SCOOP: Norm427 wins Event #3-M $55 Rebuys NL (6-Max)

scoop2009_thn.gif4,444. Talk about a pretty smooth number.

Well, those four fours represent the exact number of runners in Event #3-Medium $55+R NL 6-Max. The winner would have to fade a field of 4,443 other players in order to win the first place prize worth $102,146.42.

In all, a total of 660 players would be paid out, with every player at the final table guaranteed to win no less than $10,716.80. The overall prize pool in Event #3-M topped out at $669,800 with to total number of 5,826 re-buys and 3,126 add-ons.

A short-handed rebuy event mean lots of fast action for the first hour, but with also plenty of deep-stacked play towards the final two tables.

The field in this short-handed event featured Team PokerStars Pros such as Andre Akkari, Nacho Barbero, Barry Greenstein, Dennis Phillips, Chad Brown, Katja Thater, Geroge Danzer, Vanessa Rousso, Marcel Luske, Veronica Dabul, Hevad Khan,, Victor Ramdin, Thierry van den Berg, Emad Tahtou, JC Alvarado, Johnny Lodden, and Thomas Bichon.

As expected, PokerStars Team Online Pros were also well-represented including Donald, Jorj95, JorgeArias, acoimbra, elmagopr, nanonoko, and Leatherass9.

Notables players who cashed included: Dennis Phillips (384th place), Barry Greenstein (209th place), Jan "50outs" Von Halle (189th), Jose "NachoBarbero" Berbero (125th), Stevie Chidwick (44th), Sergey "gipsy74" Rybachenko (30th), George Danzer (26th), and Jeremy "00psiedaisy" Fitzpatrick (12th).

Not So Tiny Danzer; He Makes His Stand

TinyDanzer.jpgGerman Team Pro - George Danzer

Five hours into the tournament with 1,000 players remaining, NICO DINGO from Bordeaux held the chiplead, closing in on 200K. However, the Frenchman was unable to hold off a German assault from Team Pro George Danzer. With a tad over 100K, Danzer sat comfortably in the top 100 in chips, yet he continued his aggressive march as he easily maneuvered his way into the Top 15.

Danzer eventually rocketed into the chip lead to over 330k after his pocket Aces held up to bust an opponent. As soon as his name appeared at the top of the leader board, fellow German pros Jan Heitmann and Sebastian Ruthenberg stopped by to wish him luck. Inspired by his fallen brethren on the rail, Danzer attempted to pull away from the pack with approximately 700 players to go. He chipped up to 420K and had almost twice as much as the closest player in second place as action approached the money bubble.

Bubblicious, Part 1: The Money

During hand-for-hand, Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb suffered a dismal bust out and finished in 662nd place as he "bubbled the bubble." The dubious honor of the Bubble Boy went to HoltenplOdds who bounced out in 661st place after grinding it out for over six hours.

Once the bubble burst, Danzer passed the 500K mark when he called a 5-bet shove with Kings, which held up against Queens. The pack eventually caught up to Danzer though, with about 300 players to go. The German still had over 500K in chips, but had lost to lead to VC VEM!!.

Bear Goes Down

Barry Greenstein always attracts a fair amount of railbirds wherever he goes. Greenstein is the king of the one-liners when engaging in banter with his adoring fans...

RegisFiBong: barry u are the man
barryg1: genetically

Greenstein held onto a short stack for most of the middle stages of the tournament. He had avoided elimination on a hand when he opened shoved with K♦Q♦ and proceeded to out run A-10. So when he found K♦Q♦ again, he did not hesitate to go to battle with it for a second time around. When Kresera opened for a raise, Greenstein three-bet shoved for his last 58,000. Kresera called with Big Slick and Greenstein's run was over. The Team PokerStars pro affectionately known as "Bear" finished in 209th place.

