SCOOP: fwilliams007 beats the Living Daylights out of Event #31-L field

SCOOP logo.gifJust another humble little 10,000-plus player tourney to report for you. Another one of those somebody-is-gonna-turn-a-few-bucks-into-a-few-thousand type deals.

A total of 10,517 entered Event #31-Low, which had a $22 buy-in plus opportunities for one re-buy and one add-on. Those entrants together took 7,171 re-buys and 6,166 add-ons, making a total prize pool of $477,060 -- nearly twice the $250,000 guarantee. The top 1,530 finishers made the money, with first place scheduled to earn $66,365.84. If the winner took one re-buy and one add-on, that person would be taking away around 1,000 times what he or she put into this sucker. Not bad at all.

It took about five hours and 20 minutes for the money bubble to burst, and shortly thereafter -- with 1,500 remaining -- cjag21 held the chip lead followed by Tacksåmycket, Soterfelf, jochie84, Lucky Luc78. A little past the eight-hour mark there were 200 players remaining, with AtrophiedFin having climbed to the top of the leaderboard, followed by Magnetiseur, ratboy x, 7plowboy7, and Khanychev.

At that juncture, the lone PokerStars pro remaining in the field was Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli, a member PokerStars' Team Online. "I've been shortstacking this tourney for 3 hours or so," noted the law school graduate from Brazil in the chatbox amid a conversation with II Gus II just before the latter was ousted in 136th. Indeed, Brunelli had been sitting with a below average stack for much of the post-bubble-bursting period.


Team PokerStars Pro Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli

Finally Brunelli was forced to shove his less-than-ten-big-blinds stack with Q♥J♠ only to run into souli3 in the big blind with A♦Q♦. The board ran out ten-high, and Brunelli was out in 103rd for a cash of $381.64.

After 11 hours, just 25 remained, with ROUNDSKY on top with 3.79 million, Rasdam next with 3.54 million, and chicagoali with 3.07 million. One hour later they were down to ten-handed, with ROUNDSKY now up to 15.1 million, Rasdam still in second with 10.9 million, and Come on K#48 coming on with almost 7.9 million. Soon ErikXP was eliminated in 10th, and the final nine readied for battle:


Seat 1: DraregNevets -- 2,820,173
Seat 2: dbossie -- 4,927,758
Seat 3: ROUNDSKY -- 17,532,291
Seat 4: ccel11 -- 6,882,828
Seat 5: Come on K#48 -- 7,925,345
Seat 6: fwilliams007 -- 6,924,599
Seat 7: sickotic -- 5,946,367
Seat 8: Emmess23 -- 7,705,789
Seat 9: Rasdam -- 10,893,850

With the blinds 70,000/140,000 (17,500 ante), sickotic raised to 560,000 from middle position, and only Rasdam called from the hijack seat. The flop came 9♠9♦K♥. sickotic continued for 840,000, and Rasdam called. The turn was the 6♣ and again sickotic bet, this time 1.26 million. Rasdam again called. The river brought the J♦. This time sickotic checked, Rasdam bet 3.22 million, and sickotic called with his last 3,136,367, showing A♦K♠ for kings and nines. Alas, Rasdam had flopped quads with 9♣9♥, and sickotic was the first to go from the final table.

It was the next level (80,000/160,000/20,000) when Rasdam opened with a raise to 640,000 from middle position, then ccel11 reraised all in from the small blind for 3,197,328. Rasdam showed A♦T♣ and ccel11 K♣J♦. The board ran out 6♥5♥8♦8♠6♣, and ccel11 was gone in eighth.

Next it was dbossie open-showing for 2,595,258 from the small blind with K♣9♥, only to have ROUNDSKY calling him from the BB with K♥Q♥. Five cards later -- 4♣J♠8♠2♣5♣ -- and just six players remained.

DraregNevets had nursed a short stack for quite some time until finally having to push all in for 2,400,924 from middle position. Again ROUNDSKY was the one doing the calling, showing K♣Q♥ to DraregNevets' A♦9♠. The flop was safe for the shorter stack -- 4♦T♦6♦ -- and indeed took a couple of ROUNDSKY's outs away by giving DraregNevets a flush draw. But the Q♣ popped out on the turn, giving ROUNDSKY the lead. The river 5♣ sealed it, and DraregNevets was out in sixth.

The blinds had moved up to 150,000/300,000 (37,500 ante), and Rasdam had pushed out in front with more than 26 million, followed by fwilliams007 with 20.5 million, and ROUNDSKY with 11.8 million. Meanwhile, Come on K#48 was down to 7.23 million and Emmess23 to 5.81 million. A hand came up in which the table folded to Come on K#48 in the SB who pushed all in, and fwilliams007 made the call.

Come on K#48 had K♣J♥, but would need help versus fwilliams007's A♥J♠. The cards were dealt -- 3♥T♥6♥Q♣J♦ -- and Come on K#48 was done in fifth.

Shortly afterwards it was ROUNDSKY raising to 1.2 million, fwilliams007 reraising to 4 million, and ROUNDSKY calling. The flop came 9♠A♣T♦. ROUNDSKY checked, fwilliams007 bet 2.8 million, and ROUNDSKY called. The turn was the 7♥. ROUNDSKY again checked, and this time fwilliams007 bet 4.8 million. ROUNDSKY again made the call.

The river was the K♦. ROUNDSKY once more checked, and this time fwilliams007 shoved all in. ROUNDSKY called with his last 8,475,190, turning over A♦Q♠ for aces with the queen kicker. But fwilliams007 had him with A♥K♣, and ROUNDSKY was done in fourth.

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Now fwilliams007 had a commanding lead, having moved over 50 million while both of his opponents were sitting with less than 10 million. Emmess23 soon raised all in for his last 7,844,299 and fwilliams007 called him. Emmess23 showed A♥J♥ and fwilliams007 7♣7♦.

There's a seven in his name, and soon there was a seven on the board to match the two in his hand, the flop coming 7♠J♣4♦. "gg" typed Emmess23, seeing his chances from here were slim. The 6♣ on the turn meant Emmess23 was drawing dead, and they were down to just two.

Heads-up play began with fwilliams007 sporting a fancy stack of 62,391,540 to Rasdam's 9,167,460. The pair would spar for just a few short minutes, with Rasdam getting whittled down a touch to 8.8 million. Finally Rasdam min-raised to 800,000 from the small blind/button, fwilliams007 reraised all in, and Rasdam called, showing A♦2♣ to fwilliams007's 5♠5♦. The board came 2♠4♠3h]8♥6♥. "booooooooooooooooooom" typed fwilliams007, having made a six-high straight and claimed the victory.

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SCOOP Event #31-Low No-Limit Hold'em (1R1A):
1st place: fwilliams007 ($66,365.84)
2nd place: Rasdam ($47,706)
3rd place: Emmess23 ($33,394.20)
4th place: ROUNDSKY ($23,853)
5th place: Come on K#48 ($19,082.40)
6th place: DraregNevets ($14,311.80)
7th place: dbossie ($9,541.20)
8th place: ccel11 ($4,770.60)
9th place: sickotic ($3,005.47)

A nice return on fwilliams007's investment today. Indeed, congrats to all of those who turned today's small buy-in into a profit.

Still two day's worth of events -- five of 'em, each with three levels -- left in SCOOP. Check the SCOOP site for details.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP