SCOOP: Big_nat123's big raises too much for Event #35-L field (NLHE Heads-up)

scoop2009_thn.gifThe preamble before the big finish, the first set of roman candles before the grand finale of fireworks light up the evening sky. Event #25-L NLHE Heads-up matches carried the largest buy-ins across the board during the SCOOP 2011 series. Even the low buy-in was set at $270 carrying a hefty $150,000.00 guaranteed prize pool. As with many of the tournaments during the series this year, the guarantee was left in the rear view mirror as 1,010 players piled in yesterday to bring the purse to $252,500.00 as 128 places paid out (or four wins in a row) and tonight's champion would take away $50,500.00 of that. It is doubtful that anyone wanted to play a 24 hour (or longer) tournament so play was stopped last night after Gigacide busted and returned today for the round of 64.

Day Two begins!

Round of 64:

DrPill1, runner up in Event #28-L would make short work of his first opponent of the day. DrPill1 would defeat paul0s in just 23 minutes after reeling off wins in seven out of the last eight hands. zivziv, who was fresh off a final table in last night's Event #34-H would take a little under a hour to show mr_marrekie the door becoming one of 32 players to claim at least $1,767.50 for making it to the round of 32.

P0P goes the round

Ninety minutes after returning to the felt for day two just MrP0P and jackellwood were left to open the door for the round of 32 on table two. With the blinds moved up to 150/300 jackellwood made a min-raise from the button holding a 10,850 to 9,150 chip lead. MrP0P came back with a raise to 1,200 and jackellwood shoved holding pocket queens Q♦Q♣ to start the race against MrP0P's big slick. The flop 7♥ T♣ 7♠ was clean for the queens, the turn A♥ and river K♠ gave MrP0P the higher two pair and the 18,300 chip pot. Three hands later MrP0P would claim the rest of the chips starting the next level.

Players receiving $1,010.00: v1cious, XTheDecanoX, muckipedia, majskolv, Reno1989, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements, Hariseldo723, LiLonen, Sghango, zyxel888, paul0s, dirtyplay25, 00oasis00, srNrooo, PAAD72, PuglieseA, 40and7, huiiiiiiiiii, IxLUVx$$$$$$, DeFrag3, RJRJ, __2cb__, mr_marrekie, tollefishy, Sjos de Nos, Barakiel27, P-i-t.DqDoG, StigR, PanamaRespec, JeffreyRZ, MagicMan111, jackellwood

Round of 32

Stakes moving up with a little more than a thousand dollar difference for making it to the sweet sixteen. zivziv continued to dominate quickly, only needing 20 minutes in this round partly thanks to nailing a rivered nut flush against 1BigAceHole's rivered top two. Another player of note in the round of 32 was -DrawingDad- who notched together two SCOOP victories already this series in Event #9-M and Event #21-L got off to a slow start against Amoroso5 down 18,138 chips to 1,862 early on in the match. DrPill1 would take a little more than an hour to claim his seat in the next round. Holding a 15,500 to 4,500 chip lead and blinds at 100/200 DrPill1 would catch a little luck as both players shoved preflop with Revjot holding J♦A♥ to DrPill1's A♠T♣. However, the board would spike a ten on the turn 5♣ 8♥ 8♦ T♦ 5♦ handing DrPill1 the match sending Revjot out in 19th place. -DrawingDad- continued to collect more Player of the Series points as one of the final matches to complete. With the blinds at 100/200 he managed to mount a comeback taking an 11,890 to 8,110 lead in his match. After a standard min-raise from the button by -DrawingDad-, Amoroso5 re-raised to 1,250 total as both showed some excitement about the 4♠ T♠ 7♦ flop. After trading raises post-flop Amoroso5 would turn over 7♠A♠ for a pair and the nut flush draw, going up against -DrawingDad-'s top pair T♥9♥. -DrawingDad-'s quest for a three-peat would continue on, dodging all outs on the J♦ turn and 8♣ river, scoring a seat to the next round after zumbii's 9♣7♣ failed to get past the pocket jacks J♦J♣ of Bushman to start up the round of 16.

Players earning $1,767.50: schNITzzzel (runner up in Event #9-M /en/blog/scoop/2011/-drawingdad--not-drawing-dead--german-wi-081253.html ), BBlackkk, OMGlmBlack (no relation to BBlackkk), 1BigAceHole, nzaczac06, Jim1983Pim, a.kerdy, Nos172, Karelkorm, NessXG, mrG01R4NG, foster18, pololralph, Revjot, Amoroso5, zumbii.

