SCOOP: The Shadow70 Knows NL Omaha Hi/Lo, Wins Event #33-M

SCOOP logo.gifSuch a wild animal, this no-limit Omaha Hi-Lo. Putting no-limit betting together with Omaha is volatile enough. Then throw in split pots. Then add still further incentive to action by creating 10-minute levels -- as is the case in these Event #33 tourneys -- and you're looking at a hard-to-tame beast of an event.

Not the most popular game -- indeed, there are many accomplished players who've never even tried a hand of it -- no-limit Omaha Hi-Lo has a kind of "cult" following, with those who have tried it finding it a most pleasurable (and for some, quite profitable) variant.

A total of 687 of its followers decided on Friday night to plunk down $215 in Event #33-Medium, making for a prize pool of $137,400 (besting the $100K guarantee). The top 90 finishers would be paid, with first place due to receive $25,762.50.

Team PokerStars Pros Barry "barryg1" Greenstein and Darus Suharto got off to good starts in this one, with both quickly moving into the top ten during the first couple of hours of play. While Suharto would eventually fall shy of the money in 241st, Greenstein would continue to thrive.

About two-and-a-half hours into the event, there were 300 players remaining, and the Bear was sitting on top of the leaderboard, ahead of MRCHICUB in second and GimmyTheLoot in third. Also there was Greenstein's PS teammate Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier hovering between 20th and 30th place, but eventually Grospellier would be knocked out by ChanceCU in 90th.

With 40 players left, Greenstein had slipped into the lower division, but had a huge double-up versus nh2000 to catapult him back up near the top of the leaderboard. Eliminations continued at a rapid pace, and after five hours and 15 minutes of play they were down to just 15.

Among those remaining with Greenstein was MattyDaCobra, who had a special request for the Bear:

MattyDaCobra.jpgMattyDaCobra: Barry? Can you ask them to let me change my picture?
MattyDaCobra: I'm tired of the Robbie Williams comments.
barryg1: is that your face?
MattyDaCobra: Unfortunately.
MattyDaCobra: lol

That discussion was curtailed, unfortunately, by still more action and eliminations. Soon ChanceCU had knocked out nh2000 in tenth place, and the final table was set:


Seat 1: ChanceCU -- 661,956
Seat 2: Bouling -- 162,270
Seat 3: Seffert -- 116,051
Seat 4: china_kid_3 -- 217,638
Seat 5: Team PokerStars Pro Barry "barryg1" Greenstein -- 144,006
Seat 6: cbsplash -- 895,444
Seat 7: Shadow70 -- 711,704
Seat 8: MattyDaCobra -- 288,826
Seat 9: bigdee -- 237,105

"Congrats all!" typed MattyDaCobra. "Good luck." Greenstein -- playing host as well as competing at this final table -- then offered his congratulations, adding "that's my job matty." "Sorry, beat you to it," answered MattyDaCobra.

About 10 minutes into the final table, the blinds were 7,000/14,000 (1,750 ante) when Bouling opened with a raise to 42,000 from middle position. It folded around to the congenial MattyDaCobra in the big blind who made the call. Both players checked the 4♠9♥K♥ flop. The turn then brought the 7♦. MattyDaCobra bet 56,000, then Bouling raised all in to 85,417.

MattyDaCobra quickly called, showing J♥5♦2♥A♣ while Bouling had A♠4♥3♦7♥. The river brought the 3♥, giving MattyDaCobra the better flush and no low for either. Bouling was out in ninth.

Soon another ten-minute level had passed and the blinds were 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante). Then came a hand in which Shadow70 limped from middle position, Seffert completed from the small blind, and china_kid_3 checked from the BB. The flop came 4♥Q♠4♦, and all three checked. The trio again all checked the 8♠ turn. The river was the 2♣. This time Seffert bet 32,000, china_kid_3 folded, then Shadow70 reraised all in with his 559,329 stack. Seffert had just 80,352 left, and made the call, showing A♦6♠5♥5♠ for fives and fours and an 8-5-4-2-A low. But Shadow70 had both beat with 3♥7♦A♣7♥ -- sevens and fours and an 8-4-3-2-A low. Seffert was out in eighth.

Barry Greenstein congratulated Seffert on his finish and cash, cracking afterwards "more for me." The table's short stack with just 63,312 (not quite four big blinds), the Bear saw china_kid_3 raise to 32,000, then shoved all in prompting all to fold but china_kid_3. Their hands...

barryg1: K♥5♣K♣2♦
china_kid_3: 6♣A♠Q♣A♣

The community cards came 5♦7♠Q♠7♦T♠ -- kings and sevens for Greenstein, aces and sevens for china_kid_3, and no low for either. "4465 for me. whoopie" typed Greenstein from the rail, noting his having been eliminated in seventh.



Next it was bigdee open-raising all in for 307,354 and getting called by ChanceCU. bigdee held 6♦3♥A♣2♦ and ChanceCU J♦A♦4♠9♣. The board went 7♣8♣J♠7♦Q♦, giving ChanceCU jacks and sevens and bigdee a lot of nothing, sending him out in sixth.

The good-natured MattyDaCobra would be the next to fall. With the blinds up to 15,000/30,000, cbsplash raised to 72,581 and MattyDaCobra called, then when the flop came 2♠4♦6♠ MattyDaCobra shoved all in for 128,376 and cbsplash made the call. MattyDaCobra had 2♦2♣9♠A♦ for a set of deuces, while cbsplash had T♥5♣A♥A♠. The 4♣ on the turn gave MattyDaCobra a full house, but the 4♠ gave cbsplash a better boat (as well as an unneeded low), and the handsome MattyDaCobra was out in fifth.

Soon after, ChanceCU was minimum-raising to 60,000 from UTG and china_kid_3 reraised all in for 220,526. It folded back around and ChanceCU made the call, showing J♥A♠6♥Q♣ to china_kid_3's 3♠5♦3♥4♠. The community cards presented no low hand possibilities, coming 5♥8♦T♦J♠K♦, giving ChanceCU a Broadway straight and china_kid_3 just a pair of fives, thus eliminating the kid in fourth.

ChanceCU's good fortune wouldn't last long, however. Just a few moments later, cbsplash raised to 60,000, Shadow70 called, then ChanceCU raised all in to 465,959 from the big blind. cbsplash then reraised all in, and Shadow70 called with his remaining 495,715. Having both opponents covered, cbsplash had a chance to end the tourney right here. Their hands:

Shadow70: 2♦A♣J♥8♦
cbsplash: 7♣2♥9♥A♦
ChanceCU: 5♦A♥J♦T♠

When the community cards came 9♣4♣K♥7♠T♣, no low hands were possible, and Shadow70's jack-high straight was best, and ChanceCU was out of the tourney in third.

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Heads up began with cbsplash in the chip lead with 1,846,361 to Shadow70's 1,588,639. The pair battled for thirty hands total, with Shadow70 taking over the lead and then pushing out to a more than 2-to-1 advantage. Finally, with the blinds 17,500/35,000, cbsplash limped in from the small blind/button, Shadow70 raised to 105,000, and cbsplash called. The flop came K♠6♦T♠. Shadow70 checked, cbsplash bet 135,000, and Shadow70 check-raised all in. cbsplash called with his remaining 865,906, showing T♣J♦K♦2s] for top two pair, while Shadow70 held 7♠T♦Q♠9♣ for tens and a spade flush draw. But both the turn and river brought sevens -- 7♦7♥ -- giving Shadow70 a full house and the win.

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SCOOP Event #33-Medium No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo:
1st place: Shadow70 ($25,762.50)
2nd place: cbsplash ($18,549)
3rd place: ChanceCU ($13,740)
4th place: china_kid_3 ($10,305)
5th place: MattyDaCobra ($7,213.50)
6th place: bigdee ($5,839.50)
7th place: Team PokerStars Pro Barry "barryg1" Greenstein ($4,465.50)
8th place: Seffert ($3,091.50)
9th place: Bouling ($1,937.34)

Congratulations to Shadow70 for taking on the NLO/8 beast -- and 686 opponents -- and coming away with the first prize money and the coveted SCOOP watch.

Remember, all results from events can be found over on the SCOOP site, as well as information about this Sunday's Main Event!

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in SCOOP