SCOOP-12-M $265 NL Knockout: Tupacmn Denies Deal, Wins $81,356

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Event #12 of the PokerStars SCOOP, Event #12-M - $265 No-Limit Knockout, drew a field of 2,548 entries for the 2-day event. Each player had a $50 bounty on their head to create a bounty pool of $127,400 but the players were more interested in the $509,600 prize pool distributed to the final 324 places, with the winner expecting over $81,000 and a SCOOP watch from Movado.

Team PokerStars were well represented (as usual) with notables George Danzer, Maxim Lykov, and Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth among the entries. However, only three earned a slice of the prize pool: Team Portugal Pro Nuno Coelho (below, 43rd), Team PokerStars Greece Challenger George "gkap13" Kapalas (175th) and Team Canada Pro Pat Pezzin (191st).


Day 2 resumed Friday with 18 players remaining with an average stack of 707,777 with blinds at 10,000/20,000 and a running 2,500 chip ante. After over an hour of play the field was whittled down to ten players as hand-for-hand play begins on the final table bubble as the players faced blinds of 17,500/35,000 with a running ante of 4,375. From UTG, fly44 min-raised to 70,000 with Q♣9♣. Next to act, DarKTeodoR re-raised for their remaining 261,741 chips with A♦K♣. Action folded back to fly44, deciding to call and put DarKTeodoR's tournament life at risk. The decision appeared correct as the flop came down Q♥J♠9♠ to give fly44 top and bottom pair as DarKTeodoR held a gutshot straight draw. The four-outter would not come as the 8♣ turn and 6♥ river sent the Russian on their bike in 10th place, cashing for $3,465.28 to establish the final table. Here's how they gathered around the virtual felt:

SCOOP 12-M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: BuLMeN (475,552 in chips)
Seat 2: tupacmn (868,662 in chips)
Seat 3: fly44 (2,111,647 in chips)
Seat 4: MyFTORRES (915,214 in chips)
Seat 5: wallacy div (298,915 in chips)
Seat 6: pi3t3r (2,684,319 in chips)
Seat 7: skburke (2,501,338 in chips)
Seat 8: joscha45 (1,205,078 in chips)
Seat 9: Pvd170590 (1,679,275 in chips)

Wallacy walloped

The final table of nine quickly lost a player on the third hand as wallacy div moved in from UTG for their remaining 285,790 in chips with 9♦9♥. Pvd170590 called from the cutoff with A♠Q♠ and the race was on. Wallacy div remained in front as the flop was revealed as the J♣ 4♠ T♥ giving Pvd170590 a gutshot straight draw along with their overcards. The 8♠ on the turn added a flush draw, and a double-gutter draw for 13 total outs with one card to come. The 2♠ on the river gives Pvd170590 the nut flush. This development likely drove Wallacy div up the wall, crashing out in 9th good for $4,586.40.

Joscha45 jostled

Half an hour later, there were a magnificent seven remaining with the elimination of joscha45, earning $7,389.20 in 8th place. The blinds were now at 25,000/50,000 with an ante of 6,250 when skburke opened the action with a min-raise to 100,000 holding A♦Q♣. This was immediately followed by joscha45 shipping their 979,453 chips into the middle with 5♦5♣ as skburke decided to call and flip for a pot worth over 2 million chips. Presto was no good for joscha45 when the virtual dealer revealed a flop of A♣J♣9♠, giving skburke the lead. The 9♦ on the turn compelled the German to tell his compatriot "gg" as the T♥ changed nothing.

MyFTORRES dwindles away

As play continued seven-handed, tupacmn was down to under 10 big blinds but was able to make a couple of key double-ups to keep their head above water. Not so fortunate was MyFTORRES, cashing in 7th for $12,485.20. Down to just 206,442 in chips as blinds were now 40,000/80,000 and an ante of 10,000, MyFTORRES shoved with 9♦7♣ as tupacmn called from the big blind with 2♠2♥. The board ran out Q♠ J♣ 8♥ J♦ A♠ and the underpair was good to leave a sextet of SCOOP contenders.

Pvd170590 flushed away

The next player to fall by the wayside was Pvd170590 as the Dutch contingent was reduced in half when this hand played out with an unfortunate conclusion:

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leaving just five players.