Round of 16

Once again -DrawingDad- would dig himself a hole in the early goings of the match, but this time did not have the ladder to climb back out. A little over a half hour into the game with the blinds at 50/100 -DrawingDad- sitting on just 2,918 chips to BetrThanPhil's 17,082 the two-time SCOOP champion would take matters preflop after a several raises to get his small stack in the middle holding big slick A♠K♥. No racing this time for a double-up as -DrawingDad- would need a small miracle to topple BetrThanPhil's aces A♥A♣. Not even a sweat would appear on the 8♠ T♥ 4♣ T♦ 3♣ board and -DrawingDad- was drawing dead by the turn, out in 14th place ($2,775.00). Tunnelvisie would give DrPill1 his final prescription in 12th place, and zivziv was short on chips against MrP0P and could not fade a small flush draw ending the chance for another final table appearance in 11th place.

Just 53 minutes into this round we would be down to Bushman and DemonBilly battling for the last quarterfinal seat and fairly steep $5K difference between 8th and 9th. Despite being on the small stack for the majority of the higher blind levels, Bushman would push DemonBilly for another 20 minutes as the blinds moved up to 100/200. Holding pocket fours 4♠4♥ Bushman would call a shove by DemonBilly only to see it would not be a race. Wired sevens 7♣7♦ for DemonBilly and no help on the 3♣ Q♥ 3♥ 6♥ A♠ board ended the round of 16 with Bushman's elimination in ninth place.

Players receiving $2,777.50: thë_®ö©K, Waaaghbozz, -DrawingDad-, xJohny02x, DrPill1, zivziv, ocnits, Bushman


Big_nat123 vs. BetrThanPhil

This match would only last 14 minutes as BetrThanPhil got behind early on and stayed there as the blinds stood at 50/100 and BetrThanPhil holding just 1,030 chips to Big_nat123's 18,970 chips when the final hand went down. BetrThanPhil managed to find pocket tens T♠T♥ at the right time but Big_nat123's K♣8♠ managed to connect with the A♣ A♠ K♦ 7♣ 7♠ board just enough to eliminate BetrThanPhil (Ivey, Helmuth, Collins?) in eighth place.

spice5 vs. goodkicker1

The rest of the matches would not go so quickly into the night as spice5 and goodkicker1 would make it to the 80/160 blind level before spice5 got lured into a trap. Watch below for the results:

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After a preflop min-raise and call both players would check out the 7♠ 8♣ 5♣ flop. goodkicker1 checked as spice5 bet 450. goodkicker1 wasn't going anywhere and dropped in another 830 chips making it 1,280 to go. Back to spice5 who held top pair top kicker 8♦ A♦, shoved for 6,950 as goodkicker1 covered and snap called with queens Q♠Q♥. The queen on the turn Q♦ put this one out-of-reach as spice5 took home seventh place cash ($7,827.50).

Tunnelvisie vs. MrP0P

MrP0P was not pleased in the chat box at the conclusion of this one. This hand would take place almost the same time that spice5 was racking up for the day and moving on to another tournament as the blinds stood at 80/160 and MrP0P needed a double up quickly. Down to his last 2,665 chips he would limp in from the button and snap called the shove by Tunnelvisie holding pocket jacks J♣J♥. Tunnelvisie turned over deuces 2♣2♠ as the flop would contain the source of MrP0P's ire showing a two between a nine and a four 9♦ 2♥ 4♦. And as you read, the re-suck did not hit the 3♦ turn nor 6♣ river and MrP0P fizzed out in sixth place.

DemonBilly vs. john_baird_1

The longest match of the quarterfinals finishing nearly 40 minutes after Tunnelvisie wrapped up his match. With blinds all the way up to 200/400 and DemonBilly held a slight 11,450 to 8,550 lead as the two finally decided to settle it preflop. A♥T♠ for john_baird_1 as DemonBilly held the dominating A♣J♠. Needing a ten to extend the match, john_baird_1 did not find the 3♦ 7♣ 6♦ 4♠ Q♦ board to his liking and ended the quarterfinal round finishing in fifth place.

Players receiving $7,827.50: BetrThanPhil, spice5, MrP0P, and john_baird_1


SCOOP 35-L Semi1.jpg

Tunnelvisie vs. goodkicker1

Neck and neck for the first 75 minutes of the match as the players went to the hourly break just a few chips deviated from their starting stacks. They would play for another 45 minutes before the hand below went down during the 125/250 blind level:

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After an all-club flop of 3♣ 6♣ J♣ and the minimum in the middle, goodkicker1 would check as Tunnelvisie bet 225. goodkicker1 check-raised to 1,000 as Tunnelvisie took a few seconds from the time bank for shoving for 8,150 all-in. Holding the flopped flush 5♣2♣ goodkicker1 made the call. Tunnelvisie flopped a decent top pair with a re-draw to a higher flush 8♣J♠, and a jack J♥ made things even more interesting (or scary if you are rooting for goodkicker1). But, the river bricked A♠ as the remaining 16,800 chips on the table settled into goodkicker1's stack and Tunnelvisie finished in third place ($15,150.00).

