SCOOP: alexandrapau speeds away with event 23-H for Canada ($1,050 PL Omaha 1r+1a Turbo)

SCOOP logo.gifFast and furious are the best words to describe Event #23-H, a Pot Limit Omaha 1r+1a turbo event that drew 183 players adding 125 re-buys and 83 add-ons generating a $391,000 prize pool. All it took was three hours for the tournament to come to and end, with the final hand playing out after the third break of the night.

Of the three hours the tournament took the first two hours and forty minutes involved pre-final table play. The first player to be eliminated in the tournament was Team PokerStars Marcel Luske, he was shortly followed by Richard Toth. The only member from either Team PokerStars or Team Online to make the money was Anders "Donald" Berg, who not only made the money but also made the final table.


Final Nine by seat:

Seat 1: RFFPOKER (91839 in chips)
Seat 2: snake8484 (36640 in chips)
Seat 3: greatkaspy (115880 in chips)
Seat 4: alexandrapau (106486 in chips)
Seat 5: rkruok (126638 in chips)
Seat 6: CHUFTY (61405 in chips)
Seat 7: PeterPaaPan (100132 in chips)
Seat 8: dagunman (162718 in chips)
Seat 9: Donald (371262 in chips) Team Online

Let the games begin:

True to its turbo fast play the final table participants wasted little time getting the chips into the middle. The first hand of final table play saw the first all-in moment when greatkaspy called off his remaining stack with A♣Q♣Q♦2♠ on the button after opening for a pot sized bet when it folded around to him preflop and rkruok re-raised pot with K♠K♦7♦6♥. After flopping broadway and a royal flush draw on the K♣J♦T♣ flop greatkaspy only needed to avoid the board paring to stave off elimination. When the 9♥3♥ came on the turn and river respectively the 239,760 pot slid towards greatkaspy and rkruok was left with 10,758.

With the blinds at 8k/16k and rkruok sitting in the small blind he was all but all-in to begin the hand. When greatkaspy opened for pot rkrouk made the call, the big blind, CHUFTY, then moved all in for $13,405 more. Greatkaspy made the call putting two players all in for the 133,568 pot. When the dust settled greatkaspy was raking in another pot to inch closer to the top spot.


dagunman eliminated:

The eliminations would continue to come fast with dagunman exiting in seventh place one hand after he failed to eliminate snake8484. Getting all in preflop with A♦Q♣J♥9♠ dagunman was looking for his hand to improve against Donald's A♣A♥8♦6♦ which he was unable to do.

Donald eliminates another:

After avoiding elimination a few hands earlier snake8484 was unable to survive against Donald. Snake8484's A♣K♣J♦3♥ was ahead of Donald's Q♥T♦6♥2♣. After the T♣8♥3♠ flop snake8484's lead was still exsistent, the 9♦ on the turn brought not help for Donald, but when the 8♠ came on the river snake8484's night was done.

RFFPOKER runs into Donald:

Trying to break the streak that Donald had running was a formidable task that RFFPOKER had to take one due to his short stack when he was dealt A♦K♦5♦3♥. In a blind versus blind battle Donald flipped over 8♠6♥6♦4♦, when the A♠J♦6♣ flop was exposed the evening was virtually over for RFFPOKER needing running cards to beat the flopped trips of Donald. Those running cards would not come sending RFFPOKER to the rail in fifth place.

Another one bites the dust:

Donald would fold his hand this time around ending his chance at being able to eliminate the next player when PeterPaaPan opened up for a min-raise. He was re-raised pot by greatkaspy and then moved his 101,778 stack all in with J♠T♣9♣8♦ finding himself against greatkaspy's A♥A♦T♥2♠. The 9♦3♣2♥ flop did not improve PeterPaaPan's hand enough, and when the Q♠ and Q♥ finished out the board he was eliminated in fourth place.

Final three battle it out:

With only three players remaining the match appeared to be a two man match with alexandrapau not being very active resulting in him getting low in chips.

Seat 3: greatkaspy (380,230 in chips)
Seat 4: alexandrapau (114,472 in chips)
Seat 9: Donald (678,298 in chips)

Alexandrapau would blind down to 76,972 before finally getting all his chips in the middle holding A♦T♥9♣4♥ against greatkaspy's K♥K♣J♠8♥. After the Q♣T♦7♦ flop alexandrapau needed running cards to continue his tournament and that is just what happened when the J♥ and K♠ finished out the board giving him broadway and the 166,444 pot.

Taking his new stack into the next hand alexandrapau wasted no time getting another much needed double. Once again he did it against greatkaspy, this time he was holding A♦A♥8♦2♥ against greatkaspy's K♣Q♠T♥9♠. By the turn greatkaspy had picked up a straight draw but the river brought no help shipping the 499,332 pot leaving him with only 99,314 in chips.

Alexandrapau could not eliminate greatkaspy on the very next hand but a few hands later he managed to send Donald, the final Team Online member, to the rail when his J♦9♦8♣3♣ caught a straight for the 823,708 pot and chip lead going into heads-up play.



The history between the final two on the final table indicated that alexandrapau would steamroll over greatkaspy and that is just what he did. Winning six of the eight hands of heads-up play is what alexandrapau did on his way to winning Event #23-H. The final hand saw all the chips go into the middle preflop with alexandrapau holding A♥J♦T♦3♠ and greatkaspy holding A♠9♦9♣8♠. By the time the turn card came alexandrapau had the match wrapped up with the king high flush.


2011 SCOOP Event 23-High $1050 PL Omaha Turbo Results:

1th: alexandrapau - $84065.00
2th: greatkaspy - $60605.00
3rd: Donald - $45942.50 Team Online
4th: PeterPaaPan - $34212.50
5th: RFFPOKER - $23460.00
6th: snake8484 - $19550.00
7th: dagunman - $15640.00
8th: CHUFTY - $11730.00
9th: rkruok - $7820.00