SCOOP: Jennicide takes down Event #18-Low in rapid-fire fashion

SCOOP logo.gifWith five-minute levels, the turbo format Fixed Limit Hold'em Event #18-Low presented a stark contrast to some of the 20-plus hour tests of patience we've seen in this year's SCOOP series. With the blinds and stakes increasing so rapidly, every hand saw plenty of action, and indeed the chips were flying about so fast the tourney looked at times like some sort of action-packed video game.

Only fitting, then, that a video game enthusiast would ultimately take it down.

A total of 3,802 entered this $22 buy-in event, making for a $76,040 prize pool -- more than three times the $25K guarantee. The top 675 finishers got paid, with the first place finisher scheduled to receive $11,932.28.

There were over two dozen Team PokerStars pros in this one. Barry "barryg1" Greenstein and Victor Ramdin were both gone by the first break -- along with about 1,400 others. During the second hour, more PS pros fell, including Anders "Donald" Berg and Dustin "Leatherass9" Schmidt, both of whom were knocked out on the same hand by Jarcon86. Take a look:

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The tourney sped along, only taking about an hour and 40 minutes to reach the cash. By the two-and-a-half-hour mark, just 70 players remained.

By then Jennifer "jennicide" Leigh -- known not only for her online poker exploits and modeling, but also for being an avid player of World of Warcraft and other video games -- had begun to push out in front of the field. At that point Leigh was the only player with more than 1,000,000 chips with The Tick in second with a little over 730,000. Fifteen minutes later, the field had been cut to 45, and jennicide was up to 1.5 million.


Jennifer "jennicide" Leigh

By the three-hour break, Leigh had moved up to 2,021,964 with just 26 players left. As she and the remaining players caught their breath, there were only four other players with more than 1,000,000 -- Nick.nico333 (1,840,280), Fredje09 (1,376,101), Outeiri (1,337,074), and The Tick (1,115,830). With the current stakes at a whopping 80,000/160,000, that meant the majority of the field was down to just a few big bets. Everyone left was hoping to pick up a hand PDQ. Or at least ASAP.

Once action resumed on the three remaining tables, there was at least one elimination occurring somewhere essentially every hand. NICk.nico333 briefly snagged the lead away from Leigh with 20 players left, but jennicide took it back. Seated at the same table, the pair next tangled in a big hand in which a king-high flop encouraged a lot of betting from both. Both had paired kings, but NICk.noco333's ace kicker beat Leigh's queen, and pushed further out in front with 3.4 million.

Leigh would soon bounce back, though, knocking out SquirrelDaze in 14th place in a big hand in which she flopped two pair. Leigh would build her stack up once again, hovering around the 4 million-chip mark.

Meanwhile over on the other table, Kaila -- who had just finished 16th in SCOOP Event #18-Medium -- had pushed out to more than 3.5 million. Soon TheRealMT went out in 10th, and just 3 hours and 20 minutes into the tourney, the final table was set:


Seat 1: Turob -- 1,199,152
Seat 2: jennicide -- 4,098,222
Seat 3: A2 Sauce -- 1,574,340
Seat 4: Kaila -- 3,665,479
Seat 5: SirSmokey33 -- 355,803
Seat 6: NICk.nico333 -- 2,905,020
Seat 7: The Tick -- 3,025,592
Seat 8: mini_gunter -- 1,465,666
Seat 9: N!CKELZ -- 720,726

Stakes soon moved up to 200,000/400,000. A hand arose in which NICk.nico333 raised from middle position, N!CKELZ reraised all in for 520,726 from the small blind, and NICk.nico333 called. N!CKELZ showed K♣Q♦, but would need help against NICk.nico333's A♥Q♠. The board came J♠6♥5♥Q♥7♠, and N!CKELZ was out in ninth.

Next came a big hand in which Kaila flopped a set of tens to crack jennicide's pocket rockets. Leigh would soon be all in, but would survive, and soon she had worked her stack back up over 2.55 million. That's when SirSmokey33 open-raised with the last of his 326,606 from UTG, Turob raised to 500,000 from the cutoff, jennicide called from the button, and Kaila also called from the big blind.

The flop came 2♦J♣8♥. Kaila checked, Turob bet (250,000), Leigh called, and Kaila folded. The turn brought the K♠, and Turob bet the last 463,304 in his stack. jennicide called, showing J♥J♠ for the flopped set. Turob just had A♠8♦ for eights, and SirSmokey33 was toast as well with A♥2♠. The river K♠ was inconsequential, and Leigh had knocked out two opponents in one hand -- SirSmokey33 in eighth and Turob in seventh.

