SCOOP: Joe "floes" Serock wins Event #5-Medium $109 Turbo PLO Cubed

scoop2009_thn.gifPLO cubed. That's what the cool kids call it today. I call it pure adrenaline. That's what PLO is after all? An action game for players who want to take a walk on the wild side. One of my friends calls it four card bingo. Another calls it a ticket to paradise.

The medium buy-in Event #5 $109 Turbo PLO (1R+1A) attracted 1,268 entrants. The prize pool swelled to $292,600 with 1,010 rebuys and 648 add-ons. First place paid out $48,878.83 and the top 180 were awarded prize money.

The PLO event drew a couple of familiar faces including Greg Raymer, Tom McEvoy, Thomas Bichon, Barry Greenstein, Thierry van den Berg, Emad Thatou, Noah Boeken, Johnny Lodden, jorgearias, leatherass9, Nacho Barbero, and Steven-Paul Ambrose.

Turbo PLO is a volatile game. Just ask Chris Moneymaker who busted out on the first hand. Andre Akkari and Victor Ramdin made early exits as well. Geroge Danzer held the chiplead in Event #3-M $55 NL rebuy event when this event began, but didn't last very long. He was also among the early causalities, which gave him plenty of opportunity to focus on a deep run in Event #3.

Because of the turbo format, it took just a little over two hours before the field advanced to the money. In that time span, you could have watched Rounders from start to finish, or listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon a total three times.

Roberto "R_Brenes" Brenes, the son of PokerStars Team Pro Humberto Brenes min-cashed with a 170th place finish. Other notables who made the money included George "Jorj95" Lind III (160th), Rayan "rkruok" Nathan (133rd), Randall "RandALLin" Flowers (55th), Mark "The Omaholic" Roland (41st), Dustin "neverwin" Woolf (25th), James "Andy McLEOD" Obst (21st), Brock "t soprano" Parker (20th), and BongBob (11th).

At seven tables to go, Counterfit17 became the first player to pass the 500K mark, with neverwin and BongBob closing in on the lead. James "Andy McLEOD" Obst slid into the chip lead with four tables to go, however, he wouldn't hold the top spot for very long.

King McEvoy

tommcevoy.jpgTom McEvoy

PokerStars Pro Tom McEvoy went the deepest out of any of his fellow Team Pros. His run was benefited by a little help from the poker gods. One of the short stacks at his table open-shoved. McEvoy re-shoved for his last 144.5K with K♦K♣J♥6♣. Unfortunately, chacky-royal called from the big blind with A♦A♣4♦3♦. Three-way all-in and McEvoy needed help with his tournament life on the line. The poker gods must have been paying attention because the K♥ flopped. McEvoy took the lead with a set of Kings, which held up. He busted the short stack, doubled through the big stack, and chipped up to almost 350K.

Big Pimpin' with grebnrets86

With two tables to go, grebnrets86 busted two players on the same hand and jumped into second in chips. Another three-way all-in preflop. Grebnrets86 opened for 160,000, ArnieAA called all-in for 116,438, and NYC P.I.M.P re-raised all in for 193,672. Grebnrets86 called.

grebnrets86: A♣Q♣8♥3♥
NYC P.I.M.P.: K♥T♦9♣8♠
ArnieAA: A♦K♠7♦6♠

Alas, grebnrets86 flopped a flush draw, got there on the turn, and his hand held up. He dragged a pot in excess of 543,000 as ArnieAA (13th) and NYC P.I.M.P. (12th) hit the rail.

JoeMomasNuts = Bubble Boy

Action reached the final table bubble with rapidly escalating blinds, and Tom McEvoy found himself on the ropes with one of the shortstacks. However, McEvoy managed to double through PiKappaRaider when he flopped a set of nines against PiKappaRaider's Queens. McEvoy's set held up and he chipped up to 700K.