With 180 to go, SlowDoke from Dublin seized the lead and passed 1 million in chips. Danzer was still hanging in the Top 5. Meanwhile Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero, the only other Team Pro still left in the field, was struggling to stay above the average stack. But you knew the Nacho Man had some fight still left in him.


Warning, social media reference coming...

If I were reporting this hand on Twitter, I would have added a hashtag that said #timely2x, because that's just what happened to Nacho Barbero. With his stack dwindling, he picked up pocket Aces. He shoved, got a call, and they held up. The Team Pro from Argentina climbed into the Top 70 in chips with 150 or so to go.

Nacho Busto

Nacho's run unfortunately ended when he finished in 125th place. He three-bet shoved with Kings. His opponent was committed with Ace-rag. An ace on the flop spelled doom for Nacho and he was toast.

Danzer Dunzo

George Danzer scratched and clawed his way to the final five tables. However, when he finally made a stand, he unfortunately ran into pocket aces. Danzer finished in 26th place.

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Slow Down; Hungarian Surge

With two tables to go, Renaud held the chip lead with almost 9 million. Two players quickly busted, but then action significantly slowed down with ten to go.

Heavenwalker from Budapest, Hungary extended a slight lead over Renaud after winning a 1.2 million pot. We never got to see a showdown because Renaud bailed after the turn. Not to be out done, Renaud fought back and dragged a 2 million pot from heavenwalker.

Slap Happy

As the tournament passed the 15th hour of player, nine players remained and one of them wondered out loud if the event should have been two-days instead of one. The majority of remaining players were from Europe and started the event around 8pm European time. They were approaching normal lunch time hours without a final table about to be set anytime soon. The discussion quickly turned to beverages...

philipoo: "im gald i have a few redbulls"
_WiggoKatt_: "ive been drinking espresso all night..."
Mokers: "drink tea it's better for you"

Mokers Out in Front

With 8 players to go and the final two tables playing four-handed, Mokers jumped into the chip lead with a 10 million stack after winning a pair of 1 million pots. Heavenealker was not far behind with 9 million and would continue to put the pressure on his super-short-handed table. The two would pass the lead back and forth over the next level of play.

Renaud Rollercoaster

Renaud lost a coin flip to PokerSkiBum when A-J outflopped 8-8. Renaud was all-in shortly after and in horrible shape with K-J having to come from way behind to beat PokerSkiBum's pocket aces. Renaud flopped a king and rivered a jack for two pair. He quickly recovered his chips that he had lost only a few hands before in a race.

PokerSkiBum eventually went out in 8th place when he lost a flip with pocket tens against Norm427's Big Slick.

Bubblicious, Part 2: The Final Table

No one ever likes being the Bubble Boy, especially in a 6-handed tournament. Alas, the distinction went to Denmark's philipoo. They say Scandis play fast, and philipoo fit that description because he never backed down. Here's what happened... Mokers opened for raise of almost 280K. Philipoo shoved from the small blind for 2.2 million. Mokers called with A♥T♠. He had philipoo's J♥T♥ dominated. Mokers hand held up and philipoo bubbled off the final table in 7th place.

Mokers = Final Table Chipleader

With six players remaining, Mokers began the final table as the chipleader with almost 14 million. Here's how the rest of the table looked...

Event #3-M $55-R NL 6-Max Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Norris9911 (5,213,089)
Seat 2: Renaud (7,085,952)
Seat 3: heavenwalker (8,595,623)
Seat 4: Norm427 (8,101,339)
Seat 5: jigga_wigga1 (3,495,752)
Seat 6: Mokers (13,948,245)

The Final Table

Mokers Smoked Out

Mokers lost the chiplead fairly quickly when he doubled up Norm427. Both players got it in on the flop. Mokers had top pair with A-J, but Norm427 had flopped a set of Aces. Norm427 doubled up and pulled even in chips with Mokers. Renaud regained the chip lead by default.

