SCOOP: Mr.M.M0ney Manages Main Event Medium Victory in Day 2 of Event #38-M

SCOOP logo 2010.gifTwo-day tournaments have their perks. For the players remaining at the end of Day 1, it allows them to regroup, rest, and develop a strategy for the second day based on their chip stacks and notes they've accumulated about their opponents. The rest keeps them from making decisions based on fatigue or making mistakes due to exhaustion. Sure, there are those who feel that the momentum of the chip leaders can be broken by the break in the game, which can be the case, but most players support the two-day extravaganzas.

Event 38 of the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) was better known as the Main Event, and this was the Medium version of it, boasting of a $1,050 buy-in and $3 million guarantee. There were 3,675 entrants in the NLHE tournament, making for an actual prize pool of $3,675,000.

Day 1 saw the vast majority of the field eliminated. The top 495 players made it into the money, and that group included names of Team PokerStars Pro like Joe Hachem, Lee Nelson, and Chris Moneymaker. Leo Fernandez ran deep and made it to 61st place, but it was Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis who looked as Day 2 was in the bag. But in the last hour of play, Veldhuis got involved in a massive pot and his queens were all-in against aces. The last standing member of Team PokerStars Pro went from the top ten on the leaderboard to a 27th place finish in a matter of moments, and he took $9,371.25 out of the tournament with him.

When action stopped at the end of Level 33, there were 24 players remaining, and it was cashclctor in the lead with 4,559,905 chips. It should also be noted that the ninth place player from Day 1, delaney_kid, was also still in the running from the High version of the Main Event where he was sitting in sixth place.

Day 2 began

The 11-hour break ended with those 24 players back at the tables, starting with Level 34, which consisted of 17,500/35,000 blinds and a 4,375 ante.

It didn't take long for pi3t3r to depart in 24th place with $9,371.25, followed by Hagbart55, ragingquads, -Bay777-, CPT CRUX, and Joey Capp. And suddenly, there were only two tables remaining.

It was soon after that AxisP exited in 18th place, broseph321 in 17th, TheAssassin3 in 16th, wiklund in 15th, cizmakk in 14th, LordBurghley in 13th, and Believer82 in 12th. After rl111 busted in 11th place, it was delaney_kid who saw an opportunity. Rage4dorder raised preflop, and delaney_kid reraised all-in from the big blind with T♣T♦. Rage4dorder called with A♥Q♠, and the race ended on the A♣4♦Q♦ flop. The 4♠ and 2♣ finished the hand, leaving delaney_kid out in tenth place on the final table bubble, with $22,050.00 to show for it. And almost simultaneously, he busted from the High version of the Main Event in ninth place after just making that final table.

NOREFUNDS42 leads final table at start

It was just at the beginning of Level 40 that the final table got underway, and the blinds were at 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante. The starting chip counts and seating arrangement for the players was as follows:

Seat 1: cooperz0311 (5,619,038 in chips)
Seat 2: rage4dorder (5,805,984 in chips)
Seat 3: Mr.M.M0ney (1,517,470 in chips)
Seat 4: NOREFUNDS42 (6,283,941 in chips)
Seat 5: cashclctor (5,182,272 in chips)
Seat 6: KJulius10 (1,389,717 in chips)
Seat 7: 888_OCTV (4,018,560 in chips)
Seat 8: Athanasios 9 (4,708,456 in chips)
Seat 9: hook2120 (2,224,562 in chips)

2010 SCOOP - Event 38-M Day2 Pic.JPG

But things were about to change. Quickly.

On the very first hand of action, short-stacked KJulius10 pushed all-in from the small blind. But 888-OCTV made the call from the big blind with 7♦7♠, calling the semi-bluff of KJulius10, who was holding 5♣4♣. The board came 3♣A♠6♥3♠J♠, and 888-OCTV was looking at two pair. KJulius10 was the first to be let go from the final table, taking with him $29,400.00 for the performance.

In the first few rounds, Athanasios 9 was making several aggressive moves to try to stay in contention for first place on the leaderboard with NOREFUNDS42. Athanasios 9 even took a pot worth more than 3 million chips from cooperz0311, and that allowed the former to jump into first place by more than 1 million chips.

Meanwhile, hook2120 doubled through rage4dorder to stay alive, and Mr.M.M0ney doubled through 888_OCTV to do the same. By the time the first break of the final table rolled around, 888-OCTV had climbed into the top spot, mostly due to a 3 million-chip pot taken from cashclctor. NOREFUNDS42 was in second, and Athanasios 9 was in a solid third on the leaderboard.

A new day

When cashclctor finished Day 1, he was riding high atop the leaderboard with a solid chip stack. But Day 2 proved to be a different animal altogether, as cashclctor consistently bled chips throughout the first few hours of play. Soon, as one of the short stacks cashclctor tangled with NOREFUNDS42 preflop, the former pushing all-in with 3♣3♠, but the chip leader calling with Q♦Q♠. The flop of Q♣T♦9♦ immediately brought the set for NOREFUNDS42, and the 2♠ turn and K♥ river ended the tournament for cashclctor, who walked away with $45,937.50 for eighth place.

The very next hand saw Mr.M.M0ney, who was suffering toward the bottom of the chip counts, made a miraculous double-up through 888-OCTV:

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Another big hand followed soon after, when Athanasios 9 doubled through NOREFUNDS42 when the two tangled and pocket queens beat A-10. NOREFUNDS42 was suddenly in the middle of the pack.

Then it was time for Mr.M.M0ney to jump ahead, and two players suffered for it. Hook2120 started off the hand with an all-in move for 2,247,425 chips. Rage4dorder followed with a reraise all-in for 2,815,022. And Mr.M.M0ney called them both. The hands were:

hook2120: Q♠T♣
rage4dorder: K♠K♦
Mr.M.M0ney: A♥A♠

The board came down J♦3♥4♣6♥3♣, and the aces eliminated two players, hook2120 in seventh place with $82,687.50, and rage4dorder in sixth place with $119,437.50.

Five for fighting

With five players remaining, short-stacked cooperz0311 decided to take a chance, and the double-up attempt was successful, courtesy of NOREFUNDS42

Then it was 888-OCTV's turn to climb, and through a 5.8 million-chip pot off Mr.M.M0ney and a 3.3 million one from Athanasios 9, 888-OCTV jumped right into first place.

How quickly things changed for NOREFUNDS42, who finished Day 1 in third place but fought battle after battle during the Day 2 final table. As one of the shorter stacks at the table, NOREFUNDS42 decided to risk it all preflop with A♦9♠, and Athanasios 9 went along from the small blind holding A♣K♦. The board of A♥2♦7♣6♣Q♥ gave both players top pair, but Athanasios 9 had the best kicker. NOREFUNDS42 was forced out in fifth place with $156,187.50.

Cooperz0311 doubled again, this time through 888-OCTV, but that wasn't enough. A short while later, the two tangled again with the following results:

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That catapulted cooperz0311 into a solid second place on the leaderboard, while 888-OCTV was suddenly on the short stack. But when Athanasios 9 took a pot worth more than 8 million from cooperz0311, it was the former who soared into the lead again, leaving the other three to fight for their chances.

And it was 888-OCTV who took that chance, pushing all-in preflop with A♦2♦ against the A♠T♥ of Athanasios 9. The deal brought down a K♥T♦Q♦8♠Q♣ board, giving Athanasios 9 two pair and the pot. 888-OCTV was eliminated from the tournament in fourth place with $211,312.50.

And they have a deal

It soon became clear that the last three players were fairly close in chip stacks and no particular progress was being made. The three decided to pause the tournament to look at some chip-chop numbers. Though they didn't like the first numbers, they came up with their own chop arrangement, and it worked. With $60,000 set aside for the eventual winner, the following numbers were agreed upon for payouts:

Seat 1: cooperz0311 (15,199,974 in chips) = $448,500.00
Seat 3: Mr.M.M0ney (9,292,448 in chips) = $383,137.50
Seat 8: Athanasios 9 (12,257,578 in chips) = $418,500.00

Play resumed, and it wasn't long before Athanasios 9 worked his way to the lowest chip stack and pushed all-in preflop with A♦7♣. Mr.M.M0ney called with J♥J♣, and the board of 4♠T♥7♦5♠T♣ shipped the 10 million-chip pot to Mr.M.M0ney. Athanasios 9 was eliminated in third place and took home $418,500.00 for it.

Cooperz0311 v. Mr.M.M0ney

The last two players standing found themselves vying for the title in a battle that began just before the 29th hour of play. Their chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: cooperz0311 (20,325,474 in chips)
Seat 3: Mr.M.M0ney (16,424,526 in chips)

The match-up saw both players take the chip lead at one time or another, as chips were traded in small pots followed by the occasional multi-million chip ones. There were double-ups as well, but it wasn't until the nearly an hour into the match when Mr.M.M0ney took the lead with the following hand:

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That left cooperz0311 anxious to move, and three hands later, cooperz0311 pushed all-in with K♣8♣. Mr.M.M0ney called with a solid A♠J♣, and that only improved to a pair on the J♠3♥T♦ flop. A 4♣ appeared on the turn, followed by a 5♥ on the river, and cooperz0311 had to settle for second place in the tournament, which was worth $448,500.00.

The player with a name made for a champion - Mr.M.M0ney - won the Medium Main Event of the 2010 SCOOP series. For that feat, he was awarded $443,137.50, along with a championship watch and the title. Congratulations!

SCOOP Event 38-Medium (NLHE Main Event) Final Results for 05/17/10:

1st place: Mr.M.M0ney ($443,137.50)*
2nd place: cooperz0311 ($448,500.00)*
3rd place: Athanasios 9 ($418,500.00)*
4th place: 888-OCTV ($211,312.50)
5th place: NOREFUNDS42 ($156,187.50)
6th place: rage4dorder ($119,437.50)
7th place: hook2120 ($82,687.50)
8th place: cashclctor ($45,937.50)
9th place: KJulius10 ($29,400.00)

*denotes a three-way chop agreement

Thanks for joining us for all of the 2010 SCOOP action! Check out the Spring Championship of Online Poker website for details of the series and PokerStars.TV for highlights.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in SCOOP