SCOOP: pash123 pushes Past 10,712 runners to a victory in Event #13-L $16.50 NL (Ante Up)

scoop2009_thn.gifPokerStars has always been an innovator in the world of online poker. So, it was not a surprise that SCOOP would include a tournament that maintained the same blinds throughout the tournament but with one significant catch... escalating antes.

If numbers are any indication, the public was willing to give the Ante Up event a shot. In fact, 10,712 runners showed up in this event as the prize pool ballooned to $160,680. The top 1,800 players would win prize money with first place earning $21,298.77. That's a juicy payday considering the $16.50 price of admission.

I'm still fascinated by the format. Blinds were etched in stone at 5/5, but players were responsible for an ante on every single hand. A couple of Team PokerStars Pros participated in this event including George Danzer, Alex Kravchenko, Vanessa Rousso, Victor Ramdin, ElkY, and Veronica Dabul. None of those pros secured a cash in this event, however, two team pros from Portugal proudly made the money... Nuno Coelho (855th) and Henrique Pinho (882nd). Pinho was also hosting the final table of this event.


Event #13-L $16.50 NL Ante Up - Final Table Cip Counts:
Seat 1: XBraumeister (2,668,983)
Seat 2: AttyBubba (2,363,332)
Seat 3: trompete (3,882,562)
Seat 4: pash123 (16,236,397)
Seat 5: axe lavec (2,368,173)
Seat 6: Robie123 (8,684,585)
Seat 7: lorenzo79 (2,127,518)
Seat 8: BigMan1984 (4,024,303)
Seat 9: Thishowedoit (11,204,147)

Mla~ bubbled off the final table in 10th place. When the final table was set, pash123 from Moscow, Russia held the lead with over 16.2 million.

XBraumeister Busts on Hand #1; BigMan1984 Busts on Hand #2

If you blinked, then you missed two big hands to kick off the final table.

On the first hand... Pash123 opened for a raise and XBraumeister called. The flop was K♣5♠5♣. Pash123 fired out 400K. XBraumeister raised to 800K and pash123 called. The turn was the T♣ and pash123 shoved for 15 million or so. XBraumeister called all-in for his last 1.5 million. Pash123 was ahead with a flush Q♣8♣, while XBraumeister failed to boat up with K♥J♠. Out in 9th for $964.08.

On the second hand... BigMan1984 was all-in with Q♠Q♦ against Thishowedoit's A♠K♠. BigMan1984 flopped a set of queens, but Thishowedoit flopped a Broadway straight. BigMan1984 also failed to boat up and he was eliminated in second place. He won $1,446.12.

"Careful with that Axe, Eugene"

Axe Lavec was the next casualty. He shoved with 7♥7♣, and Robie123 called with A♦T♥. On a flop of J♠6♠3♥, Robie123 bet 425,955 and axe lavec called. The turn was the T♠. Robie123 bet close to 1.3 million and Axe Lavec called all-in. Robie123's pair of tens were ahead of pocket sevens. The river was the T♦ and Robie123 won with trips. Axe Lavec hit the road in 7th place, good enough for $3,052.92.

With six players remaining, the field became divided into two parts: big stacks (Thisowedoit, Pash123, Robie123) and little stacks (AttyBubba, lorenzo79, trompete). Pash123 held the lead with 20 million.

Robie123 Cooler'd

What are you gonna do? Raise. Re-raise. Re-raise. Re-raise. Shove. Call. Robie123 was not happy to see a pair of aces going to battle against his kings. Robe123 went out in 6th place and won $4,659.72.

Check out the hand on the replayer...

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AttyBubba OuttyHere

Another all-in preflop. AttyBubba was fighting to the death with K♦J♣ against pash123's A♣6♠. The flop contained an ace and that's all she wrote. AttyBubbda collected $6,266.52 for fifth place.

On the Dole: Pash123 Passes Out Free Chips

Pash123 bumped up his stack to over 40 million and then it got ugly in three hands. Three big socialist hands, I should add, because big stacked Russian redistributed the wealth among his peers.

-- Thishowedoit doubled up with A-8 against pash123's A-J. Pash123 slipped to 38 million.

-- Lorenzo79 also doubled through pash123 with Ah-10h holding up against A-8.

-- Thishowedoit flopped set of 5s versus top pair and nut flush draw. All in on the flop. Pash123 did not improve and slipped to 27.3 million.... Thishowedoit jumped to 19 MIL.

Pash123 finally stopped the hemorrhaging when he won a 19 million pot against Thishowedoit. Pash123 increased his chip lead to 37 million, while Thishowedoit slipped to 10 million.

The Dreaded Slow Down

With four players to go, the action fell into a predictable funk. Here's what usually happened, pash123 opens with a bully-bet, then one of two things ensues...

1. Someone comes over the top and pash123 folds.


2. Everyone folds to pash123.

That tediuous situation played itself out for almost an hour.

Lorenzo79 Leap Frog

Lorenzo79 doubled up to move into second place in chips when his J♠J♣ held up against trompete's A♦K♣. Lorenzo79 was not longer the hunted, and increased his stack to 6.2 million.

Trompete Trumped in 4th

Short-stack trompete shoved with K♦J♥, but he could not win a race to save his tournament life against lorenzo79's 8♦8♣. The Frenchman finished in fourth place and won $7,873.32 for his efforts.


Thishowedoit was nursing the short stack with three to go until he doubled through lorenzo79. His 2♥2♦ won a race against A♥Q♣ in a 11.2 million pot.

Lorenzo79 was now bringing up the rear as the short stack. A few hands later, Lorenzo79 avoided elimination when he doubled up with pocket aces and flopped a set.

Just when it seemed like someone else was about to make a run, Pash123 won 14.7 million pot with a flush and was sitting on comfortable stack worth almost 48 million.

Lorenzo79 Is a Not-So-Happy Jack

Lorenzo79 shoved with K♣6♠, which did not hold against Thishowedoit's J♠J♣. He finished in third place and won $11,086.92. With lorenzo79's elimination, a heads up match was set with pash123 holding a tremendous advantage.

Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 4: pash123 (47,204,043)
Seat 9: Thishowedoit (6,355,957)

It only took ten hands to determine a winner. On the final hand... Thishowedoit opened. Pash123 popped him and Thishowedoit called. The flop was A♣T♦4♥. Pash123 bet 400K and Thishowedoit called. The turn was the T♠, giving pash123 two-pair. He bet 1 million and Thishowedoit called. The river was the 3♥. Pash123 bet 15,599,685. Thishowedoit called all-in. It wasn't pretty after that. He showed A♥4♣ for a flopped two pair -- not good enough to avoid elimination -- because pash123's bogger two pair prevailed.

Thishowedoit was eliminated in second place, collecting $14.694.18. Meanwhile, pash123 won the event and $21,298.77 in cash.

Check out the replay of the final hand below...

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SCOOP Event #13-L $16.50 NL (Ante Up) - Final Table Results:
1. pash123 - $21,298.77
2. Thishowedoit - $14.694.18
3. lorenzo79 - $11,086.92
4. Trompete - $7,873.32
5. AttyBubba - $6,266.52
6. Robie123 - $4,659.72
7. Axe Lavec - $3,052.92
8. BigMan1984 - $1,446.12
9. XBraumeister - $964.08

There's still plenty of time to get in on all the SCOOP action. Check out our SCOOP page for more information and a full schedule of events.

Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in SCOOP