SCOOP: Four leaf clover not needed for NEWYLUCK's Event #10-High victory

scoop2009_thn.gifIt's eight o'clock at the cabin and the last of the massive family dinner is being put away while the uncles are chatting on the front porch overlooking the lake until the sun gives way. Soon the circular table big enough for eight players is brought out and the rolls of quarters and change jars make their way to the overhanging felt. While the game of Seven Card Stud started in various locals, many people who still enjoy the subtle limit game started by playing with their families on a random Saturday night. Tonight's Event #10 Limit Stud was a similar intimate affair as 45 players lined up the $3,150 entry fee, most of them knowing each other from either online tourneys or live. But, they wouldn't be playing for quarters or dimes as $49,950.00 first place prize was considerably more than any amount of money a family kitchen table would find.

After checking yesterday to see who was playing in this event, only one name appeared, that was Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, who would also be one of the first to exit (43rd place). The big buy-in of course got the big names to drop by like David "WhooooKidd" Baker (42nd place) who took down SCOOP Event #19 last year, Matt Hoss_TBF Hawrilenko (39th place), Scott "Big Riskky" Clements (19th place), Dan "djk123" Kelly (26th place), Joe "Floes" Serock (15th place) who already has a 2010 SCOOP victory in Event #5-Medium, Brett "get crunk" Richey, villepn (who already has two final tables in High buy-in events in the 2010 SCOOP Event #4 and Event #5 and PokerStarsBlog's own Stud expert Adam "STUDstood" Roberts (check one one of his articles here).

The Team PokerStars pros also represented in the event by Barry "barryg1" Greenstein (32nd place), Sebastian Ruthenberg (34th place), George "Jorj95" Lind III (41st place), and Chad Brown (7th place).


Sebastian Ruthenberg: 34th place

With the short field, only six players would enjoy a chunk of the $135,000.00 prize pool but still managed to crack the $100,000.00 guarantee offered by PokerStars. Despite only 45 runners it would take seven and a half hours to reach the final table where there would be two more spots before breaking the money bubble:

SCOOP 10-H.jpg

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Seat 1: NEWYLUCK (31513 in chips)
Seat 2: 7CardRyon (30928 in chips)
Seat 3: get crunk (13526 in chips)
Seat 4: jmonnett (35026 in chips)
Seat 5: PokerGodZeus (19126 in chips)
Seat 6: STUDstood (27519 in chips)
Seat 7: ChadBrownPRO (8674 in chips)
Seat 8: adsonvonmelk (58688 in chips)

572 chips and a chair.

After being knocked down to just 572 chips, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown was looking at a near money bubble finish but managed to spike a flush on his next hand to extend his stay at the final table. Three hands later he would get buried tens to hold against a drawn pair of eights on fourth street against adsonvonmelk and run that chip stack back up to over 10,000 with betting limits at 600/1200 ante 120.

get crunk got sunk.

With just 1,526 chips and 600/1200 ante 120 limits, get crunk raised to 600 showing a T♠ on the door as jmonnett made it two bets with a J♦, back to get crunk who tossed in his remaining 206 chips as jmonnett made the call.

get crunk: K♦ Q♦ / T♣ A♠ 4♥ 9♠ / 3♥
jmonnett: K♠ Q♥ / J♦ A♥ J♣ 7♥ / J♠

Both had a king and queen buried but jmonnett was the only one to pair up, by hitting not one but two jacks for the winning trips and the 3,952 chip pot. No money for eighth place finisher Brett "get crunk" Richey who would have to find bling money in a different tourney.

At the five minute hour eight break here's how the players stacked up on the money bubble and limits moving to 800/1600 ante 160:

1. NEWYLUCK (66,773 in chips)
2. adsonvonmelk (41,940 in chips)
3. jmonnett (40,312 in chips)
4. STUDstood (26,539 in chips)
5. 7CardRyon (26,408 in chips)
6. ChadBrownPRO (15,144 in chips)
7. PokerGodZeus (7,844 in chips)

Chad Brown eliminated on the money bubble

After being knocked back down to just 2,504 chips, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown found a three-card straight flush to go with after three-betting the raise by STUDstood. Watch Chad's final hand of the tournament play out below:

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Roberts would overtake Brown's pair of eights caught on fifth, with a rivered seven earning the 6,848 chip pot thus sending the Team PokerStars Pro home with a final table appearance but no cash.


Chad Brown: 7th place

Money in the air as the limits move up.

1000/2000 ante 200 limits and the final six now were assured $7,425.00 as the chips flatted out a bit since the last raise in limits:

1. jmonnett (52,312 in chips)
2. NEWYLUCK (45,253 in chips)
3. adsonvonmelk (41,300 in chips)
4. STUDstood (31,523 in chips)
5. PokerGodZeus (27,844 in chips)
6. 7CardRyon (26,768 in chips)

All-ins but no blood.