The final table bubble finally burst when JoeMomasNuts open-shoved with A♥J♦7♥6♣ and Sunnybooy called from the big blind with A♣8♦7♦6♠. JoeMomasNuts held a slight edge, but whiffed while Sunnybooy paired his 8 to win the hand. And just like that, JoeMomasNuts was eliminated in 10th place.

The final table was set approximately three and a half hours after the event started. That's the nature of the beast with turbo tournaments, especially PLO turbo. Grebnrets86 took his seat at the final table as the chipleader with 1,582,084, holding a slim margin over floes.

SCOOP #5-M: $109 PLO Turbo - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: floes (1,520,553)
Seat 2: Sunnybooy (833,423)
Seat 3: grebnrets86 (1,582,084)
Seat 4: skanky980 (531,144)
Seat 5: gboro780 (1,044,777)
Seat 6: DaPretzel (1,375,169)
Seat 7: Operga (1,094,985)
Seat 8: Tom McEvoy (392,594)
Seat 9: PiKappRaider (403,271)

5M_FT2.JPGThe Final Table - Event #5-M

McEvoy Has No Love for DaPretzels

Tom McEvoy, the 1983 WSOP Main Event Champion, headed to the rail in 9th place when DaPretzel took him out. DaPretzel min-raised from the button and McEvoy defended his big blind. The flop was K♥J♥9♦ and McEvoy shoved for 192,594. DaPretzel called.

DaPretzel: A♦K♣8♥6♣
McEvoy: K♠[10d]8♦7♣.

McEvoy's pair of kings were outkicked, but he picked up an open-ended straight draw. McEvoy promptly took the lead with a jack-high straight when the T♣ hit the turn, but DaPretzel still had outs when he re-drew to a Broadway straight. The Q♦ spiked on the river filling in DaPretzel's Broadway straight and killing McEvoy's chances of doubling up. McEvoy was the first player to bust from the final table. He collected $3,043.04 for his 9th place finish.

Grossed Out in 8th

Steve "gboro780" Gross took second place in a SCOOP event last year and was hoping that he could finally break through with a victory. However, it was not meant to be when his attempt was thwarted by Joe "floes" Serock. Gboro780 opened to 399,999 and floes defended his big blind. The flop was A♦8♣5♦. Floes bet 859,998, putting gboro780 all-in for his last 744,778. gboro780 was ahead with K♣K♠8♦8♠ and a set of eights, but floes had flopped an open-ended straight draw with J♠T♦7♦6♠. The turn was the 4♥ and floes took the lead. The 9♥ on the river gave floes a nine-high straight, but gboro780 could not suck out. He finished up in 8th place collected $5.559.40. After gboro780's elimination, floes settled into a commanding chip lead with over 2.7 million.

Operga Sinks PiKappRaider

Steven "PiKappRaider" Burkholder has one WCOOP title under his belt. He would have liked to have added a SCOOP title to his resume, but he's going to have to put those aspirations on hold for a little while longer. Operga opened for a raise. PiKappRaider called all in for his last 323,271 with A♥Q♣7♦6♣, but he was behind Operga's suited queens. Operga flopped a set to solidify his lead, but PiKappRaider picked up a flush re-draw on the turn. Alas, Operga faded the flush on the river to win the pot worth almost 1 million. PiKappRaider bowed out in 7th place, collecting $8,485.40.

6th Place for Skanky980

A little over two weeks ago, Skanky980 shipped a PokerStars $55 PLO MTT for almost $6,000. He just picked up $11,000 more in PLO earnings after he finished in 6th place. Floes opened for a min-raise of 320,000. Skanky980 shoved for his last 351,144 and floes called.

Skanky980: 7♥4♥4♣3♦
floes: A♣J♣T♦5♣

The board ran out Q♥8♣3♣Kc]3♠, and although skanky980 rivered trip treys, it was not good enough to beat floes' nut flush. Skanky980 was out in 6th.

DaPretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!

