SCOOP: It just took a little juuuiice to win Event #32-M FLHE 6-max

SCOOP logo 2010.gifSometimes it only takes a slight variation from the norm to attract the players. Full-limit hold'em? And six-handed tables? That's enough to do it.

Who are we kidding? Players looking for a SCOOP title and the best tournament action around are likely to register for almost any event. Still, a little FLHE 6-max deviation was an interesting way to mix it up. Thus, SCOOP-32 (Medium) was formed and boasted of a $200K guarantee. A total of 429 players took to the $530 buy-in tournament, creating a prize pool of $214,500.

Out of the starting field, the top 54 players cashed, and in that group was one lone Team PokerStars Pro by the name of Victor Ramdin, who finished the event in 26th place. As the final table neared just into the eighth hour of play, after Broomcorn left in eighth place and hand-for-hand play was in effect, it was I-wanna-mmm doubling up to stay alive more than once. But ultimately, I-wanna-mmm got involved with juuuiice, and after seeing the 9♠T♥6♠ flop, I-wanna-mmm was all-in for his last 3,616 chips with J♠T♣ against the Q♣T♦ of juuuiice. The 8♥ turn and K♠ river ended the tournament for I-wanna-mmm in seventh place, which was worth $4,719.00.

Juuuiice took the leeeaad into the final table

With Level 23 offering blinds of 8,000/16,000, the six final tablists began action with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: Dresden Rags (436,845 in chips)
Seat 2: msp20 (497,889 in chips)
Seat 3: juuuiice (579,622 in chips)
Seat 4: Chris1804 (330,920 in chips)
Seat 5: erkut00 (140,634 in chips)
Seat 6: Keith5795 (159,090 in chips)

2010 SCOOP - Event 32-M Pic.JPG

Juuuiice had the chip lead going into the last table of the tournament, and though several opponents were closing in on that lead, some serious aggression extended juuuiice's lead in the first few rounds of play.

Erkut00 was one of the players who simply lost momentum since the start of the table, and upon tangling with Keith5795 on a 9♥4♦8♥ flop, a bit of a raising war resulting in erkut00 moving all-in with A♣6♣ with ace high. Keith5795 called with J♣J♠, which held up as the 8♦ showed up on the turn and 7♦ on the river. The first player to exit the table was erkut00, who walked away with $7,614.75 for the deep run.

Only three hands later, Dresden Rags found himself in the same short-stacked position but pushed the 35,070 chips all-in preflop. Keith5795 and msp20 went along for the ride and checked down the entire board of 4♣J♣5♥3♥5♦. Keith5795 showed A♦T♦, but msp20 flipped over J♥T♥ for two pair to take the pot. Dresden Rags simply mucked and left in fifth place with $11,904.75.

Chris1804 was the next to put his tournament life at risk, but the hand started innocently enough with juuuiice to see a Q♠5♥9♠ flop. A bet and call led to the T♥ on the turn, at which point Chris1804 bet all-in for his last 22,770. Juuuiice called with K♥4♥ for the straight and flush draws, and Chris1804 showed A♦7♥ for ace high. But the J♣ hit hard on the river, giving juuuiice the straight and eliminating Chris1804 in fourth place with $16,302.00.

Despite all of msp20's efforts to chip up, it was hands like the following that became frustrating for the shorter stack of the three:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Finally, with less than 100K in chips, msp20 went up against Keith5795 through a 5♦4♥8♣ flop and 7♦ turn. It was then that msp20 moved all-in with 7♣4♣ for two pair, but Keith5795 called with A♦3♦ and caught the 9♦ on the river to make the flush. Msp20 was eliminated in third place with $23,595.00

Keith5795 looking for the juuuiice

Seat 3: juuuiice (1319917 in chips)
Seat 6: Keith5795 (825083 in chips)

Keith5795 saw his stack dwindle throughout the match but continued to make moves where possible. But about a half hour into the battle, Keith5795 picked up two significant pots, the latter of which put him into the chip lead.

Over the next half hour, juuuiice made a comeback and whittled Keith5795's stack down to less than 100K. Keith5795 doubled up twice to stay alive, but by the last hand, his stack had only 31,832 in it, and it went all-in with 7♥4♣. Juuuiice called with J♥2♥, and the board produced A♣9♥3♣K♦2♠. The event was over with Keith5795 having to settle for a second place finish and the $31,746.00 that went with it.

The SCOOP Event 32-Medium champion was juuuiice, who showed amazing stamina throughout the battles that took place at the final table, and the reward was a cool $42,900.00 to go with the title.

SCOOP Event 32-Medium (FLHE 6-max) Results for 05/14/10:

1st place: juuuiice ($42,900.00)
2nd place: Keith5795 ($31,746.00)
3rd place: msp20 ($23,595.00)
4th place: Chris1804 ($16,302.00)
5th place: Dresden Rags ($11,904.75)
6th place: erkut00 ($7,614.75)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker has only a few days left on the schedule, but numerous events remain with corresponding qualifiers to offer seats at a fraction of the price. Check out the SCOOP website for details and PokerStars.TV for series highlights.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP