SCOOP: ProCasanova victorious in love and Event #11-M, PLO heads-up

scoop2009_thn.gifTwo men stood battle-weary across the line from each other and gazed with tired eyes upon their final foe. They said exactly what you'd expect them to say:



They had fought through opponent after opponent, one at a time, and in such a brutal gambler's game, they simply had too little fight left in them to go much further. Omaha is a game invented for gamblers. Pot-limit Omaha was created for gamblers on cheap trucker speed. Heads up PLO was for the people who keep the needle in the arm when they shower and go to church--the unabashed action junkies.

SCOOP Event #11-medium was just the sick playground these people love. The $215 heads-up PLO affair drew 971 players, among them some big name Team PokerStars Pros. Sweden's Johnny Lodden, a pretty well-known junkie in his own right, made it all the way to 13th place before giving up the ghost.

Of the 128 players who made the money, only the top four would score five-figure paydays. In the semi-finals, ProCasanova dispatched moonwatch79 and Bballmike222 got rid of tybyt. Both of those losing players finished up with $11,652.

And then ProCasanova, a player with five 2009 SCOOP cashes, ended up across the table from Bballmike222, a 23-year-old online grinder from Ohio. Here they would wage a battle for the ages. Here they would prove once and for all who was the best and biggest action junkie.

"Yo," said one.

"Yo," said the other.

And then they chopped it.


Yeah, it's not a very satisfying ending. Hollywood would change it around, add some half-naked girls, a crying scene, a love montage with music, and a car chase. We just report the facts.

After some nine rounds of kicking people in the junk and laughing, these two guys had simply had enough. They chopped the money evenly, pocketing $28,130 apiece. That left $2,000 on the table.

For that money, the players played 28 hands (including the five or six they sat out while striking the deal). Only one of the hands was worth mentioning.

ProCasanoca was in the big blind and called Bballmike's pot-sized raise to 180. On a flop of 3♣4♥Q♣, ProCasanova bet out 280 and Bballmike222 called. The turn came the 8♠. ProCasanova bet out 880, Bballmike222 raised to 3560, and ProCasanova raised enough to put his man in for the final 250 chips. Cards on their backs:

ProCasanova: K♣6♣J♦K♠
Bballmike222: 8♣T♠4♠T♦

Bballmike222 had turned two pair to better the pair of tens he started with. ProCasanova needed a king or the board to pair the queen or the three. He got the latter. The 3♦ hit the river and it was all over.

Indeed, it was anticlimactic. Yes, we are fans of blood sport. But in the end, we all want to see people succeed, don't we? We're good people who would prefer to see two men settle their differences and rise up from the action addiction together, yes?

Well, no. We'd rather they have battled for two hundred hands and slit each other's femoral arteries with sharp rocks. But, a chop is nice, too.

Congrats to ProCasanova on his victory and $30,130 prize.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in SCOOP