Mon Dieu! Jigga_wigga1 Snaps Off Aces

It wasn't pretty. On a flop of K♦T♦3♠, jigga_wigga1 bet 485K, Renaud re-raised to 1.2 million, jigga_wigga1 4-bet shoved for 3.6 million. Renaud called with pocket aces, while jigga_wigga1 showed K♥T♥ for top two pair. The turn and river did not help Renaud. Aces snaaaaaaped!

At that point, all six final table players were separated by no more than 1.4 million. Heavwalker held the overall lead with 8.5 million, while Noriss9911 held the "short stack" with 7.1 million. At that point, a couple of the players wanted to discuss a deal, with jigga_wigga1 being the only player to object. Alas, play continued.

Hell for Heavenwalker

Heavenwalker opened to 300,000. Jigga_wigga1 defended his big blind with a call. The flop was J♠J♦T♥. Jigga_wigga1 checked. Heavenwalker bets 400K. Jigga_wigga1 check-raised to 1.24 million, and heavenwalker called. The turn was the 7♣. Jigga_wigga1 bet almost 2.4M. Heavenwalker re-raised all-in to almost 6 million. Jigga_wigga1 called.

jigga_wigga1: A♥J♥
heavenwalker: J♣8♥

Both players flopped trip jacks, but jigga_wigga1 was ahead with a better kicker. The river was the 4♠. Jigga_wigga1 won the pot and pulled to almost even in chips with Mokers. Meanwhile, heavenwalker was crippled and knocked down to a shade over 1 million in chips.

Heaven Helps Heavenwalker

Despite the setback, heavenwalker wasn't about to give up so easily. The Hungarian doubled twice when his A♣3♣ held up against Q-9, then he doubled again with pocket eights bested A-8.

Heavenwalker Nevermore

Heavenwalker opened to 360K and jigga_wigga1 called from the button. The flop was T♠7♥6♠. Heavenwalker bet 640K and jigga_wigga1 bumped it up to 9,999,999. Heavenwalker called all in for his last 3 million.

jigga_wigga1: A♠9♠

Heavenwalker was a head with pocket kings, but jigga_wigga1 had one heck of a draw (flush, plus a gutshot and one over). The turn was the A♣ and jigga_wigga1 took the lead with a pair of aces. The river filled in his flush and he won the pot. He improved his stack to over 14 million and took over the lead. Budapest's heavenwalker headed to the rail in 6th place, winning $10,716.80.

Renaud Regains the Lead

Renaud opened to 425K, Jigga_wigga1 three-bet to over 1.1 million, and Renaud called. The flop was A♠J♦6♦. Jigga_wigga1 checked. Renaud bet 1.1 million, and jigga_wigga1 called. The turn was the Q♣ and both players checked. The river was the 4♣. Jigga_wigga1 checked. Renaud bet 3.5 million. Jigga_wigga1 called. Renaud showed A♣J♠ for two pair and jigga_wigga1 mucked. Renaud was closing in on 14 million in chips and regained the lead.

Seven hands later, Renaud won a 6.5 million pot off of Norris9911. Renaud improved to over 17 million, while Norris9911 slipped to 5.1 million as the shortest stack at the table with five players to go.

Don't You Let That Deal Go Down

With five to go, the players asked host, Team Pro Thomas Bichon, to pause the tournament while they discuss a deal. The players tossed around one potential scenario: everyone gets $50,000 with an additional $33,427.70 going to the winner. Renaud wanted more because he had a hearty lead (16.6 million with Norm427 the closest behind with almost 9 million). The players counter-offered $53,000 to him, $50,000 for each of them, and $30,000 to the winner. Renaud balked. He got another offer of $58,000, with $50,000 to the other four, and the eventual winner getting the last $25,000. All the players finally agreed to that deal and play resumed.

Norris9911 Out in 5th

On the first hand after the deal, we had an elimination. Norris9911 raised to almost 450K. Mokers re-raised to almost 1.5 million. Norris9911 called. The flop was K♦Q♣6♣. Mokers bet 1.8 million. Norris9911 re-raised all-in to 4.8 million. Mokers had him covered, and he called with K♣K♠. Norris9911 was way behind with K♥T♦. The turn and river did not help Norris9911 and he finished in 5th place, earning $50,000.