STUDstood and 7CardRyon would find themselves all-in during the last level but managed to hang to their stacks as the players took a five minute break with limits moving up shortly after the break to 1200/2400 ante 240.

Both pair the river, but only one winner

With the new betting limits at 1200/2400 ante 240 7CardRyon was found with just 5,184 chips after nearly tripling up the previous hand, but losing a chunk of chips to NEWYLUCK the hand prior. Ace on the door for 7CardRyon was enough to push into a raising match with NEWYLUCK again to get all of those chips in the middle after fifth street.

NEWYLUCK: T♣ 9♣ / J♦ 6♣ 2♦
7CardRyon: 2♣ Q♣ / A♣ K♠ 8♦

Neither player had even a pair as sixth came down with a 5♣ for NEWYLUCK and 4♦ for 7CardRyon. Still no pairs as 7CardRyon's ace-high was looking good, but both would hit seventh as NEWYLUCK caught a 9♦ for a pair of nines as 7CardRyon caught one pip lower with the 8♥ for the losing pair of eights. The 12,048 chip pot went to NEWYLUCK as 7CardRyon finished in sixth place ($7,425.00).

Ad out

Limits still at 1200/2400 ante 240 adsonvonmelk was down to just over three BBs and found a T♠ on the door to complete with as PokerGodZeus made it two bets with a 3♥ and adsonvonmelk called to see a A♥ on fourth to PokerGodZeus' 7♦ both checked. 4♣ for PokerGodZeus and K♣ for adsonvonmelk got a bet and call to see sixth. Both would get a queen Q♥ for adsonvonmelk Q♣ for PokerGodZeus as adsonvonmelk put in the remaining 2228 chips as PokerGodZeus called.

PokerGodZeus: J♦ J♣ / 3♥ 7♦ 4♣ Q♥ / T♥
adsonvonmelk: 2♦ 2♣ / T♠ A♥ K♣ Q♣ / 4♥

Both started with a pair and ended with the same pair as PokerGodZeus' jacks trumped the ducks of adsonvonmelk ending his night in fifth place ($10,125.00).

Adam "STUDstood" Roberts out in fourth place

PokerGodZeus claimed in chat he never runs bad, watch the video below as testimony to that:

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Nines full of queens for the never run bad PokerGodZeus 9♣ K♠ / Q♦ 9♠ 5♠ 9♥ / Q♣ as STUDstood could only manage the split jacks he started with 8♥ J♣ / J♦ 9♦ 7♥ A♠ / 3♠. Fourth place finish ($13,500.00) for the PokerStarsBlog's authority on Stud.

Run bad is not in PokerGodZeus' vocabulary

PokerGodZeus' pleas for a chop continued to go unheard as jmonnett's chips continued to be disbursed to PokerGodZeus and NEWYLUCK. Betting limits now at 1600/3200 ante 320 jmonnett would get the rest of him 8,968 chip stack in the middle against PokerGodZeus on fifth street:

jmonnett: 2♠ 6♦ / T♠ 2♣ 7♥
PokerGodZeus: Q♠ 4♠ / 3♠ 5♠ 2♦

jmonnett had the only pair, but PokerGodZeus had a monster flush and open ended straight draw. jimonnett missed on sixth with a K♥ but PokerGodZeus would hit a pair of fives 5♥. On the river jimonnett would spike two pair 6♠ but PokerGodZeus just does not run bad and managed to hit a wheel A♣ sending jmonnett home in third place ($20,250.00).

Start of heads-up play:

NEWYLUCK (155,634 in chips)
PokerGodZeus (69,366 in chips)

Despite knocking out the last two players, PokerGodZeus would enter heads-up play at a little more than 2:1 chip disadvantage. Plenty of play remained for the pair as the limits would start at 1600/3200 ante 320.

And what a finish it was. PokerGodZeus made good on the claim about not running bad, over and over and over. Several times NEWYLUCK would have his opponent all-in in this lengthy heads-up battle but just couldn't put PokerGodZeus away. Perhaps it was some mythological luck or skill but in any regards PokerGodZeus played tough in never giving up despite NEWYLUCK not requishing the lead once during heads-up play.

The title of SCOOP champion would come down to this hand during the 3000/6000 ante 600 betting level (using some fuzzy math, we started at the 1600/3200 ante 320 level making this heads-up play around 1.5 to 2 hours):

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$100,000 Guarantee SCOOP Event #10-H Limit Stud Results:
2. PokerGodZeus (Lafayette Hill) $33,750.00
3. jmonnett (Palmdale) $20,250.00
4. Adam "STUDstood" Roberts (Los Angeles) $13,500.00
5. adsonvonmelk (Zurich) $10,125.00
6. 7CardRyon (Portland) $7,425.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP