SCOOP: Anders "Donald" Berg Reigns Supreme at High H.O.R.S.E.

SCOOP logo.gifEleven hours into the H.O.R.S.E. tournament, two men were still standing -- George Danzer vs. Anders "Donald" Berg. It was a battle of Germany vs. Norway, scarves vs. no-scarves, and an ultimate match-up between a PokerStars Team Pro and PokerStars Team Online, where bragging rights were on the line to determine which set of pros represented the best of the best.

If the heads-up joust were a tagline to 1970s kung fu film, it might read: "Two men entered the Octagon. Only one would survive."

A total of 64 combatants plunked down $2,100 to test their mixed game skills at H.O.R.S.E. Only seven of them would earn a scrumptious piece of the pie and get a shot at the $128,000 prize pool, which included $44,800 set aside to the eventual champion (not to mention a sleek new watch awarded to every SCOOP champion).

A handful of PokerStars Team Pros participated in Event #36-H including Sebastian Ruthenberg, JP Kelly, ElkY, Lex Veldhuis, Jude Ainsworth, and Pat Pezzin -- but every single one of them fell by the wayside early on and everyone failed to cash. However, a trio of their brethren emerged from the battlefield unscathed -- Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, Anders "Donald" Berg, and George Danzer -- they all advanced to the final table and made the money cut.

They call me "Donald"

With two tables to go, Danzer was atop of the leaderboard with a commanding lead. With 12 players to go, Danzer, Donald, and Boeken were 1-2-3 in chips. At that point, the three seemed destined to sweep the top three spots. By the time play reached the final table bubble, Danzer slipped out of the top spot and Boeken had snagged the lead.

The unfortunate 10th place finisher was tunnny. He got crippled during Omaha hi/lo and made a final stand with A♠J♦8♠3♥. The board read Q♠9♦3♠2♣4♣ and tunnny made a pair of treys and an 8-4-3-2-A low. He lost to ilushan, who scooped both sides of the pot with a 6-high straight, while holding K♦Q♦6♠5♣.


Event #36-H Final Table chip counts:
Seat 1: Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (59,125)
Seat 2: Nyx86 (17,326)
Seat 3: Anders "Donald" Berg (58,746)
Seat 4: ilushan (30,470)
Seat 5: George "GeorgeDanzer" Danzer (51,991)
Seat 6: slammedfire (53,803)
Seat 7: LUFCBas (23,102)
Seat 8: cal42688 (25,437)

The final table was set, but since only the final seven paid out, we had officially reached the money bubble. Noah Boeken led all final eight players with almost 60,000. Although three PokerStars players at the final table got much of the attention, cal42688 flew under the radar. He had won a pair of SCOOP titles (in a 24-hour period) earlier in the week and was seeking his third champion's watch.

Nyx86 bubbles

Rough moment for Nyx86, who busted out in 8th place and one spot off the money. His demise occurred during a round of Razz. Nyx86 was all-in by 6th street and had hoped his 8-7-6-5-3 would be enough to stay alive. Alas, LUFCBas' 6-5-4-3-A bested him and he was knocked out in 8th place as the proverbial Bubble Boy.

With eight to go, Boeken retained the lead with LUFCBas bringing up the rear as the short stack.

slammedfire smolders; eliminated in 7th place

Slammedfire got smoked during a round of Stud. He was all-in by 5th street holding trip eights with 8♥8♣ in the hole and 9♠4♣8♠ showing. His trips failed to improve to a boat and he lost to cal42688's trip nines. Slammedfire from Canada, won $5,760 for a 7th place.

Disillusioned ilushan; eliminated in 6th place

During Razz, ilushan lost most of his chips in crippling hand against LUFCBas.

On his final hand, ilushan made a stand with little he had remaining. He put together a low of 9-8-7-3-A, however Donald's 7-6-4-3-A dragged the pot. Ilushan, a former chess whiz from Russia, won $7,040 for a valiant 6th place performance.

With five to go, Boeken was sitting on a big stack of 106,000 with Donald in second with almost 62,000.

Boeken busto; eliminated in 5th place

Inside of a short period of time, Boeken went from the penthouse to the outhouse after losing a couple of pots. His descent coincided with the rise of George Danzer (new leader) and LUFCBas.