Avoiding Elimination with A-2

After losing a couple of smallish pots, jigga_wigga1 all of a sudden found himself as the short stack. He got it all in with A-2 against Renaud's Q♣[10c], and promptly flopped an ace. His hand held and he doubled up to almost 10 million. Renaud lost lead, as Mokers slipped back into the top spot.

Norm427 Applies Pressure

Norm427 had been rather quiet until he bullied jigga_wigga1. When the dust settled, Norm427 had dragged a 8.6 million pot and seized the overall chip lead.

Au Revoir, Renaud

Jigga_wigga1 shoved for over 7 million on the button. Renaud called all-in for his last 6,423,002. Renaud was ahead with A♦T♥ vs. A♠7♦, but jigga_wigga1 flopped a seven and it was all over. Renaud busted out in 4th place and won $58,000. Good thing he held out for money in the deal.

With three players remaining, Mokers had a tiny lead over Norm427. Both players had over 16 million, with jigga_wigga1 not far behind with 14 million.

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Jigga_wigga1 What?

Battle of the blinds. Mokers folded his button. Norm427 raised to 900K. Jigga_wigga1 re-raised to 9.9 million. Norm427 shoved for the rest of his chips or roughly 11.1 million. Jigga_wigga1 called. Norm427 was ahead with A♦Q♥ vs. A♥6♥. The board ran out A♣8♦K♠3♠A♠. Norm427 won the pot to pull close to even in chips with Mokers. Meanwhile, jigga_wigga1 was crippled.

Jigga_wigga1 Wigs Out in 3rd

Jigga_wigga1 shoved for his last 3.4 million and Norm427 called. Jigga_wigga1's Q♠6♥ trailed Norm427's K♦J♣. Norm427 flopped two pair and that's all she wrote. Jigga_wigga1 finished in 3rd place and won $50,000.

The Final Two: Norm427 vs. Mokers

With two players remaining, we're on the cusp of determining a new SCOOP champion. Even with the deal/save, there's over $25,000 up for grabs, separating first and second place prize money.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 4: Norm427 (26,036,026)
Seat 6: Mokers (20,403,974)

It took just eight hands to determine a champion. Mokers only won one of those eight, while Norm427 quickly chipped away at Mokers stack. He fleeced 50% of it in just seven hands, and got the rest of it on the final hand...

Norm427 raised to 900K and Mokers called. The flop was A♥8♠5♠. Mokers checked. Norm427 bet 1.2 million. Mokers check-raised to over 2.9M. Norm427, undeterred from the check-raise, pushed back for over 6.8 million. Mokers shoved all-in for the rest of his stack and 12.3 million total. Norm427 called.

Mokers: 9♠8♣
Norm427: 7♠3♠

Mokers was ahead with a pair of eights but he needed to fade a spade draw. Norm427 whiffed on the turn, but his flush filled in on the river. He won the pot and shipped SCOOP Event #3-M $55 R NL (6-Handed). Mokers won $50,000 for second place, while Norm427 took home over $75,000.

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SCOOP Event #3-M $55 Rebuy NLE (6-Max) Final Table Results:
1. Norm427 (Winnipeg) - $75,427.70*
2. Mokers (Paignton) - $50,000*
3. Jigga_wigga1 (Run Good City) - $50,000*
4. Renaud (Mery-sur-Marne) - $58,000*^
5. Norris9911 (Glasgow) - $50,000*
6. heavenwalker (Budapest) - $10,716.80

* Denotes a deal among the final five players.
^ Renaud got $58,000 because he was the chipleader at the time of the discussed deal

In case you were wondering, there's still plenty of SCOOP tournaments yet to be played. Check out the 2010 SCOOP Schedule.

Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP