2011 PokerStars SCOOP countdown begins

SCOOP logo.gifSeventy-two hours before the launch of a space shuttle, engineers are called to their stations. Seventy-two hours before the beginning of the Spring Championship of Online Poker? Well, feel free to grab a snack or walk the dog. You still have some time.

However, now would be a good time to start laying in supplies (Red Bull, nacho cheese Bugles, and Nutter Butter cookies are good for long-haul snacking). In just 72 hours, SCOOP will kick off its third year as the biggest springtime poker series on the planet.

While we're waiting for the clock to tick down, here are some things to store away for those long nights in front of your machine.

  • 2011 SCOOP schedule--Just click on that link for the start time, guarantees, and buy-in off moe than 100 SCOOP events.
  • SCOOP satellites--That's where you'll find information on how to get into SCOOP events on the cheap
  • SCOOP Hall of Fame--Want to see the name of everybody who has ever won a SCOOP event? The Hall of Fame page has all you need to know
  • SCOOP leaderboard--Consistency is king on the SCOOP leaderboard. Go check out how it works.
  • Speaking of which, if you're looking for the best of the best, you might just look at the top ten all-time SCOOP money winners. We have that list right here:

    Top 10 SCOOP all-time money-earners

    1. toetagU ($1,191,872.76)
    2. j.thaddeus ($1,076,963.54)
    3. Sumpas ($856,664.99)
    4. ragen70 ($748,558.81)
    5. BradL ($644,230.57)
    6. PearlJammer ($593,904.67)
    7. $teveyMoney ($584,116.18)
    8. cpfactor ($562,690.37)
    9. DuckU($547,315.61)
    10. Skämmes ($546,525.28)

    As always, the PokerStars Blog will have blow-by-blow coverage of every final table. That's right. From the $5.50 events to the $25,000 monsters, we will have wrap-ups of every final table (don't think we don't have our nacho cheese Bugles at the ready, too).

    While we get paid in the pride of a job well done, you are the ones who will win the money...and a fairly snazzy watch.

    T-Minus 72 hours and counting. Good luck.


    Time to win a SCOOP championship

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in SCOOP