-DrawingDad- not drawing dead--German wins Event #9: Mixed Hold'em $215 buy-in

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Whether you prefer Limit Hold'em or No Limit Hold'em, Event #9 of the 2011 edition of SCOOP had a little something for everyone with its Mixed Hold'em format. This $215 buy-in tournament that rotated the two most popular forms of Hold'em attracted 679 runners, with 90 of them getting paid. The field created a prize pool of $135,800, leaving the $100,000 guarantee in the dust.

The event drew a number of pros from Team PokerStars. Those making the moolah included George Danzer in 83rd ($366.66), Joep "Pappe_Ruk" Van Den Bijgaart in 80th ($366.66), gkap13 in 70th ($393.82) and Bryan Huang in 33rd ($679). Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg made a strong run--even leading the field with three tables left--but ultimately was eliminated in 9th ($2,770.32).

After the K♥ Q♦ of skalexjung could not best the A♦ J♠ held by McBeccy, the final table was set just more than 10 hours in with McBeccy entering as a sizable chip leader:

Seat 1 -- -DrawingDad- (591,718)
Seat 2 -- McBeccy (1,156,125)
Seat 3 -- sidthekid101 (225,897)
Seat 4 -- schNITzzzel (946,350)
Seat 5 -- skuja (172,474)
Seat 6 -- I'am_Sound (302,436)


I'am_Sound found an unsound hand to discover himself as the first eliminated. With stakes of 16,000/32,000 Limit Hold'em, schNITzzzel raised to 32K on the button and I'am_Sound three-bet to 48K from the big blind. SchNITzzzel capped the betting.

After a flop of Q♣ 8♥ 7♦ the players got four more bets in the pot, and I'am_Sound found himself all in after the K♥ on the turn. He showed T♦ T♥ against the A♣ A♦ of schNITzzzel. The Q♥ came on the river and I'am_Sound hit the door in sixth with winnings of $4,074. This hand also made schNITzzzel the chipleader.

SchNITzzzel binked a river to take out another opponent a few minutes later:

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Skuja earned $6,790 for the fifth-place finish and schNITzzzel continued his domination of the final table.

McBeccy tried to get some chop talk, but could not get a consensus. Unfortunately for him, McBeccy was the next victim of schNITzzzel's. Those two and -DrawingDad- each put in three bets before the flop while playing Limit Hold'em 25,000/50,000 stakes. After a flop of 8♥ A♠ 5♣, the action checked around to McBeccy, who went all in for 16K. SchNITzzzel check raised and -DrawingDad- folded.

The hands:
schNITzzzel A♦ 6♠
McBeccy Q♦ 7♦

The turn 6♦ and river 3♥ did not help McBeccy and the Swede collected $9,506 for fourth.

Eventually, the tide turned for the aggressive schNITzzzel. In one hand, both he and -DrawingDad- were shooting for a flush (schNITzzzel had the nut draw) and -DrawingDad- paired his queen. In another, sidthekid 101 rivered a straight. SchNITzzzel found himself as the short stack in short order.

But as it often goes in poker, the tide turned back in schNITzzzel's favor. He built his stack back up to a decent size and then won a classic battle to knock sidthekid101 out in third.

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Third was worth a hearty $13,580 for sidthekid101.

This left two Germans left to play for the title, with each holding about half the chips at the start of heads-up play.

-DrawingDad- took control of the match with pocket aces, a rivered straight and some well timed bluffs that he showed. On the final hand, playing 10,000/20,000 blinds NLHE, schNITzzzel pushed his 486K stack into the pot from the button preflop with 5♣ 4♥ and -Drawingdad- called with a dominating 5♠ A♦. The flop was great for schNITzzzel when it came 9♠ 4♠ 6♣, but the running spades came for -DrawingDad] in the form of Q♠ 8♠.

SchNITzzzel earned $18,333 for the runner-up finish while -DrawingDad- got $24,444 and the champion's watch for the win.

Final table results were:

1st -- -DrawingDad- ($24,444)
2nd -- schNITzzzel ($18,333)
3rd -- sidthekid101 ($13,580)
4th -- McBeccy ($9,506)
5th -- skuja ($6,790)
6th -- I'am_Sound ($4,074)

Tuscaloosa Johnny Kampis
@PokerStars in SCOOP