SCOOP: McWin for McMang in $3,150 8-Game

scoop2009_thn.gifThere will be many champions in SCOOP, but there will be very few who can boast of such a title as the one earned in Event #29-High. The $3,150 buy-in event required not only a big bankroll, but a certain poker mastery that few people can claim.

The 8-game mix required both knowledge and actual skill in the following disciplines:

T - Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
H - Limit Hold'em
O - Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)
R - Razz
S - Limit Seven Card Stud
E - Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo)
H - No Limit Hold'em
A - Pot Limit Omaha

The big buy-in and variety of games drew some of the top players in the world. Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer finished just short of the money. Fellow Team Pro Chad Brown made a great run and sat at the top of the chip counts for a long while. He eventually succumbed in the money, finishing in 14th place.

Here's how the final table look when the final six sat down to determine the champion.

Seat 1: McMang (170060 in chips)
Seat 2: Pedrobär (143574 in chips)
Seat 3: who's bad (30819 in chips)
Seat 4: GlassOfBeer (104258 in chips)
Seat 5: steamraise (117853 in chips)
Seat 6: Jeetorious (98436 in chips)



Jeetorious came into the final table with a serviceable stack. It was going to take a few hands to put him in any peril. Those few hands came during a Stud-8 round. Over the course of several hands at the 3,000/6,000 limits, his stack dwindled all the way down to 30,000. He ended up folding 5♥4♠K♦8♥ on to a river bet from steamraise. Down to fewer than 7,000 chips, Jeetorious' stack went in a fee hands later with the A♣ showing. He whiffed his low draw and ended up with a measly pair of fours, no good against who's bad's trip kings. Jeetorious earned $17,955 for sixth place.


If there is a steady science to the stud games, pot-limit Omaha comes close to defining chaos. Just ask who's bad, who went into the round with a nice stack and went into his final hand at the 1,000/2,000 level with more than 110,000 chips.

Both who's bad and GlassOfBeer called a pot-sized bet from McMang, and they saw a flop of 9♦2♥Q♠. After two checks, McMang bet 10,000 and who's band raised to 48,000. GlassOfBeer folded and McMang set who's bad all-in.

who's bad: K♣T♥J♠J♥
McMang: T♠9♠8♦Q♥

Who's bad had himself a monster wrap to McMang's top two pair. The 8♠ on the turn was both a good thing and bad thing for who's bad. He got his straight, but McMang picked up a spade draw...a spade draw that hit on the river with the 5♠. Cue whatever cursing is required here and who's bad moved out in fifth place for $25,935.


With a couple of players gone, we slipped quietly into the 2-7 triple draw round with 5,000/10,000 limits. Steamraise was sitting on the short-stack with only four big bets left in his stack. He raised and got a call from McMang. Steamraise drew one and McMang took three. Remarkably, when steamraise led out, McMang raised. Steamraise took one and McMang stood pat. Steamraise check-called all-in and then stood pat. That's when McMang broke his hand and drew one. It was an ugly end for steamraise.

steamraise: (Lo: 8,7,6,3,2)
McMang: (Lo: 8,6,5,3,2)

Again, cue the curse words and steamraise's exit in fourth place. He earned $33,915.


Three players gone led to an immediate discussion of a deal. When presented with the standard chip-chop numbers, the players decided to play for a little more, rounded down to some even numbers and left $3,345 on the table for which to play. They locked up the following prizes.

McMang: $82,000
Pedrobä: $72,000
GlassOfBeer: $68,000

If anyone thought the tournament would end quickly after the deal, they thought wrong.


Funny thing about the player known as GlassOfBeer. While he no doubt showed the kind of skill few players can, he made an admission when he reached three-handed play: He didn't know how to play 2-7 until five minutes before the tournament. When he was asked who taught him, he had a simple, perfect answer.


Three-handed, GlassOfBeer managed to make it through the 2-7 round again. Omaha-8 would be his undoing.

Down to 31,600 in chips at the 6,000/12,000 level, he came in for a raise from the button and got a call from Pedrobär in the big blind. On a flop of J♥8♣T♥, GlassOfBeer got check-raised. That set off a raising war that got him all in.

Pedrobär: 9♦Q♣Q♥7♥
GlassOfBeer: A♦3♥5♣A♠

Out-flopped, GlassOfBeer couldn't catch up and was gone in third.


Here's how the players stacked up going into heads-up play.

McMang (279723 in chips)
Pedrobär (385277 in chips)

The players joked with each other that they would prefer to stick to the stud games and just skip the NLHE and PLO. They even asked PokerStars to let them stick with the gamems they preferred. No dice.

McMang ran hot during the stud rounds and opened up a sizable lead. By the time NLHE rolled around, the joy of it all had gone. On the very first hand of no-limit hold'em, here's what happened.

With that McMang became our newest SCOOP McChampion, winning more than $85,000.

SCOOP Event #29-High, $3,150 8-Game
Based on three-way deal

1. McMang: $85,345
2. Pedrobä ($72,000)
3. GlassOfBeer ($68,000)
4. steamraise's ($33,915)
5. who's bad ($25,935)
6. Jeetorious ($17,955)

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in SCOOP