On the last hand of hold'em before the game switched to Omaha hi/lo, the board read J♠9♥8♥9♠A♠. Boeken unsuccessfully took a stab at a pot, but GeorgeDanzer raised him on the river and Boeken could not do anything except fold. Noah lost most of his stack and almost all of his hope.

On his final hand during a round of Omaha, the board read Q♦8♣7♦7♠. Boeken was involved in a mutlti-way pot and had moved all-in in the turn with his gaunt stack. He held J♠T♦8♦Q♠ for two pair and a flush draw. The T♥ fell on the river and without a qualifying low, Donald won the pot with K♥K♦T♠J♣. Boeken hit the road in 5th place. The TeamPokerStars Pro won $9,600.

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

With four to go, Donald and LUFCBas both held around 110,000 while cal42688 lingered in the basement as the super shorty.

No three-peat for cal42688; eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked cal42688 got caught up in the crossfires of a raising war. He committed his stack all-in preflop with A♠K♥8♥8♠ and squared off against George Danzer's K♠T♥4♣2♥. The board ran out Q♠J♠2♦2♣9♦ and Danzer rivered a King-high straight. Cal42688's two pair lost, and his quest for three SCOOP titles ended. Mexico's cal42688 won $12,800 for an impressive finish in 4th place.

With three to go, everyone was almost even in chips ith around 110,000 each. The final three quickly agreed upon a deal with an extra $5,000 set aside to the winner.

LUFCBas fails in bid for a second SCOOP title; eliminated in 3rd place

LUFCBas won a SCOOP title last Spring and was hoping to add another championship to his resume, alas, he couldn't keep up with George Danzer's rush. LUFCBas donated most of his stack to Danzer's cause during Stud.

LUFCBas got it all-in on 6th street in a three-way pot. LUFCBas' finished up with7♦A♠6♠2♦8♣Q♠J♣ andcompletely whiffed. He could not muster up anything more than Ace-high and lost to Danzer, who had won the pot with just a pair of Queens and 9♠Q♣J♠Q♦2♣3♦K♦. LUFCBas finished in third place and collected $28,481.50.

Heads-up: GeorgeDanzer (Germany) vs. Donald (Norway)

With three PokerStars player advancing to the final table, it appeared as though a showdown between two Team Pros was inevitable. After the field of 64 was trimmed down to two, only Donald and Danzer were left standing, and yet only one would leave...

Heads-up chip counts:
Seat 3: Donald (109,972)
Seat 5: GeorgeDanzer (210,028)

Danzer held almost a 2-1 advantage, but Donald went to work right away to reverse roles and didn't take very long to even things up. After Donald won a Stud hand with trip fours, he surged ahead and opened up a 2-1 margin.That hand actually triggered a rush in which Donald won 11 out of 14 hands to take a commanding lead.

Danzer was not about to give up so easily. He mounted a counter attack and chipped away at his deficit. Just when it looked as though Danzer might pull even, Donald delivered a crippling blow during a round of Stud. Donald won a hand with A♣5♠J♣5♣3♠7♥J♠ for two pair -- Jacks and fives -- otherwise known as the infamous "Jackson Fives."

Tiny Dancer down; George Danzer eliminated in 2nd place

Down to under 40,000 in chips, Danzer made one last stand during Stud. He was all-in by 7th Street and only had a measly pair of sevens. He was outgunned by Donald's "Jackson Fives" for a second time (this time in boat form) as Donald shipped the pot.

Here's the decisive hand via the snazzy replayer...

RSS readers must click thru to view replayer

German Team Pro George Danzer won $27,970.36 for a runner-up performance. Meanwhile, Anders "Donald" Berg from Norway won $36,348.14 and a cool watch to go along with his SCOOP championship. Donald already has a WCOOP victory on his extensive online resume and he can now add a SCOOP title to his virtual trophy case.

Event #36-H HORSE Final Table payouts:
1st - PokerStars Team Online Anders "Donald" Berg (Norway) - 36,348.14 **
2nd - Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer (Germany) - 27,970.36 **
3rd - LUFCBas (United Kingdom) - 28,481.50 **
4th - cal42688 (Mexico) - $12,800
5th - Team PokerStars Pro Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (Netherlands) - $9,600
6th - ilushan (Russia) - $7,040
7th - slammedfire (Canada) - $5,760

** The final three agreed on a deal

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