SCOOP: Roxx Box rocks and boxes toward perfection in Event #23-M: $320 NL 4-Max


Many a great things have come in fours. Take the Beatles for example. The Fab Four is arguably the greatest and most influential band of all time. It's impossible to enjoy the concept of the Beatles without even thinking about... four.

Some of your favorite malt liquor beverages are sold in four-packs, and let's face it, if you ever encounter a friend wandering around a house party or see a stranger stumbling down the Las Vegas Strip with a four-pack of anything, then you know they are on a serious mission and not to be bothered.

Poker comes in all shapes and varieties. Heads-up has always been a popular challenge, while the full ring table had been the standard since hold'em tournaments were first invented. Over the last few years, six-max short-handed tables became the rage because it induced more hands per hour and appealed to everyone's inner action junkie. But these days, hardcore short-handed addicts crave something a little more stronger. In the search for a more potent stimulant -- something with a little more kick -- the four-handed tournament was created to satisfy the jones of pure adrenaline hounds.

Four-handed madness. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

SCOOP's Event #22-M: $320 NL 4-Max drew a field of 1,440 action-seekers. Only the 220 places were paid out prize money in a pool that topped out at $432,000. First place would win $68,040.

Team Pros taking their shot at the 4-handed format included Johnn Lodden, Noah Boeken, Vanessa Rousso, Marcel Luske, ElkY, William Thorson, Gavin Griffin, and Barry Greenstein.

Several Team Pros went deep including... Henrique Pinho (210th), Marcin Horecki (37th) and Johanness Steindl (22nd). And let's not forget Jan Heitmann's final table appearance. Unfortunately, the German Team Pro could only muster up a third place finish.

2010PCA_WorldCup_Day1_JoeGiron_IJ73231.jpgJan Heitmann (left) and Johnny Lodden playing in the 2010 World Cup of Poker

Notables who cashed in the 4-max included: ZeeJustin (162nd), newhizzle (103rd), getcrunk (101st), WhooooKidd (72nd), AndrewBoccia (68th), micon (58th), ocrowe (52nd), BeLOWaBOVe (51st), Danny98765 (45th), Gags30 (20th), jp4pest (25th), and Pearljammer (15th).

Tale of Two Germans

With 8 tables to go, two German pros were seated at the same 4-handed table, and it didn't bode well for one of them. Johannes Steindl opened for 9,200, Jan Heitmann raised to 28,888. Steindl four-bet shoved for 145,693 and Heitmann called.

Jan Heitmann: 9♥9♠
J. Steindl: 6♠6♦

The board ran out Q♥T♦2♠K♥2♦, and Heitmann's nines held up. Johannes Steindl busted out in 22nd place.

With ten players to go, Heitmann snagged the chip lead and surged past 1 million. However, he would not hold onto it for very long. With 2 tables to go, Jan was third in chips, trailing Roxx Box and GetDowAndGo.

Fifth of Bubbles

With five players to go for this four-handed event, one of the tables played out three-handed while the other was heads-up. On that table, Roxx Box and foucault82 battled. Roxx Box opened to 60,000, foucault82 three-bet to 150,000, and Roxx Box called. The flop was 9♥9♠7♣. Roxx Box checked, foucault82 bet 111,111, and Roxx Box called. The turn was the 4♥, and Roxx Box check-called a 255,555 bet. The river was the 7♥. Rox Boxx bet 1.82 million. Foucault82 called all-in for 700,056. Roxx Box showed K♦7♦ for a full house, while foucault82 held T♣T♥ for two pair. Roxx Box won the hand to advance to the final table, while foucault82 bubbled in 5th.

The Final Table


Event #22-M 4-Max Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: djdecide (389,612)
Seat 2: Roxx Box (4,311,538)
Seat 3: leguito (1,128,163)
Seat 4: Jan Heitmann (1,370,687)

Jan Heitmann was second in chips to Roxx Box, who held a commanding lead with 4.3 million, or 60% of the chips in play.

Kings Withstand Siege; djdecide Exits Stage Left

Roxx Box opened to 60,000, Jan Heitmann raised to 211,111, and djdecide shoved for 527,112. Roxx Box bailed, but Jan Heitmann called with K♠K♦. Djdecide's A♣Q♦ needed help, but he didn't get an outcome-altering intervention from a deus ex machina as the board ran out 5♥4♥2♦5♣9♠. Djdecide was eliminated in 4th place, good enough for a $20,520 payday.

Time Bank Bad Beat?

Jan Heitmann lost a decisive pot and slid under 1 million. It appeared that if he had more time, the outcome out have been different. Here's how it unfolded... Jan Heitmann raised to 40,000, Roxx Box three-bet to 160,000, and Heitmann called. The flop was T♣T♥2♠. Roxx Box bet 180,000 and Heitmann called. The turn was the K♥. Roxx Box bet 200,000 and Heitmann called. The river was the 6♥. Roxx Box shoved for 4,267,788. He had Heitmann covered, who went into the tank. However, his bank expired and he timed out -- and the hand was folded. Roxx Box won the hand, but Hetimann mentioned in the chat that he wanted to make the call after he thought it through, but his time bank expired before he could pull the trigger. The entire tournament could have been decided upon that one tardy decision.

Heitmann Outman

Jan Heitmann's stack kept sliding lower and lower as Roxx Box pummeled the two smaller stacks with nonstop aggression. Heitmann finally made a stand with A♦J♠, but he unfortunately ran into Roxx Box's pocket kings. Heitmann could not chase down the kings, and he was eliminated in third place. The Team Pro from Germany won $29,160.

See how the Heitmann hand unfolded in the replayer...

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Heads Up Chip Counts:
Seat 2: Roxx Box (6,106,779)
Seat 3: leguito (1,093,221)

With two players remaining, Roxx Box held almost a 6-1 margin over leguito. It would only take 12 hand to determine a winner, as Roxx Box easily marched to victory.

On the final hand... leguito raised to 50,000, Roxx Box three-bet to 175,000, leguito four-bet shoved for 1,155,720 and Roxx Box called.

Roxx Box: A♥Q♦
leguito: A♠5♣

Roxx Box was ahead, but had to sweat it out on a fop of 8♦3♦2♣, when leguito picked up a Wheel drawl. The turn was the K♠ and the river was the 7♠. Neither card helped leguito, and he was eliminated in second place, winning $42,120.

Roxx Box won his first SCOOP title and collected $68,040 for first place.

You can always view the final hand in the hand replayer...

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Event #22-M: $320 NL 4-Max - Final Table Results:
1. Roxx Box - $68,040
2. leguito - $42,120
3. Jan Heitmann - $29,160
4. djdecide - $20,520

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Pauly McGuire
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