SCOOP: YourCute fails grammar, wins Event #9-M, Mixed Hold'em

SCOOP logo.gifThe world is made up of mixers and dividers.

They are easy to spot. Go into any restaurant and look at the plates. See the guy mixing his corn with his mashed potatoes? He's a mixer (and a little gross). See the fellow making sure his meatloaf and peas never touch? He's a divider.

It goes beyond food, but you surely see the point without more examples. Science will almost certainly show that there are more dividers out there than mixers. It's human nature. That's why people fight wars.

The Ghostbusters, another sage collection of thinkers, made it very clear that we shouldn't cross the streams. They, too, were dividers. It's become such an iconic idea that it's amazing international travel is actually a reality (and that we're all still plagued by ghosts some 17 years later).

And, yet, in the utopia of the poker world, the idea of mixing disciplines is so commonplace that it's surprising that we don't see more mixes out there. Further, it's amazing it's taken so long for a game like Mixed Hold'em to become part of the poker lexicon.

In any case, Ghostbusters be damned, Mixed Hold'em has been around at PokerStars for a while, and it's apparently caught on something fierce. The limit/no-limit mix has become popular enough that the SCOOP Event #9 medium buy-in ($215) drew a whopping 1,115 players and built a prize pool of $223,000.

Among those players making it into the cash were a collection of Team PokerStars Pros and Team Online Pros, including: George Danzer (47th), An Van Nguyen (53rd), nanonoko (87th), and VARICO (89th).

While those gentlemen managed to pick up some cash, the lion's share of the money went to the final table players you see below. They stacked up as follows when the final table began.

Seat 1: Belabacsi (1117302 in chips)
Seat 2: multious (846498 in chips)
Seat 3: Ginsash (338244 in chips)
Seat 4: Bo$$playa425 (374524 in chips)
Seat 5: MUHoosh33 (1088895 in chips)
Seat 6: YourCute (1809537 in chips)


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Seriously, there is something to be said for how gross things can get when you mix them up. Sure, a mango and an avocado go together great in a salsa, but if you start mixing in head cheese and mincemeat, you don't know what's going to happen (gastronomically speaking, of course).

That's a long, and perhaps a bit too epicureally-inclined introduction to one of the uglier hands we saw tonight. It's just the type of thing that will happen when you start mixing stuff up. Just watch.

Now that you've purged that from your system, let's get on with how these boys finished off the event.


Ginsash came into the final table as the shortest stack, and by the time he found himself in a no-limit round at 7,500/15,000 blinds, his 142,816 in chips was looking pretty puny.

Looking down at A♠8♥, he no doubt understood he couldn't wait around to put some clothes on his ace. It would have to go naked or not at all. And so, from the button, his chips went in the middle. His biggest problem--apart from the whole nude ace thing--was that Bo$$playa42 held K♣A♥ in the small blind.

In went the isolation raise, fold went the big blind, and brick went the board. Ginsash failed to suck out and finished in sixth place for $6,132.


Hey, we're not going to criticize a guy who puts his heart and soul into poker. The guy known as YourCute probably just forgot the apostrophe and the "e" when typing in the screen name. Or, hell, for all we know there is a word after cute and he meant something like, "Your Cute Dimples" or something like that.

Nonetheless, the typo-omission-whatever is no reflection on the guy's ability to play poker. Just ask MUHoosh33.

During a limit round, YourCute raised to 80,000 and MUHoosh33 called from the big blind. On a flop of 4♦9♠8♥, MUHoosh33 check-raised and got a call from YourCute. The turn brought the 6♥. MUHoosh33 led and YourCute called. The river was the T♠. MUHoosh33 bet, YourCute raised, and MUHoosh33 called see YourCute's 7♠A♠.

A straight.

For what it was worth, MUHoosh33 had K♠9♣ for the flopped top pair. Fifth place earned him $9,410.


Bo$$playa425's short stack didn't allow him a lot of room to maneuver during the final table. Down to less that 127,000 at the 10,000/20,000 level, Bo$$playa42 was in the big blind with Q♦T♦. It probably looked pretty enough to him.

Belabacsi came in for a raise to 43,500, and when Bo$$playa425 pushed all-in from the blinds, the call was pretty much expected.

Bo$$playa425: Q♦T♦
Belabacsi: K♣8♣

The board gave Belabacsi the club flush and Bo$$playa425 was out in 4th place for $14,383.


Eventually, even limit poker can get such that it's basically no-limit. Like when the blinds are 25,000/50,000 and someone--say, multious--has fewer than 200,000 chips.

And, so it was a battle of the blinds with Belabacsi in the small blind raising, multious in the big re-raising, and an eventual capped pot that had multious all-in with K♣4♠. He was in great shape against Belabacsi 4♦J♠.

FLOP: 8♠5♣Q♣


(Think of your happy place right now, multious...fuzzy bunnies, puppy dogs, beer, anything to get your mind away from...)


That's how multious went out in 3rd place for $21,073 and we got heads up.


So, even though YourCute had a significant chip lead going into heads up play, ol' Belabacsi is no slouch and there was little chance he was going to just give up. He had a reputation (and a concept called "grammar") to defend.

Unfortunately for him, things did not go his way.

Before there had been much chip movement, YourCute raised 50,000 and Belabacsi called. On a flop of 9♦K♣2♥, Belebacsi check-called a 75,000 bet. He then check-called 200,000 on the 7♥ turn. The river brought the 2♠. Once again Belebacsi checked. Now, YourCute moved all-in.

Belabacsi tanked. His J♦9♣ didn't look that bad on that board. Finally, after a very long dwell, he called.

Wrong move.

YourCute tabled K♦T♣ for a bigger two pair and the win.

Belabacsi picked up $27,875 for second place, and YourCute won $37,352 for first, which we predict is well enough to buy an apostrophe and an "e."

Congrats to all the big winners. Here are the final table results.

SCOOP Event #9-Medium Mixed Hold'em results

1st place: YourCute ($37,35)
2nd place: Belabacsi ($27,875)
3rd place: multious ($21,073)
4th place: Bo$$playa425 ($14,383)
5th place: MUHoosh33 ($9,410)
6th place: Ginsash ($6,132)

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in SCOOP