SCOOP: RehabJack cleans up in Event $6-High, $1,050 Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw

SCOOP logo.gifLog on to PokerStars at any hour of the day and you'll find at least a dozen pot-limit 5-Card Draw games running. What was once your grandfather's game is now more of a lark for gamblers and grinders looking for a change of pace. Feel like your eyes will fall out of your head if you see another hand of no-limit hold'em? Try pot-limit draw. Four cards not enough in your starting hand, Omaholics? Try five. The $1,050 buy-in installment of Event #6 drew a diverse field to the virtual felt, 97 players creating a $97,000 prize pool that blew past the $75,000 guarantee. 18 spots were paid. with first place set to earn $25,220.

Flying the mighty red spade for Team PokerStars Pro were Anders Berg, Johnny Lodden, George Danzer, George Lind III, and Johannes Steindl, who made the money with a 15th place finish. Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi came in 14th.

Players were on the final table bubble for better than a level and a half when StitzDogg made his last stand, three-betting all-in for 4,483. RehabJack four-bet to 10,800 to isolate and original raiser JannotLapin got out of the way. RehabJack drew two while StitzDogg discarded one. StitzDogg couldn't show more than ace high, no match for RehabJack's trip sevens, and we headed to the final table.

Among the six finalists were several players who are no stranger to big buy-in online final tables. Fishbone72 finished eighth in the $215 PL 5-Card Draw event at the 2009 WCOOP. TabberNackle earned a third place finish in Event #17 NLHE Shootout at 2009 WCOOP. Back in March 2009, highland won the Sunday 500 for over $94,000 and JannotLapin won the $109 buy-in NLHE Main Event at last year's SCOOP.

Here's how they stacked up as the final table got underway:

Seat 1: highland (118,125 in chips)
Seat 2: Wing-Tsun (27,220 in chips)
Seat 3: RehabJack (41,905 in chips)
Seat 4: TabberNackle (30,095 in chips)
Seat 5: JannotLapin (138,998 in chips)
Seat 6: Fishbone72 (128,657 in chips)

SCOOP Event 06-H final table.jpg

Only six hands passed before the first player was eliminated from the final table. With blinds at 700/1,400 and a 350 ante, RehabJack opened for 4,200. TabberNackle re-potted all-in for 14,641 and RehabJack made the call, each player discarding one.

"Wow" was all TabberNackle could say as he say RehabJack turn over his 8♠T♦T♣8♦T♥ for tens full of eights. TabberNackle made aces up with A♠A♣K♠5♥5♣ but his hand was sadly no good, spelling his elimination in sixth place. TabberNackle collected $4,365 for his efforts.

Wing-Tsun suffered a similar cooler on his elimination hand. JannotLapin opened for 3,500, Fishbone72 flat-called, highland called and Wisng-Tsun re-potted to 19,250. The reraise shook everyone but Fishbone72, who made the call. Wing-Tsun drew two cards while Fishone72 drew one. Wing-Tsun's last 6,470 sailed into the middle after the draw and Fishbone72 called, showing aces full of deuces. Wing-Tsun's three nines were up in flames an he settled for a fifth place finish, earning $6,305.

At this point, RehabJack wanted to look at the chip count numbers, but his three opponents were non-responsive on the topic. Play ground on for another hour, RehabJack building his stack up to nearly 200,000 while JannotLapin suffered a slow decline, dropping from 100,000 in chips to around 38,000.

Again, it was a massive cooler that spelled another player's elimination. JannotLapin five-bet all-in before the draw and highland called. Highland drew three cards and JannotLapin drew two. Although JannotLapin showed down K♦Q♥Q♦7♦Q♠ for trip queens, highland drew out on her, showing down A♠3♠K♣A♣A♥. For fourth place, JannotLapin earned $8,245.

As three-handed play began, RehabJack once again asked his opponents if they would like to look at chip count chop numbers and this time, everyone agreed to have a gander. At that point, highland held the chip lead with 234,000, RehabJack had 186,000 and Fishbone72 was on the short stack with 64,000. Tournament host Dennis Phillips paused the action and worked up the numbers.

Although highland and RehabJack agreed to the numbers, Fishbone72 wanted a bigger payday and with neither of his opponents willing to concede the amount of cash he was looking for, negotiations fell apart and the tournament was restarted.

Fifteen minutes later, a huge game-changer of a hand unfolded, resulting in the largest pot of the tournament. The two big stacks went to war pre-draw, more than 400,000 chips landing in the middle. Let's just say a pat nut flush and trip tens were involved. Check it out below:

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After that monsterpotten, RehabJack was up to 411,000, highland was down to 40,000 and Fishbone72 was the short stack with 34,000.Both players did their best to hang on in the face of RehabJack's monster chip lead, but their stacks steadily dwindled. Finally, Fishbone72 pulled the trigger, opening for 8,500 of his 10,119 remaining chips. Highland moved all-in behind him for 20,025 and RehabJack called. Fishbone72 decided to save his last 1,000 or so chips and decided to fold, presumably hoping highland would bust so he could have a shot a second-place money.

Highland drew two cards and RehabJack stood pat. Uh-oh. Highland's Q♠3♠6♣K♠A♠ shriveled up in the face of RehabJack's pat wheel and he departed in third place, earning $12,610.

The heads-up chip counts were, well, more than a little lopsided:

Seat 3: RehabJack (483,881 in chips)
Seat 6: Fishbone72 (1,119 in chips)

It was all over on the second hand. The last of Fishbone72's chips went in before the draw and RehabJack called. Fishbone72 drew three cards and ended up with 9♣Q♠3♦Q♥A♦ for a pair of queens, but RehabJack had two pair,jacks and nines, enough to eliminate Fishbone72 and seal up the SCOOP title. RehabJack took home $25,220 for the win while runner-up Fishbone72 earned a tidy $16,975.

SCOOP Event #6-High, $1,050 Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw Results

1. RehabJack ($25,220)
2. Fishbone72 ($16,975)
3. highland ($12,610)
4. JannotLapin ($8,245)
5. Wing-Tsun ($6,305)
6. TabberNackle ($4,365)

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP