SCOOP: midjat leads Day 1 pack of 17 remaining in Main Event-Low

scoop2009_thn.gifA "normal" Sunday would see about 4,500 players lining up for the Sunday Warm-up and 8,500 players for the Sunday Million. But, this isn't a normal weekend at PokerStars, nor a normal last two weeks for that matter as tonight's Main Events were the beginning of the end for another successful Spring Championship of Online Poker series. The last three events of the 38 event series would be the biggest in terms of prize pools. $5 million guaranteed for the $10,300 buy-in high tournament, $3 million guaranteed for the $1,050 buy-in medium tournament, and right here the $109 buy-in Main Event low buy-in tournament was guaranteed for $1 million.

The set $1 million amount for a prize pool that was nearly doubled thanks to the 19,188 players that crashed the gates creating a $1,918,800.00 fund of which $191,892.59 of it would good to the person sleek enough to weave through the huge field. 44 levels at 15 minutes a piece would be played tonight knocking the player pool to low double digits before the tournament clock would pause for the evening. To get to those double digits first we had to lose enough players so the rest could home and spend the spoils. 3,150 places paid out meaning philstar777's demise in 3,151st place gave $134.31 to every player.

Some of those players cashing had little PokerStars symbols (Team PokerStars Pros in case you haven't seen them) next to their names like Steven "stevejpa" Paul ($134.31 3,132nd place), Juan Maceiras ($134.31 3,057th place), Martha "Marene" Herrera ($153.50 2,689th place), Emad Tahtouh ($153.50 2,678th place), Lee Nelson ($191.88 2,217th place), Grzerorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz ($211.06 1915th place), Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth who might know a thing or two about winning the SCOOP Main Event having done so last year /en/blog/scoop/2009/scoop-winner-jthaddeus-scores-963338-in-038439.html (1735th place, $230.25), Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra ($326.19 1314th place), Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso ($326.19 1292nd place), Greg "Fossilman" Raymer 1,276th place $326.19), Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby ($345.38 1,183rd place), Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes (766th place $460.51), Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc ($594.82 479th place), Alvaro "VARICO" Blanco ($825.08 245th place).

But, one Team PokerStars pro seemed bent on taking a little more than just a few buy-ins tonight. Shortly after checking in with Andre "aakkari" Akkari run in the top 100 chip stacks we checked out this hand which elicited the familiar cries of "VAMOOOOOOOOOOO" from the crowd.

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And with the nine on the turn, Akkari overcame the pocket tens with a set of nines scooping the massive pot and breaking into the top 10 in chips during level 26.


Andre Akkari with a reason to smile

And that chip stack would grow and grow continue growing into almost 10 million chips as the clock wound even closer to the level 44 stoppage time before the evening's designated day two break time. Andre's run good would finally slow down a bit but still held a top ten chipstack with just two level of play before the break. Meanwhile midjat came out of thin-air to decimate several big stacks and ran the chip leading stack to over 30 million as StructureK, pmahoney22, and LuckyWin017 and Grodindono tried to keep up with their eight figure stacks.

Because you just can't get enough VAMOOOO

Rapid fire Portuguese continued to come across Andre's table, cheering on the Team PokerStars pro into the wee hours of the morning as his chip stack was not as mighty as it once was especially with new tablemate midjat sitting on his immediate left. Level 44 finally came with the blinds at 125K/250K ante 37.5K and just 23 players remained for the last level of the morning after 13 hours of play.

From three tables to two

z81ima's pocket tens were no good against Florida State supporter Quitti33's pocket jacks and we were down to 22. On the same table wolfram17's KJo tried to slide by pmahoney22's pocket nines even after a scary flop of Q♥ 8♥ T♦ wolfram17 would brick out on the 3♠ turn and 2♥ river to bust in 22nd place ($3,453.84). pmahoney22 continued to snip the field's size down by taking pocket tens eliminating the pocket sevens of Hagmasch (21st place $3,453.84) for a 4.1 million chip pot.

Fire Drill! Everyone Evacuate!

Then with just one minute left before the morning break for day two we had three rapid fire eliminations. dubbeemin tried to shove pocket queens past 3615 after a T♣ 2♣ J♥ flop. But, with an overcard and the nut flush draw A♣7♣ 3615 made the call and hit the A♥ on the turn, faded the river T♥ to knock out dubbeemin in 20th place ($3,453.84). Freddoe got a big triple espresso wakeup call from yuan. After shoving for his remaining 4.9 million chip holding A♣Q♣, yuan sat patiently in the big blind covering the bet and holding pocket rockets A♥A♠. The turn 9♣ 3♥ T♥ J♦ gave yuan a little flavor shot of sweat, but the 7♥ closed down the table and Freddoe's tournament in 19th place ($3,453.84).

And now it's time to say farewell

After the breaking down to two tables and still just one minute left on the clock midjat claimed another 4.7 million chip pot without showing cards and pmahoney22 wanted one more scalp before retiring for the evening and went all-in preflop against Garnerus for a 14 million chip pot. Watch the action play out below:

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And with the six on the flop, matching pmahoney22's A♣6♥ Garnerus was forced to beg for a jack to match his A♥J♦ to turn the hand back around. But, it wasn't meant to be as the board read Q♦ 6♣ 3♥ T♦ 2♠ shipping the 14.6 million chip pot to pmahoney22 and ended Garnerus' night in 18th place ($3,933.54).

SCOOP ME-Low1.jpg

Table 423
Seat 1: Quitti33 (14,846,242 in chips) Seat 2: B18GsrR (14,371,306 in chips) Seat 3: LuckyWin017 (10,927,620 in chips) Seat 4: aakkari (5,933,326 in chips) Seat 5: Elpinto54 (4,594,231 in chips) Seat 6: 0120 (4,465,331 in chips) Seat 7: Grodindono (9,997,622 in chips) Seat 8: pmahoney22 (26,604,539 in chips)

SCOOP ME-Low2.jpg

Table 770

Seat 1: MikeTBH (4,451,200 in chips) Seat 2: scarface_79 (10,914,302 in chips) Seat 3: yuan (12,174,869 in chips) Seat 4: StructureK (10,428,293 in chips) Seat 5: stahlbeton32 (6,344,528 in chips) Seat 6: 3615 (11,085,004 in chips) Seat 7: iFROST (4,552,800 in chips) Seat 8: midjat (28,714,976 in chips) Seat 9: NotAble2Fold (11,473,811 in chips)

Shortly after Garnerus took leave the final minute bloodbath ended with 17 (shown above) still remaining and safely able to head to their beds to rest up for tomorrow battle to claim one of two six figure paydays sitting at the final table.

Here's what the final 17 will be shooting for tomorrow at the final table:

1. $191,892.59
2. $142,586.02
3. $95,940.00
4. $76,752.00
5. $57,564.00
6. $38,376.00
7. $26,959.14
8. $17,269.20
9. $11,512.80

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP