SCOOP: Event #35-L $270 Heads-Up NL - Day 1 Recap: Down to 64

scoop2009_thn.gifCan you win 11 consecutive heads-up matches spread out over two days? The lucky soul who overcomes that arduous feat will gain recognition as the next SCOOP heads-up champion.

The "low" buy-in for Event #35 $270 Heads-Up match play championship expected to draw a huge field, which is why it the tournament was broken up into two days. The 1,522 player field included the top HU specialists in the game, not too mention a slew of Team PokerStars Pros.

The total prize pool was $358,000. The top 256 places paid out with min-cash of $380.50 First place will be paid out $64,685. The lucky Final 4 players are guaranteed at least a $20,297.50 score.

Day 1's action saw the field play down from 1,522 to the final 64. On day 2, the final 64 will rumble until one one player is left standing.

Starting stacks were set at 10,000 in chips to start. Players do not get to keep their chips when you advance. Stacks reset to 10,000.

Round 1 Highlights: From 1,522 to 1,024

1,522 is a number that was not a power of two, which meant that almost 1/3 of field drew a bye in the first round. Among those fortunate players with a free pass were Team PokerStars Pros Nichoel "NicP" Peppe, Chris Moneymaker, Jason Mercier, Gavin Griffin, Anders "Donald" Berg, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Thierry van den Berg, Karlo Lopez, Tae Joon Noh, Ruben "rubenrtv" Visser, Florian Langmann, and Hevad Khan.

Other notable players getting a first round bye included David Williams, jennicide, Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko, The Camel, Peter "belabacci" Traply, fatalError, The Grinder, Brock Parker, 00psiedaisy, gipsy74, THAY3R, Peter "nordberg" Feldman, fabsoul, teacuppoker, and rkruok.

Quickies: Although the longest heads-up match clocked in at over 2 hours, a couple of matches were decided within the first few hands. Players quickly crushing their opening round opponents included: Sowerss, ilushan, Mattraq1, loooseslots, Maskus, realos5, Becker702, bostanu24, ZedBranigan, nasud 11, yellow trap, skjetten, knisterboy, and Dealthecards.

Team PokerStars Pros Bustouts: The unlucky few who failed to get out of the first round included Barry Greenstein, Noah Boeken, stevebets, Veronica Dabul, Victor Ramdin, AABenjaminAA, Matthias de Meulder, and Lex Veldhuis.

Notable Bustouts: Alex "TIJO" Brenes, djk123, stevie444, RandALLin, VietCutie, thedonator, and SirWatts.

Team PokerStars Pros Advancing to Round 2: Anders "Donald" Berg, Vicky Coren, Jan Heitmann, George Danzer, and George "jorgj95" Lind III.

Notables Advancing to Round 2: Shaun Deeb, shaniac, kleath, apestyles, "Dumping"KGB, Chris Moorman, kwob20, tcblade, floes, gordo16, PiKappaRaider, and Jesper_H.

* * *

Round 2 Highlights: From 1,024 to 512

Quickies: A few players took very little time to dispose of their opponents and advance to the next round. Those players included... ClutchCity08, ImaLuckSac, jeffonx, Napoleons, Jossel2008, YEBOBOZ, and 1BigAceHole.

Vicky Coren ran her top pair of queens into a set of sevens, which led to her demise. Her fellow Team Pro, George Danzer, participated in one of the longest heads-up bouts of Day 1. Clocking it at over 2 hours, reelhugefish finally defeated Danzer to advance to Round 3.

Notable Eliminations in Round 2: Chris Moneymaker, Anders "Donald" Berg, Vickey Coren, George Danzer, F.Langmann, Ruben Visser, Theirry van den Berg, Karlo Lopez, Sowerss, Brock Parker, shaniac, AMAK316, apestyles, David Williams, The Camel, floes, rkruok, Moorman1, ilushan, gipsy74, DuckU, fabsoul, Jesper_H, Gigabet, and The Grinder.

Team PokerStars Pros Advancing to Round 3: Sebastian Ruthenberg, Gavin Griffin, George "jorj95" Lind III, Jason Mercier, NicP, Hevad Khan, Tae Joon Noh, and Jan Heitmann.

Notables Advancing to Round 3: "Dumping"KGB, McMang, kwob20, PiKappaRaider, Shaun Deeb, ags104, gordo16, jennicide, RunThisTable, Jovial Gent, TMay420, Andy McLEOD, belabacsi, Christina Lindley, tcblade, FatalError, MrSmokey1, 00psiedaisy, micon, teacuppoker, and THAY3R.

* * *

Round 3 Highlights: From 512 to 256

Quickies: McNiller, GGgrampGreed, Faith666, SebbyGl all won their matches faster than you can recite the alphabet.

Notable Eliminations in Round 3: Jason Mercier, Gavin Griffin, Jan Heitmann, kwob20, FatalError, THAY3R, Christina Lindley, Tmay420, micon, and Jovial Gent.

Team Pros Advancing to Round 4: Jorj95, NicP, Tae Joon Noh, Sebastian Ruthenberg, and Hevad Khan.

Notables Advancing to Round 4: PiKappaRaider, Shaun Deeb, kleath, Andy McLEOD, MrSmokey1, belabacsi, teaccuppoker, "Dumping"KGB, gordo16, jennicide, Jay Baggs, and RunThisTable.

* * *

Round 4 Highlights: From 256 to 128

The 256 remaining players who made it as far as Round 4 had guaranteed themselves a cash.

Quickies: Andy McLEOD, marcheese64, danylaroo2, skilled_sox, puffinmypurp, and MrSmokey1 all won their matches within a matter of minutes. MrSmokey1 made an astute call against Hevad Khan, in order to send him home. On a board of 7♠6♥J♠2♥7♣, Khan shoved for 4,375. MrSmokey1 called with only 8♣8♠, which were good enough to win the pot against Khan's river shove with Q♦8♦. Khan hit the road in 251st place.

The Following Notable Players Busted Out During Round 4 and Won $380.50: Sebastian Ruthenberg (253rd), Hevad Khan (251st), jennicide (236th), kleath (233rd), PiKappRaider (208th), Jorj95 (191st), Roxx Box (186th), Shaun Deeb (168th), "Dumping"KGB (156th), and sketcky1 (150th).

George "Jorj95" Lind III's run ended when he failed to beat pokerjohn212. Jorj95 had flopped a straight with T♦7♣ on a 9♠8♦6♦ board. He and his opponent got it all-in when the 6♠ fell on the turn. Pokerjohn212 checked, Jorj95 bet 500, pokerjohn212 check-raised to 1,500, Jorj95 shoved for 7,040, and pokerjohn212 had him covered so he just called. Pokerjohn212 held a straight-flush draw with 9♦7♦. He didn't make that hand, but he improved to a flush when the 3♦ spiked on the river. Jorj95 was flushed out in 191st place.

Team Pros Advancing to Round 5: NicP and Tae Joon Noh

Notables Advancing to Round 5: MrSmokey1, gordo16, Andy McLEOD, teacuppoker, RunThisTable, belabacsi, StatusUp, and Jay Baggs.

NicP.JPGNichoel "NicP" Peppe

* * *

Round 5 Highlights: From 128 to 64

The fifth round marked the final round of the day, before action would be paused and the final 64 finishing up tomorrow. Players failing to advance were guaranteed a $761 payout.

Quickies: roo_400 and GRMNPS demolished their opponents, like a starving fat kid eating an entire cherry pie for breakfast.

Notables Advancing to the Round of 64 and Day 2: Tae Joon Noh, Peter "belabacsi" Traply, MrSmokey1, kiaser, Jason "StatusUp" Lavallee, teacuppoker, gordo16, And Andy McLEOD.

Tae Joon Noh won the Team PokerStars last longer, and became the only Team Pro to advance to Day 2. On the final hand, he had over a 4-1 advantage in chips when he defended his big blind to a raise from PureCash25. The flop was Q♠4♣3♠. Tae Joon Noh checked, PureCash25 bet 190, and Tae Joon Noh called. The turn was the 8♦. Tae Joon Noh checked, PureCash25 bet 480, and Tae Joon Noh shoved for 16,365 (he had PureCash25 covered). PureCash25 called for the last of his chips.

Tae Joon Noh: J♠8♠
PureCash25: A♣4♠

PureCash25 was behind with a pair of fours, but Tae Joon Noh was ahead with a pair of eights a flush draw. The flush got there on the river, and Noh won the pot. PureCash25 was eliminated in 110th place.

The Following Notable Players Busted During Round 5 and Won $761: PureCash25 (110th), Bill Ivey (100th), Nichoel "NicP" Peppe (83rd), Andrew "RunThisTable" Licthenberger (81st), and Jay Bags (65th).

Nichoel "NicP" Peppe was trailing 2-1 in chips and looking to double up. She found a spot with A♣9♦ after calling an all-in against yannik94 K♣Q♦. However, the board ran out 2♣3♦3♥9♣K♦, and Peppe got ambushed on the river by trip kings.

You can view NicP's elimination hand in the snazzy replayer...

RSS readers must click through to view the replayer

Aaron "Jay Baggs" Lerner lost a flip early on in his match against ehle123, and found himself trialing the rest of the match. His match had the distinction of going the longest in Round 5. Simple put... if he won, he advanced to Day 2... and if he lost, he'd be miserable for the next day or so after busting out in 65th place.

Deep into Round 5, Jay Biggs found himself involved in a classic race during. His A♦K♦ needed some help against ehle123's 5♦5♣. Alas, none of it appeared when the board ran out J♥4♥2♣9♣7♦ and ehle123's pocket fives held up. Jay Biggs was crippled.

On his final hand, Jay Biggs made a stand with A♥J♥, but ran into K♦K♥. Jay Biggs bubbled off of Day 2 in 65th place.

* * *

Day 2 Preview

With 64 players remaining, Day 2 matches will kick off with Round 6 starting at 15:30 ET on Sunday. The most intriguing match-up features two WSOP bracelet winners at Table 24 -- Peter "Belabasci" Traply against Steve "MrSmokey1" Billirakis.

Here are the match-ups for Round 6:

Table 1: jackellwood vs. kiaser
Table 2: LockdownTex vs. Lordvoldalot
Table 3: *krasav4ik* vs. tRaMp$dPrAy
Table 4: drecster vs. strflushtome
Table 5: luckymax75 vs. Thiago3000
Table 6: BigFlopper01 vs.Doommy
Table 7: Fidget65 vs. gwaag
Table 8: ehle123 vs. GGgrampGreed
Table 9: fluddy85 vs. GordyLamb
Table 10: Foldager vs. SquintNGo
Table 11: brothajuice vs.ON_DA_GRYND
Table 12: thanksB vs. U_TILT_ME
Table 13: Akash2 vs. Faith666
Table 14: gordo16 vs. immer-voll
Table 15: SixthSenSe18 vs. StatusUp
Table 16: KingGorn vs. Ojeee
Table 17: P0KERDUUDE vs. yannik94
Table 18: PokinStaR vs. UhhMee
Table 19: A_Broholm vs. Team Poker Stars Pro Tae Joon Noh
Table 20: Andy McLEOD vs. frtk
Table 21: daPHUNNIEman vs. Spoetter
Table 22: di$a$ster vs. im#1gangster
Table 23: HC2006 vs. roo_400
Table 24: Belabasci vs. MrSmokey1
Table 25: BigRiskky vs. NBiggel
Table 26: GGAYCD vs. puffinmypurp
Table 27: Mastnosis vs. OOPUS170
Table 28: hibachi41 vs. Table41
Table 29: PokerSavage1 vs. pokthemonkey
Table 30: BUCKIZ6 vs. obywatel_g
Table 31: BadcardsAA vs. stevenvol
Table 32: C-J Rubin7 vs. teacuppoker

The Final 64 Payouts:
1st - $64,685
2nd - $34,245
3rd-4th - $20,927
5th-8th - $10,463.75
9th-16th - $3,424.50
17th-32nd - $2,283
33rd-64th - $1,141.50

Don't forget that play resumes at 15:30 ET. The final 64 will play down to a champion.

Head over to our SCOOP page to view results from all events, as well as information about this Sunday's Main Event. You can also check out the leaderboard.

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