Next to go was A2 Sauce, who raised back and forth with mini_gunter before the flop to end up all in with K♥Q♥ versus mini_gunter's J♥J♣. The community cards came 2♣2♦7♦5♦A♦, and mini_gunter's jacks had held, knocking A2 Sauce out in sixth.

By this point, jennicide and Kaila had begun to push out ahead of the other three players, although The Tick would soon pick up some chips in a hand against mini_gunter. With the blinds 150,000/300,000 (stakes 300,000/600,000), The Tick raised from UTG, mini_gunter three-bet from UTG+1, and it folded back to The Tick who called. The flop came 3♣T♦4♥, prompting a bet from The Tick, a raise from mini_gunter, a three-bet from The Tick, and mini_gunter calling with the last 209,528 remaining. The Tick showed A♦T♥ and was needing help versus mini_gunter's Q♥Q♦. But the turn and river -- 5♥2♣ -- gave The Tick a backdoor straight, sending mini_gunter out in fifth.

The tourney was only three-and-a-half hours old and they were down to four. NICk.nico333 next raised all in for 777,552 from under the gun, and all three opponents -- The Tick, jennicide, and Kaila -- called. The flop came 3♦4♥A♠, and when jennicide bet the others folded. jennicide showed A♦T♦ for aces. had flopped a pair of aces, too, but with A♣6♥ was outkicked. The turn was the 5♠, giving some straight outs, but the river was the J♦ and was gone in fourth.

After a few hands at three-handed, the remaining players agreed to talk about chopping up the remaining prize pool. At that point, Leigh held a slight lead over The Tick (7.05 million to 6.90 million), with Kaila trailing by a couple of million (5.05 million) -- which in fact only represented 2.5 big bets. While Team PokerStars pro Andre Akkari was running the numbers, The Tick noted that this was his first ever SCOOP event! "Amazing," said Akkari. "I played a hundred lol."

Soon Akkari brought back the numbers, and after the players modified them slightly (giving third-place Kaila a little bit more to bring her closer to the other two), play continued, with $500 left on the table for which to play.

Not long afterwards, a break arrived, at which point Leigh was up to 11.75 million, The Tick at 4.55 million, and Kaila down to 2.70 million. Kaila would soon thereafter be all-in against The Tick after flopping a set of queens, then successfully faded The Tick's diamond flush draw to double back up.

The Tick would gradually fall back to 1,143,988 -- not even one big bet with the stakes 600,000/1,200,000 -- and raised all in from the button with Q♥9♦, getting called by Kaila who held 4♣4♦. The board went 8♠4♠A♣J♣7♦, and The Tick had finished third in his very first SCOOP!

When heads-up play began, Kaila had a slight lead on jennicide -- 9.65 million to 9.35 million. After 16 hands, Leigh had built up to 15,952,388 to Kaila's 3,057,612. Leigh would then open with a raise to 1.2 million from the small blind/button, Kaila three-bet, and Leigh called. The flop came 5♥3♣5♦. Kaila bet (600,000), and jennicide called. The turn was the 3♦. Kaila pushed all in for 657,612, and jennicide called. Kaila had A♦7♠ for two pair with the ace, while jennicide held 8♦6♦.

An eight or a six would do for jennicide. So would a girl's best friend... a diamond. And the latter is what came -- the K♦ -- giving Leigh the hand and the title.

SCOOP Event #18-Low Fixed Limit Hold'em (Turbo) results (*reflects three-way deal):
1st place: Jennifer "jennicide" Leigh ($9,500.00)*
2nd place: Kaila ($8,663.34)*
3rd place: The Tick ($8,900.90)*
4th place: NICk.nico333 ($4,296.26)
5th place: mini_gunter ($3,231.70)
6th place: A2 Sauce ($2,471.30)
7th place: Turob ($1.710.90)
8th place: SirSmokey33 ($950.50)
9th place: N!CKELZ ($608.32)

Congratulations to jennicide for shooting down 3,801 opponents in a little over four hours to capture herself a SCOOP title. And kudos as well as to Kaila for deep runs in two different Event #18 tourneys and The Tick for finishing third in his first ever SCOOP event! Exciting stuff.

Speaking of excitement, we're not even halfway through the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker. Check out the SCOOP page for more information, including a full schedule of the remaining events.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP