia155 (790,680)

Lex Veldhuis was the host and he welcomed everyone to the table. Icallseat3 wondered, "Does the winner of this get a watch or something?"

The answer was no. However, with the $17K first place prize, the winner could easily afford a new watch.

HeyGuyRH with Quick Bye-Bye in 6th

The seats weren't even warm yet before we had our first exit of the final table.

HeyGuyRH raised to 160,000. DiggNitty three-bet, and HeyGuyRH called. The flop was J♣3♠4♠. DiggNitty bet 80,000, and HeyGuyRH called. The turn was the 2♥. DiggNitty bet 160,000, HeyGuyRH raised to 320,000, DiggNitty three-bet to 480,000. HeyGuyRH shoved for 540,976. DiggNitty called.

DiggNitty: K♦K♣
HeyGuyRH: J♥T♥

DiggNitty was ahead with Kings, which held up when the 8♦ on the river did not help HeyGuyRH. For his sixth place finish, HeyGuyRH won $2,128.08.

DiggNitty Not Dug in Like an Alabama Tick; Busted in 5th

Short-stacked DiggNitty was the next player to make an exit. He opened for 200,000. DonkPredator raised to 300,000 and DiggNitty called. The flop was 7♦4♠2♥. DiggNitty checked, DonkPredator bet 100,000, DiggNitty check-raised to 200,000, and DonkPredator called. The turn was the K♥. DiggNitty bet 200,000, DonkPredator raised to 400,000, and DiggNitty called all-in for 131,856.

DiggNitty: K♦9♦
DonkPredator: A♠K♣

Both players had a pair of kings, but DonkPredator's Big Slick gave him top kicker. The river was the 5♣, and DonkPredator won the pot. DiggNitty busted out in 5th place, winning $3,930.50.

With four players to go, DonkPredator improved his big stack to almost 6 million.

Gia155 Out of Gas in 4th Place

The grind to stay alive became gia155's Herculean task with escalating blinds and a minuscule stack. He somehow doubled through DonkPredator's Q♣J♦ with 9♠8♦. But then, his luck would run out...

Icallseat3 opened to 200,000, gia155 raised to 300,000, and icallseat 3 called. The flop was A♥8♦3♠ and the betting was capped. The turn was the 4♦. Gia155 shoved for his last 12,720, and icallseat3 called.

gia155: A♣7♠
icallseat3: 4♥3♣

Although gia155 was ahead preflop and on the flop, icallseat3 took the lead on the turn with two-pair. The river was the Q♣, which did not help gia155. Icallseat3 won the pot and pushed his stack to over 4.5 million. Gia155 headed to the rail in 4th place, collecting $6,176.50.

No Miracles for He1en Ke11er; Eliminated in 3rd Place

Short-stacked He1en ke11er managed to stay alive with two timely double ups, but she was finally taken out by icallseat3 on a cooler. DonkPredator opened, icallseat3 raised, He1en ke11er shoved for 409,440. Both players called. The flop was J♠8♣4♥. Icallseat3 bet 120,000, and DonkPredator called. The turn was the 9♥, icallseat3 bet 240,000, and DonkPredator folded. Icallseat3 won the 240,000 side pot.

icallseat3: A♠A♦
He1en ke11er: Q♠Q♣

The river was not a miracle worker for He1en ke11er. The 8♦ fell sealed the pot for icallseat3, and He1en ke11er was out in 3rd place with a $9,545.50 payday.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 3: DonkPredator (6,117,408)
Seat 4: icallseat3 (5,112,592)

The final two were relatively close in chips consider the blinds were approaching ridiculous levels. DonkPredator struck first blood and won the first hand of heads-up with trip jacks. It was essentially all downhill for icallseat3 from there.

"I ain't got time to bleed"

Icallseat3 lost a decisive hand where he missed a flush draw against DonkPredator's trip deuces. DonkPredator faded the diamond draw and dragged a 2.88 million pot. Before the hand, he was only ahead by 2 million in chips, however, after the hand,he increased his lead to 5 million.

DonkPredator smelled blood and went in for the kill. He won 9 hands in a row by agressively bombarding and blitzing icallseat3's gaunt stack. Unable to get any momentum going with a dead run of cards, icallseat3 was looking at a 10-1 chip disadvantage.

On the 20th hand of heads-up play, DonkPredator delivered the fatal blow. Icallseat3 raised to 320,000, and DonkPredator called. The flop was 8♠4♠2♥. DonkPredator checked-called a 160,000 bet from icallseat3. The turn was the 9♠. DonkPredator checked, icallseat3 bet 320,000, DonkPredator check-raised to 640,000, and icallseat3 called all-in for 312,592.

DonkPredator: J♠8♥
icallseat3: shows Q♣8♣

Although icallseat3 was ahead with a pair of queens and a better kicker, DonkPredator turned a spade flush redraw. The 7♠ spiked on the river, and icallseat3 got flushed out. DonkPredator won the pot, knocking Icallseat3 out in second place.

DonkPredator shipped the event and took home $17,688.08. Icallseat3 won $12,914.50 for his runner-up performance.

You can check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer...

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

"I have NEVER played FLH before," claimed DonkPredator in the chat, as he fieled a round of congratulations.

Whether you believe him or not... it's up to you. One thing is for sure, DonkPredator is your 2010 SCOOP FLHE 6-max champion.

SCOOP Event #32-L $55 FLHE 6-Max - Final Table Results:
1. DonkPredator - $17,688.08
2. Scott "icallseat3" Sitron - $12,914.50
3. He1en Ke11er - $9,545.50
4. gia155 - $6,176.50
5. DiggNitty - $3,930.50
6. HeyGuyRH - $2,128.08

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