SCOOP: j30s8h best of the worst in Event #24-L 2-7 triple draw contest

scoop2009_thn.gifThirteen hours is a long time to do anything, even something you enjoy. Like, for instance, try to eat pizza for 13 hours straight. The first few hours might be great, but by the end, you'll probably be puking up pepperoni.

Now, even if you like 2-7 Triple Draw, a simple yet intricate dance of lowball madness, you probably wouldn't mind playing for a few hours. But by the time the players in Event 24-Low 2-7 Triple Draw reached the final table, they were worn out. You can only play so many lowball hands without losing your mind. Or, in the words of mdot20, "Twelve and half hours of 2-7 is bad."

And yet, by the time they six players made the final table, they were guaranteed some really big returns on their $11 investments.

Here's how the stacks looked at the beginning of final table play.

Seat 1: mdot20 (3400984 in chips)
Seat 2: francis9 (4021537 in chips)
Seat 3: j3os8h (1343555 in chips)
Seat 4: kudri84 (2133103 in chips)
Seat 5: RiverMonkey (492500 in chips)
Seat 6: luadarko (3948321 in chips)



About ten minutes into final table play, mdot20 raised and for calles from francis9, j3os8h, and, RiverMonkey (aka almost everybody at the table). Everyone of them took two cards, mdot20 led the betting again and everybody called. This time everybody took one card, but RiverMoney led the betting. Mdot20 called, francis9 rasied, j3os8h called, and RiverMonkey raised for the rest of his chips. On the third draw, RiverMonkey and francis9 stood pat. Meanwhile, j3os8h took one.

It was the right one.

At showdown, j3os8h showed 4♥2♣7♦6♥3♠, which we understand is a pretty good hand in this game.

That spelled the end of RiverMonkey, who went out in sixth place for $536.


At 100,000/200,000, a million chips doesn't last long. That's just about where kudri84 was sitting when he got into a hand with mdot20. On the first draw, mdot20 took two and kudri84 took one. On the second draw, mdot20 took one and kudri84 stood pat. He bet out, mdot20 raised, and kudri84 called. That's when mdot20 stood pat. Kudri84 broke his hand. took one, and called a bet. Whatever he ended up with, it wasn't good enough to beat mdot20's 8♠5♥6♥4♦3♦.

Kudri84 was left with less than a small blind and was out on the next hand for $997.


There is a school of thought among conspiracy theorists and wingnuts that turning down a final table deal means you will bust out next. We don't subscribe to such theories, but what happened next might lead some credence to the crazies.

See, luadarko had scuttled the first talk of a deal and had indicated, in so many words, that he was better than everybody at the table. You can imagine the joy his opponents felt when the best went out next. It was a gradual decline of missed draws, finally culminating in his 2♦3♦T♣ 9♥8♥ falling to mdot20's 2♠5♦4♣8♦[ 6h].

Luadarko won $1,641 for his fourth place finish.

Immediately after his exit, the remaining three players cut the following deal, and left $500 on the table for which to play.

mdot20 $3,617.68
j30s8h $3,400.47
francis9 $3,282.89


Although nearly all the money was off the table, it still took more than an hour to finish off the rest of the field. It was more or less an academic pursuit. In the end, j30s8h knocked off both francis9 (3rd) and mdot20 (2nd) to take the extra $500 and the Event #24-L title.

With that, some 13 and half hours after they started, the low buy-in lowballers were free to get some sleep.

Congratulations to all the big winners.

SCOOP Event 24-L 2-7 Triple Draw
Based on 3-way deal

1. j30s8h $3,000.47
2. mdot20 $3,617.68
3. francis9 $3,282.89
4. Luadarko ($1,641)
5. kudri83 ($997)
6. RiverMonkey ($536)

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in SCOOP