SCOOP: teacuppoker bricks out least in Event 27-High ($2,100 Razz) win

scoop2009_th.gif"Sick, stupid game."


"Razz pros are grumpy."

"It takes razz to get me in a bad mood."

It's something of a "thing" in poker to complain about razz. If razz disappeared from the roster of poker games, most players would make a big show of offering it parting gifts and muttering, "Good riddance!". But even though everyone complains about razz, there are enough players interested in playing the game that, in fact, it hasn't disappeared from the roster of poker games. Those players grumble at the table about how awful the game is but can't pass up the opportunity to plunk down their cash in order to play it.

That's how 104 wound up playing razz in SCOOP Event 27-High. Only 12 were paid for their misery. "Dumping"KCB, SLOPPYKLOD, Dr dakon and SickSick each collected $5,720 on their $2,100 investment for enduring countless bricks throughout the day before busting in places 12 through 9. Once they were put out of their misery, these eight were the only ones who had any right left to complain:

Event 27-High Final Table.JPG

Seat 1: sulbystar (26,663 in chips) (4.5 big bets)
Seat 2: Rae_Kwon_JHK (63,746 in chips) (16)
Seat 3: HundoFight (34,217 in chips) (8.5)
Seat 4: il-GoGa (106,697 in chips) (26.5)
Seat 5: nitbuster (60,722 in chips) (15)
Seat 6: teacuppoker (126,424 in chips) (31.5)
Seat 7: crazyjanie (51,288 in chips) (12.5)
Seat 8: buck21 (50,243 in chips) (12.5)

With an average stack of almost 16 big bets, the final table was decently stacked as proceedings began. nitbuster was right in the middle of the pack but lost a big pot to teacuppoker, whose 7-6 bested nitbuster despite a board of X-X / 5-A-2-A / X. The hand dropped to nitbuster to 12,722 in chips as limits went up to 2,500 and 5,000. Four hands later, crazyjanie made a 7-4 to top nitbuster's 9-8-7, creating the first elimination.

The players and the rail did what they could to alleviate the misery. HundoFight asked hosted Pieter de Korver not to congratulate him upon busting out. buck21 said "ill buy some typing lesson if I win this." (sic) Even Jason Mercier got in on the action, mentioning that he was in for $1,600 in a $100 rebuy tournament. It was anything and everything in the chat box in order to keep the mood light.

While the chat-box antics ensued, sulbystar slipped into Short Stack Death Watch territory. It was so bad that sulbystar was forced to go with 4-2 / 2 against HundoFight's 7-5 / 9. sulbystar caught a bunch of babies, but most of them paired sulbystar's board. At the river, sulbystar's K-8 was by far second-best to HundoFight's 8-7.

"It's a HundoooooooooFight!" said Mercier. And de Korver, taking a page from HundoFight's earlier request, did not congratulate sulbystar for finishing in 7th place. Instead he offered a very flat, "A 7th place finish for sulbystar. You get $8,840."

"Much better Pete," said HundoFight.

A short time later, il-GoGa found a new way to experience razz misery. After a hand completed in which il-GoGa folded a deuce door card, il-GoGa said, "Wow, misclick! 2-5-4. Never happened before." Three wheel cards don't come around very often in razz. Even worse for il-GoGa, two of the other 5s were out.

Stack sizes started changing. HundoFight made a charge up the counts from 25,000 to 94,000. buck21 cracked six figures after making the correct decision on the river against crazyjanie with a 9. il-GoGa will have a long time to think about the three-wheel-card mis-click, because from that point il-GoGa's stack plummeted. In a four-way pot to fifth street, il-GoGa got the last three bets in with A-6 / 7-5-K. Rae_Kwon_JHK went for the kill with 5-6 / 8-7-A, a rough eight. il-GoGa paired on sixth and bricked the river to finish with a Q-7 and exit in sixth place.

The player adjourned for a 15-minute break. crazyjanie was eliminated in fifth place on the first hand after play resumed. crazyjanie's stand came with 5-A / 4-Q-2, a wheel draw with two cards to come. Rae_Kwon_JHK had an incredibly rough 6-8 / 2-J-K. crazyjanie paired aces on sixth street and queens on the river to finish with Q-5. The 4 that Rae_Kwon_JHK caught on sixth street was good enough to make a J-8, eliminating crazyjanie.

