SCOOP: Shinerrr bruises the competition in Event #16-M, NLHE Triple Shootout

SCOOP logo.gifFor a lot of you out there, asking you to go out and win a sit-n-go isn't that big of a deal. You might do it every day. Heck, if you're one of those mass multi-tabling wizards you may do it several times an hour. Even a challenge to win two in a row isn't too daunting; plenty have done it. But what if that second sit-n-go was filled with nine others who had just won a table of their own? And then, if you happened to survive that, you played nine more geniuses that had just won two in a row? Now that is a far more difficult road to traverse, lined with potholes, fraught with land mines, and full of lunatics that drive too fast and try to run you out of your lane at every opportunity. This afternoon on PokerStars, 1,000 players signed up to attempt that feat in SCOOP's No-Limit Hold'em Triple Shootout and just over 11 hours later, only one was left standing.

The capped field in Event #16-Medium put up $215 each, creating a $200,000 prize pool. Players who won their first table and moved on to the second round of the shootout were guaranteed to cash for at least $770. Those who won their second table made the final table, cashing for at least $2,800.

Two dozen members of Team PokerStars Pro entered this event, including
Thierry van den Berg, Vanessa Rousso, Victor Ramdin, Pat Pezzin, Tom McEvoy, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Lex Veldhuis, Chris Moneymaker, Jason Mercier, George Danzer, and Noah Boeken. Both John Duthie and Jan Heitmann won their first round tables, but were eliminated in the second round in 73rd and 82nd places respectively.

Just as he recovered from watching himself lose heads-up to Ashton Griffin on ESPN during their coverage of the NAPT Venetian $25,000 Bounty Shootout, Chris Moneymaker had to deal with another stinging first-round loss. Moneymaker got heads-up with Matt "mlagoo" LaGarde, but a horrendous river card ended Moneymaker's run and stamped LaGarde's ticket to the second round:

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Other notables advancing to the second round included Tim "TMay420" West, Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul, Kyle "kwob20" Bowker, Scott "icallseat3" Sitron, and Peter "belabacsi" Traply, who won SCOOP Event #15-H (2x Chance Turbo NLHE) only yesterday.

With 11 players remaining, a number of the players who had already punched their ticket to the final table gathered on the rail to watch the only second-round match that was still in progress--Lovetoslam's long heads-up battle with grebnrets86. After Lovetoslam opened for 1,000, grebnrets86 shoved for his last 8,198 and Lovetoslam made the call, turning up A♥T♣ to grebnrets86's A♣3♠. Lovetoslam's dominating hand held up and he advanced to the final table, leading grebnrets86 as the bubble boy.

The chip stacks were reset to 5,000 as the third round began:

Seat 1: Piquette (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: Beldar C. (5,000 in chips)
Seat 3: shinerrr (5,000 in chips)
Seat 4: designet (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: StuMan123 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 6: icallseat3 (5,000 in chips)
Seat 7: Tipsy (5,000 in chips)
Seat 8: Lovetoslam (5,000 in chips)
Seat 9: wmmcl (5,000 in chips)
Seat 10: Husky007 (5,000 in chips)

ISCOOP Event 16-M final table.jpg

After a five-hour first round and a four-hour second round, the final table surprisingly played out in a brisk 105 minutes. That's less time than it takes to sit through a bad Katherine Heigl romantic comedy. Blinds started at 25/50 and when we crowned a winner, they were only up to 60/120.

Seven hands into the final table, Husky007 got himself into a tricky situation. With the action folded around to him in the cutoff, he opened for 150 and Piquette raised to 420 on the button. Both blinds folded and Husky007 called. The flop was 9♥7♦4♦ and Husky007 check-called a 625 bet from Piquette. The turn brought the Q♦ and Husky007 checked again. Piquette bet 1,450 and Husky007 moved all-in for 3,880. Piquette called. As it turned out, Husky007 made that pre-flop raise with 2♦5♦ and Piquette had three-bet him with the equally ugly 3♦8♦. Both players turned flushes, Piquette the higher one and just like that, Husky007 was out in 10th place, earning $2,800.

Host Noah Boeken had barely arrived when Husky007 made his exit. Icallseat3 took the opportunity to ask the Team Pro a question.

icallseat3 said "noah didn't u win ept copenhagen?
Exclusive said "o yea i almost forgot lol"
Exclusive said "it was when dinosaurs were still alive"

Only two hands later, there was another player down...and in such cruel fashion. We'll just let you watch the carnage as StuMan123 gets his money in with a set, only to watch Beldar C turn his gin card:

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From there, we went for an entire twenty minutes without an elimination before wmmcl decided to take a chance on a big draw. Beldar C. opened for 163. Wmmcl looked him up from the big blind and checked the T♦9♠7♦ flop over to his opponent, who bet 203. Wmmcl raised to 577 and Beldar C. wasted little time coming back over the top for all his chips, 9,021 in total. Wmmcl made the call, turning over A♦J♦ for two overcards, the nut flush draw, and a gutshot straight draw while Beldar C. showed 8♣9♦ for middle pair. It was a virtual coinflip going to the turn, which fell the Q♣, no help to wmmcl. The river was another blank, the 2♠ and Beldar C. sent wmmcl to the rail in 8th place for a $5,000 score.

Beldar C. kept pulling away, claiming about half of Piquette's stack on a hand where he flopped an open-ended straight draw and filled it on the river. Meanwhile, shinerrr was getting the best of designet. In a three-way limped pot, both Beldar C. and shinerrr checked the 8♣7♣7♦ flop to designet, who bet 50. Beldar C. folded and shinerrr raised to 200. Designet called and they went to the turn, which fell the A♥. Shinerrr bet 300 and designet called. The river was the T♣ and shinerrr fired out another 650. Designet made the call, only to watch shinerrr roll over A♠7♥ for a full house.

A few minutes later, designet and shinerrr played another limped pot. Shinerrr lead out on the 9♠8♠8♥ flop for 120, designet raised to 300 and shinerrr called. The turn was the 7♦ and shinerrr checked. Designet bet another 300, shinerrr raised to 900 and designet called. Both players checked the 5♠ on the river, shinerrr showing J♥T♠ for the nut straight, sending designet's stack down to the 1,700 mark.

Although designet and Tipsy were the two short stacks, icallseat3 was the next to go out, and rather suddenly at that after four-bet shoving his pocket nines pre-flop. He earned $6,300 for his seventh-place finish:

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Piquette was the next to fall, moving his last 1,324 all-in from the button and earning a call from shinerrr in the big blind. Piquette's K♦9♣ could not improve against shinerrr's A♠J♠ and he exited in 6th place, earning $8,000.

Down to 2,100 in chips, Tipsy was looking for a double-up, and found a good spot to go for it, three-bet shoving with A♣K♠ over Beldar C.'s 238-chip opening raise. Beldar C. called and turned up Q♠8♠, but Beldar C. flopped trip eights and turned a queen for the boat, ending Tipsy's tournament with a fifth- place finish for $9,900. Don't cry for Tipsy too much, though. He already has one SCOOP title under his belt with a victory in Event #8-M, $109 NLHE.

On the very next deal, designet was out in fourth place. With about 2,800 remaining, designet opened for 300 holding K♠Q♠, Beldar C. three-bet to 1,026 and designet moved all-in. Beldar C. called with A♠T♦, the board running out 7♠3♥6♣8♣3♣ to send designet to the rail with $14,100 for his troubles.

With three players remaining, Beldar C. was well out in the lead with 33,454, shinerrr was second with 11,378 and Lovetoslam on the short stack with 5,168.

With such a huge chip lead, Beldar C. had been taking full advantage of his stack size and playing extremely aggressively. Shinerrr waited in the weeds until he picked up a huge hand himself, then pounced on his opponent. Beldar C. picked the wrong time to bluff here and as a result, shinerrr was able to extract the maximum:

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That hand evened up the chip count between shinerrr (22,777) and Beldar C. (21,574), while Lovetoslam was on the short stack with 5,649. Still playing loosely and opening a lot of pots, Beldar C. made a pre-flop raise to 238. Lovetoslam three-bet to 800, and Beldar C. shoved for 21,564. Lovetoslam decided to go for it and made the call with his pocket nines, which were well ahead of Beldar C.'s A♣2♥. Although Lovetoslam was still in the lead, Beldar C. hit bottom pair when the flop came down 8♦4♦2♠, then turned two pair when the A♠ fell. The river was the K♥ and Lovetoslam was KOed in third place, an $18,900 consolation prize waiting for him in his PokerStars account.

The stacks were pretty even as heads-up play began between Beldar C. and shinerrr:

Seat 2: Beldar C. (27,283 in chips)
Seat 3: shinerrr (22,717 in chips)

Beldar C. struck first, forcing a fold from shinerrr on this hand:

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The hand put Beldar C. over 30,000 in chips but shinerrr was able to turn the chip counts back around only three hands later. With the blinds at 60/120, Beldar C. opened for 268, shinerrr raised to 775 and Beldar C. called. Shinerrr led out for 889 on the Q♥Q♦T♦ flop, Beldar C. raised to 17,123 and shinerrr called all-in, turning over J♠J♦ to Beldar C.'s J♣9♣. The turn was the 5♥, the river was the 6♣ and shinerrr doubled up to 33,400.

It was all over ten minutes later. The chip counts hadn't moved too much when the final hand unfolded, shinerrr with 31,500 to Beldar C.'s 18,500. Shinerrr opend for 360, Beldar C. three-bet to 823 and shinerrr made the call. Beldar C. led out for 1,063 on the A♦9♣3♣ flop and shinerrr smooth-called. The turn was the Q♥ and the rest of the money went in, Beldar C. betting 2,723, shinerrr raising to 6,120, and Beldar C. moving all-in. Shinerrr called, tabling A♣9♥ for two pair while Beldar C. was drawing only to a chop with A♠8♠. The only thing that could save Beldar C. was one of the three remaining queens, but the river was the K♣, spelling his elimination. For his runner-up finish, Beldar C. took home $25,400.

Congratulations to shinerrr on his SCOOP title! The $36,500 score isn't too bad either.

SCOOP Event #16-M, $215 NLHE Triple Shootout Results

1. shinerrr ($36,500)
2. Beldar C. ($25,400)
3. Lovetoslam ($18,900)
4. designet ($14,100)
5. Tipsy ($9,900)
6. Jean-Pierre "Piquette" Piquette ($8,000)
7. Scott "icallseat3" Sitron ($6,300)
8. wmmcl ($5,000)
9. StuMan123 ($3,800)
10. Husky007 ($2,800)

There's still one more week left of SCOOP. Check out our SCOOP page for more a full schedule and satellite information.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in SCOOP