SCOOP: LOL_FAILURE chuckles loudly in the face of BIG temptation in Event #19-L $22 NL Big Antes

scoop2009_thn.gifAnte as a word has its origins in Latin. Even if you don't know a lick of Latin, you can probably guess the definition, especially if you play a plethora of poker, because ante means before.

The SCOOP Big Antes (simply translated into the "Big Before") lures players with lucrative temptations in the middle of the virtual table before the cards are even dealt. Yes, the devious pursuit of the orphaned chips induced more action as the tournament progressed, and more players yielded to avarice.

Big Sunday. Big Antes. Big Pool. Big Pimpin'.

16,483 runners went to battle in this special Big Antes event, and only 3,510 lucky souls would make advance as far as the money. Alas, the real cheesecake in the $329,660 total prize pool was set aside for the final table players. First place paid out $32,982.96, which is a significant return on a $22 investment.

A handful of PokerStars Team Pros cashed in the Big Antes including Barry Greenstein (1,211th), Johnny Lodden (1,011th), George Danzer (724th), Grant Levy (705th), and Juan Pastor (650th).

Notable players who cashed included 2008 EPT London champ Danny "THE__D__RY" Ryan (917th), Event #7-H winner tcblade (289th), Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (114th), and Peter "Belabacsi" Traply (16th). Belabacsi went particularly deep. Hungary's first WSOP bracelet winner has been running good this SCOOP with one 2010 SCOOP title and a disappointing runner-up finish.

The Final Table


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: LOL_FAILURE (31,265,846)
Seat 2: nisnipe (36,305,321)
Seat 3: nomorebeats (5,811,862)
Seat 4: zrezzo (14,368,856)
Seat 5: Amélie (18,833,478)
Seat 6: callmeicare (21,239,204)
Seat 7: BolshoiUh (3,719,240)
Seat 8: HBsen (24,813,377)
Seat 9: MattDollar$ (8,472,816)

Jdchiphogs bubbled off the final table in 10th place and missed the opportunity to have his avatar screencapped and archives in perpetuity on PokerStars Blog and on the Internet. When the final table was set, Vienna's nisnipe held the chip lead.

Blue Train Leaves the Station

The final table was just getting settled in when first blood was drawn on the second hand. With 1.3 million in the pot, Nomorebeats opened to 1.6 million. MattDollar$ shoved from the button for 4.6 million. Nomorebeats had him covered and called. Classic race... MattDollar$'s 8♠8♣ vs. nomorebeats' A♥K♠. MattDollar$ went bankrupt after an ace flopped, giving nomorebets the lead. MattDollar$ could not come from behind and became the first elimination at the final table. MattDollar$, proudly displaying an avatar of jazz musician John Coltrane (from the cover of his epic album Blue Train), finished in 9th place and collected $1,977.96.

Nomorepoker for nomorebeats

Nomorebeats began the final table with a bang, however, his quick run came to a halt when he got caught with his pants down. LOL_FAILURE opened for 1.1 million. Nomorebeats raised to 5.2 million. LOL_FAILURE four-bet shoved for 19.4 million. Nomorebeats was committed and called for his last 8.1 million.

nomorebeats: Q♠J♠

LOL_FAILURE did not have an easy sweat when a queen flopped and the turn gave nomorebeats more outs with a gutshot. However, LOL_FAILURE averted disaster and his aces held up. Nomorebeats went out in 8th place and collected a $2,966.94 payday.

With seven to go, nisnipe (34 million) held a slight lead over LOL_FAILURE (33 million), with BolshoiUh bringing up the rear with 9 million.

Fours and Fives

Short-stacked BolshoiU made a bold move, but missed. BolshoiU raised to 1.2 million. Nisnipe re-raised to 4.1 million. BolshoiU shoved for 10.5 million. Ninnipe had him covered and called. Nisnipe's 5♥5♣ were ahead of BolshoiUh's 4♣4♠. BolshoiUh was unable to pull off a last ditch upset. His fate was a 7th place and a $4,631.72 payout.

Nisnipe increased his lead to 40.8 million with six players to go.

Psycho Killer

It wasn't pretty, but Amélie snapped off pocket aces with 2♦2♠. She flopped a set of deuces and crippled callmeicare in the process.

Call a Taxi for callmeicare

Short-stacked callmeicare open-shoved with K♦Q♥ and zrezzo called with A♣Q♠. The board ran out T♦6♦4♦7♠8♣ and zrezzo won the hand with ace-high. Callmeicare finished in 6th place winning $6,593.20.

Zrezzo moved up to 29 million, while LOL_FAILURE sat at the top of the heap with 50 million.

Amélie Magic Vanished Into Thin Air

Nisnipe opened for 1.85 million and Amélie called on the button. The flop came down Q♣T♦6♣. Nisnipe fired out 2.4 million. Amélie raised to 7.2 million. Ninnipe shoved for 38.2 million and Amélie called all-in for 18.25 million.

Amélie: J♣T♣

Although nisnip led with top two pair, Amélie flopped second pair and picked up a flush draw. The J♥ on the turn improved Amélie to two pair, but 4♥ on the river crushed any hopes for a miracle. No flush. No suckout. Instead, Amélie busted out in 5th place, collecting $9,889.80.

With four to go, chip leader nisnipe was closing on on 70 million.

HBsen a Has-Been

A raising war broke out and someone got hurt. HBsen opened for 2.2 million. Nisnipe bumped it up to 6.5 million. HBsen four-bet shoved for 25.6 million. Big stacked nisnipe had him covered and called.

HBsen: A♥8♦

The board ran out 7♦5♥3♥8♣5♣. Nisnipe's Jacks held up. HBsen was eliminated in 4th place but leaving $13,186.40 richer. That pot pushed nisnipe's stack over 87.4 million and more than 50% of the chips in play.

Action was paused so the players could discuss a deal. After bartering like a trio of old ladies at a swap meet, they finally came to an agreement. Play resumed.

Zbusto for zrezzo

With the short stack, it was a matter of time before zrezzo pulled the trigger. He opened for 2.1 million and LOL_FAILURE called. The flop was A♠3♠2♣. LOL_FAILURE checked. zrezzo bet 2 million. LOL_FAILURE check-raised to over 7.2 million. zrezzo called all in for over 5.2 million.

zrezzo: A♥2♠

LOL_FAILURE was ahead with a set of treys against zrezzo's two pair. The turn was the 5♣, giving zrezzo more outs for a Wheel, but the 9♣ locked up the hand for LOL_FAILURE. Zrezzo was eliminated in third place and won 19,188.92.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 1: LOL_FAILURE (78,545,866)
Seat 2: nisnipe (86,284,134)

On the 8th hand of heads up play, the final two went at each other's throats. Nisnipe opened to 22.5 million and LOL_FAILURE called. The flop was J♥7♠3♥. LOL_FAILURE checked. Ninsipe bet 3 million and LOL_FAILURE called. The turn was the 5♣. LOL_FAILURE checked. Nisnipe bet close to 7.3 million. LOL_FAILURE check-raised to almost 24 million. Nisnipe shoved all-in for 91 million. LOL_FAILURE called all in for his last 39 million or so.

nisnipe: shows A♠2♥

LOL_FAILURE was ahead with a straight (and a flush draw), while nisnipe got caught speeding. The river didn't help him and he was reduced to 28 million in chips. LOL_FAILURE improved to over 136 million.

It Takes Heart

All-in preflop. LOL_FAILURE held the edge, until Nisnipe's J♥8♥ matched up with an all-hearts flop to sink LOL_FAILURE's A♠2♣. Nisnipe avoided elimination and improved to 46 million. Meanwhile, LOL_FAILURE slipped to 117 million.

29 Mil...Back-to-Back

Nisnipe went on a tear and won consecutive pots worth 29 million a piece. On the first hand, nisnipe made a bold call on a board of T♥T♠3♦9♠Q♥. LOL_FAILURE held a paltry K♦4♠ yet fired a 8.4 million round at the river, only to be snap-called by nisnipe's K♣Q♣. Ninsipe won the pot and quickly went back to work on the next hand. He dragged another 29 million pot with A♠4♣. He flopped an ace and LOL_FAILURE paid him off. Nisnipe still trailed in chips by 84 million to 80 million, however, after his amazing comeback, he pulled within striking distance.

LOL_FAILURE Flips to Victory

Before the 70th hand of heads-up play began, LOL_FAILURE held a 14 million chip advantage. On the final hand, the two got involved in an escalating arms race... nisnipe raised 2.65 million... LOL_FAILURE three-bet to 8.7 million... nisnipe four-bet to 24.75 million... LOL_FAILURE five-bet shoved for 88.8 million... nisnipe called all-in for 50.7 million. Both players were all-in with nisnipe racing for his tournament life.

nisnipe: shows A♠Q♦

The board ran out J♦5♦3♥5♥8♦ and LOL_FAILURE won the coin flip. Nisnipe fell on the losing side of that foot race and finished in second place. His efforts were not left unrewarded and he won $26,574.08.

Your newest SCOOP champion, LOL_FAILURE, collected $28,200.

You can always view the final hand here...

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Event #19-L $22 NL Big Antes - Final Table Results:
1. LOL_FAILURE - $28,200*
2. nisnipe - $26,574.08*
3. zrezzo - 19,188.92*
4. HBsen - $13,186.40
5. Amélie - $9,889.80
6. callmeicare - $6,593.20
7. BolshoiUh - $4,631.72
8. nomorebets - $2,966.94
9. MattDollar$ - $1,977.96

* Denotes a deal among the final three players.

There's still plenty of time to get in on all the SCOOP action. Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a full schedule of events.

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