A few hands later HundoFight made an impressive river call with a jack (that was good!) against Rae_Kwon_JHK to relieve Rae_Kwon_JHK of the chips taken from crazyjanie. We almost didn't believe it ourselves, but here's how it happened:

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That hand put HundoFight out in front, allowing HundoFight to play more hands and play them more aggressively. HundoFight got in a river raise on buck21 with 2-8 / K-A-4-9 / 3, an 8-4, against buck21's X-X / 9-7-8-Q / X, what we imagine was an 8-7.

"The pain is so evident," said Jason Mercier.

A few silent orbits went by before the complaints started up again. "I feel like Hellmuth," said HundoFight. "Just let them trap themselves all day. Then lose and complain."

The target of HundoFight's ire was teacuppoker, who led every street until HundoFight raised sixth street with A-2 / 5-9-3-T, a 9-5. teacuppoker called with 8-6 / 2-9-4-4, a 9-8, and improved to an 8-6 with a river ace. HundoFight bricked the river with a queen and lost the pot and the chip lead.

Rae_Kwon_JHK was circling the drain for about an hour before finally busting out in 4th place. After losing a big pot to buck21, Rae_Kwon_JHK started moving chips into the middle with K-4 / 7. HundoFight had been dealt 8-7 / 2 and responded with a series of raises. By fourth street, there was nothing left to do but sweat the bricks. Rae_Kwon_JHK's board came K-4 / 7-K-3-4-3 for three pair. HundoFight easily beat that with 8-7 / 2-2-9-A / 5.

The stacks were spread out. teacuppoker had the lead with 240,000; HundoFight was in second place with 173,000; and buck21 had work to do at 108,000. Limits of 5,000 and 10,000 were not enough to produce extreme swings, but the volatility of short-handed play helped drive the action.

The chips were pushed around without any significant changes. HundoFight got in another jab at teacuppoker, calling teacuppoker a "run-down all-star" after teacuppoker went 5-2 / Q-J-8-7 /6 against HundoFight's 3-9 / 2-2-7-4 / 7. "You're immune to being owned. That's a good trait."

"Easy Hellmuth," teacuppoker replied. "Last big pot you got me on seventh."

"When?" HundoFight replied. "Like yesterday?" But HundoFight then magnanimously wished teacuppoker good luck, mentioning that teacuppoker usually plays well. "But I'm going to let you know when you don't. Just the mood I'm in today."

"This hasn't cheered you up?" asked teacuppoker. Apparently not.

Given their jovial sniping back and forth, it seemed only fitting that the tournament should come down to HundoFight and teacuppoker. teacuppoker took out a short-stacked buck21 by making a 9-8 to buck21's king-ten, and then the battle was joined. HundoFight started with a slight chip lead.

The stacks stayed level for a long time before HundoFight managed to string together three decent pots in the space of ten hands to open a 3-to-1 chip lead, then slowly pushed that lead to 4-to-1. The lead evaporated, however, as teacuppoker came roaring back and took a 3-to-2 chip lead by rivering a 7-6. Shortly after that teacuppoker did one better by rivering a 6 low to open up a 4-to-1 chip lead.

"You know you've rivered me for like 800k and you only have 400k in front of you?" HundoFight asked. "This is somewhat frustrating for me." HundoFight offered an even chop that teacuppoker turned down.

At least HundoFight couldn't complain about being rivered on the final hand of the tournament. teacuppoker had the best hand on every street with 8-4 / 9-Q-2-4 / 4; HundoFight committed on fifth street and drew 6-2 / T-T-7-T / K. teacuppoker's queen-low just barely out-pipped HundoFight's king-low to close the books on razz until WCOOP.

SCOOP Event #27-High $2,100 Razz results:

1st place: teacuppoker ($56,680)
2nd place: HundoFight ($38,480)
3rd place: buck21 ($29,120)
4th place: Rae_Kwon_JHK ($19,760)
5th place: crazyjanie ($14,560)
6th place: il-GoGa ($10,920)
7th place: sulbystar ($8,840)
8th place: nitbuster ($6,760)

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in SCOOP