DaPretzel and grebnrets86 went to war preflop, when grebnrets86 opened and DaPretzel three-bet shoved for almost 1.5 million. Grebnrets8 had him covered and called with T♦T♣3♠2♣. DaPretzel trailed with A♣Q♥5♦3♣. The board ran out K♣J♣J♦J♥A♥ and grebnrets8 won the pot with a full house. DaPretzel's run had come to a halt. He collected $14,337.40 prize money for a 5th place finish.

Operaga Loses to Quads

Grebnrets86 opened to 600,000, and Operga shoved for 1.5 million. Grebnrets86 snap-called with Q♠Q♥J♣7♥. Operga's A♣Q♦J♥8♦ didn't stand a chance because grebnrets86 flopped trip sevens, and then spiked quads when the case seven fell on the river. Operga finished in 4th place and won $19,896.80. grebnrets86 recaptured the chip lead with three to go. He had 3.8 million, ahead of Sunnybooy's 3.25 million, and floes bringing up the rear with 1.7 million.

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5 Mil for Grebnrets86

After floes doubled up with aces against grebnrets86's queens, Sunnybooy regained the lead. However, he didn't have t for too long before grebnrets86 dragged what the Swedes would call a monsterpotten. Sunnybooy opened to 750,000. grebnrets86 shoved for his last 2.4 million and Sunnybooy called.

Sunnybooy: A♥Q♣J♥5♣

Sunnybooy did not have a chance when grebnrets86 flopped kings full of eights. Ouch Grebnrets86 won the pot worth over 5 million while Sunnybooy was left with under 900K.

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Sunnybooy Out in 3rd

Floes opened and Sunnybooy shoved for his last 860K. Floes called with Q♦J♥7♦4♠, while Sunnybooy was looking good with A♦Q♣8♠2♣. However, floes flopped a four and it was good enough to win the pot. Sunnybooy finished in 3rd place, taking home $26,919.20.

The Final Two: floes vs. grebnrets86

When heads-up play began, grebnrets86 held the lead.

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 1: floes (3,741,588)
Seat 3: grebnrets86 (5,036,412)

However, it only took three hands before floes emerged victorious. On the first hand, he opened for a raise and grebnrets86 called. He fired out at the flop and grebnrets86 bailed. It seems slightly uneventful, but floes won 1.5 million in that pot to put him back in the chip lead. He got a walk on the second hand before he took it down on the third hand of heads-up play.

Here's how it went down...

Floes opened with a 650,000 raise. Grebnrets86 reraised to 1.95 million and floes called. The flop was K♥6♥4♦. Grebnrets86 shoved for his last 2.2 million. Floes called.

grebnrets86: A♠Q♥7♠5♠
floes: shows K♣J♦T♣2♠

Floes flopped a pair of Kings on a board of K♥6♥4♦, but grebnrets86 had outs with an open-ended straight draw. Floes improved on the turn with trip Kings and faded the straight draw to win the pot.

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Floes won the hand to knock grebnrets86 out in 2nd place. Grebnrets86 won $35,697.20 for his efforts, while Joe "floes" Serock won the SCOOP title and $48,878.83.

SCOOP Event #5-M $109 Turbo PLO (1R1A) Results:
1. Joe "floes" Serock (Albuquerque) - $48,878.83
2. grebnrets86 (North Bellmore) - $35, 697.20
3. Sunnybooy (Henderson) - $26,919.20
4. Operga (Espoo) - $19,896.80
5. DaPretzel (Iowa) - $14,337.40
6. skanky980 (Vancouver) - $11,411.40
7. PiKappRaider (Laro) - $8,485.40
8. gboro780 (Saul) - $5,559.40
9. Tom McEvoy (Las Vegas) - $3,043.02

In case you were wondering, there's still plenty of SCOOP tournaments yet to be played. Check out the 2010 SCOOP Schedule.

Pauly McGuire
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