Fly44 crashes out

Canadian hopes for a SCOOP victory in this event were dashed in a classic race situation as fly44 picked up winnings of $22,932.00 for their 5th place finish. The blinds were bumped up to 50,000/100,000 as each player contributed 12,500. The hand started with pi3t3r min-raising UTG to 100,000 with A♣K♦ as action folded around to fly44 in the big blind, deciding to ship it for 1,980,419 with 6♦6♣ as pi3t3r called. Yet again the overcards hit the flop as the board showed to interested observers Q♦ 7♠ A♥. Left drawing to two outs, fly44 couldn't hit either of them as the turn and river were dealt Q♥8♥ as four European players remained, appearing eager to deal.

Deal? No Deal!

After getting the host to stop the tournament to look at numbers, the deal figures and chip counts were as follows:

pi3t3r: 5,309,701 -$68,147.60
skburke: 2,938,088 - $51,365.99
tupacmn: 2,569,436 - $48,757.40
BuLMeN: 1,922,775 - $44,181.61

One by one, the players responded:

pi3t3r: I agree
skburke: I agree
BuLMeN: I agree

One player short of agreement on a deal, tupacmn immediately put a halt to the proceedings:

tupcamn: I want 60k since I'm the best player obv

The other three players refused to budge as play continued, but tupacmn did say it would be more interesting to talk figures with three players remaining.

BuLMeN blown away

Play continued among the final quartet as the blinds were increased to 60,000/120,000 with the ante at 15,000. From the button, BuLMeN opened with a min-raise to 240,000 as pi3t3r re-raised to 495,000 as BuLMeN called as the pair went to the flop. The first three cards were the J♦ 9♣5♠ as pi3t3r led out with a bet of 425,500 as BuLMeN clicked it back to 851,000. That's when pi3t3r brought out the big guns and made it 4,680,000 to set BuLMen all in for their remaining 1,156,218 chips. BuLMeN called and showed A♣J♠ for top-top, thinking they were good until pi3t3r revealed that the trap snagged a foe, turning over A♠A♦ as BuLMen was in deep trouble. The 5♣ turn and 9♥ river changed nothing as the Bulgaria was bounced in 4th, adding $30,576.00 to their results as pi3t3r held twice as many chips as the other two players combined.

Skburke skedaddled

A few hands later, skburke ran into the mega stack of pi3t3r and came out on the losing end, earning a score of $43,316.00 for 3rd place. From the small blind pi3t3r set skburke all-in holding A♣3♦ as skburke snap-called with 8♥8♣. Holding a pair against a hand with an ace didn't work well again as pi3t3r moved in front on a flop of Q♣ A♠ 7♣. Once again the odds didn't swing back in favor of the player who fell behind as skburke stared at the monitor and saw the 9♣ and 6♥ materialize as pi3t3r appeared read to see over $81,000 appear in his account and looking forward to the winner's watch worn on his wrist, holding a nearly 5-1 chip lead. Tupacmn now was over the $60,000 he wanted in the proposed four-way deal, but wanted much more.

The comeback kid?

Tupacmn needed a double-up in a hurry and found one right away when their pocket kings bested the KQ of pi3t3r to get back to over 3.4 million in chips. The next double through, it was pi3t3r who held the lead pre-flop. The results should be clear, but here's how it played out:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The above hand gave tupacmn the lead, relinquishing it for just one hand. The lead was quickly snatched back, then three hands later the tournament was over. The blinds were now at 70,000/140,000 with an ante of 17,500 as pi3t3r opened from the small blind with a raise to 280,000. Tupacmn raised it back to 840,000 as pi3t3r shoved for 5,710,117 with 5♦5♣. but tupacmn had a better pair, showing 9♦9♣. The board ran out 2♦ Q♣ J♣ 4♦ J♥ as pi3t3r was gracious in defeat, saying "nh gg" to tupacmn as they earn $81,356 and the Movado watch. Pi3t3r may wonder what they could have done better, consoled with the $61,024.60 earned for the runner-up finish.

SCOOP Event #12-M: $265 No-Limit Hold'em Knockout Final Table Results:

1st: tupacmn - $81,536.00
2nd:pi3t3r - $61,024.60
3rd: skburke - $43,316.00
4th: BuLMeN - $30,576.00
5th: fly44 - $22,932.00
6th: Pvd170590 - $17,581.20
7th: MyFTORRES - $12,485.20
8th: joscha45 - $7,389.20
9th: wallacy div - $4,586.40

The SCOOP closes in on the halfway mark Saturday with three more events kicking off May 14. Check out the schedule at and be sure to catch the Inside SCOOP with Joe Stapleton and Nick Wealthall each day live at 23:00 CET, 17:00 ET.