SCOOP 35-L Semi2.jpg

DemonBilly vs. Big_nat123

Big_nat123 would take the lead early on in this one, adding to it by winning nine straight hands and expanding the lead 12,000 to 8,000 with blinds still at the starting 25/50. Another string of 10 wins in a row for Big_nat123 during the 30/60 blind level increased the lead to 14,677 to 5,323. Towards the end of the 30/60 round DemonBilly finally scored a double up with a fortunate river card. With the board showing 7♠5♦4♦Q♦ and 1,810 in the pot DemonBilly would get the rest of his 3,303 chips in the middle as Big_nat123 called holding a flopped set of fours 4♠4♣. J♦ on the river and DemonBilly's pocket tens T♣T♦ found a four card flush to claim the 8,416 chip pot.

But Big_nat123 was too much, pounding away with aggression and backed DemonBilly into a corner. With the blinds at 50/100 and DemonBilly now holding just 2,796 chips he would call the button min-raise to see a J♠ Q♠ J♣ flop. DemonBilly checked as Big_nat123 followed through with a 225 chip bet that was quickly check-raise to 700 total. A call and Big_nat123 now faced a 900 chip bet after the 2♦ dropped on the turn. Big_nat123's turned pair of deuces 2♠6♦ was good enough to set DemonBilly all-in as the short stack did not have much of a choice holding just 996 chips left. DemonBilly made the call and was in decent shape to catch a decent river card holding K♥ T♠. Any ace, king, queen, ten, or nine would extend the match but the 3♣ ended DemonBilly's tournament in fourth place ($15,150.00).


SCOOP 35-L Final.jpg

Big_nat123 vs. goodkicker1

This is the way all deal discussions should go:

Big_nat123: Split the winnings and play for $5K?
goodkicker1: Sure
Big_nat123: I agree
goodkicker1: I agree


$35,375.00 to both our player with $5,000.00 and the SCOOP championship watch for the winner.

Sorry, I don't believe you: Part One

Equally fast was the heads up play. As our final two took just 15 minutes to award the SCOOP championship watch and extra $5,000.00 from the chop deal. As with previous matches, Big_nat123's aggression was just too much for goodkicker1. Down to 3,838 chips in the first blind level 25/50 scored a much needed double making a huge call on the river. With the board showing Q♠ 4♦ 3♥ Q♣ 8♣ after both players checked the flop, and Big_nat123 check-called a 800 chip bet on the turn, goodkicker1 checked the river as Big_nat123 set him all-in for the remaining 2,338 chips. Holding just fourth pair 3♠A♠ goodkicker1's read was correct as Big_nat123 flipped up 9♠J♠ for the bluff.

Sorry, I don't believe you: Part Two "The Redemption"

Nine hands later watch the final hand of the SCOOP 2011 Event #35-L play out:

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A standard min-raise from the button by Big_nat123 got called as the players looked to the coordinated J♦ 8♦ 7♥ flop. goodkicker1 checked as Big_nat123 c-bet to 125 and goodkicker1 made the call. 7♣ on the turn same check and bet 300, but this time goodkicker1 check-raised to 950 as Big_nat123 made the call. Q♠ on the river and goodkicker1 checked again as Big_nat123 continued to fire away with a 1,362 chip bet. Holding plenty of ammo left (7,176 chips) goodkicker1 would shove all-in holding a busted straight draw 9♥6♦. Great play, but Big_nat123 looked right through it, making the call with a pair of jacks J♥9♠ to claim all of goodkicker1's chips, the extra $5K from the chop, and the SCOOP championship watch for winning Event #35-L!

Be sure to watch for our Main Event updates via The Daily SCOOP recap post or Inside SCOOP webshow.

SCOOP 2011 Event #35-L NLHE Heads-up Matches results (05-22-11)
(* denotes part of two-way deal leaving $5,000 to the winner)
1. Big_nat123 (Canada) *$40,375.00
2. goodkicker1 (Germany) *$35,375.00
3. Tunnelvisie (Netherlands) $15,150.00
4. DemonBilly (Belarus) $15,150.00
5. john_baird_1 (United Kingdom) $7,827.50
6. MrP0P (Canada) $7,827.50
7. spice5 (United Kingdom) $7,827.50
8. BetrThanPhil (Canada) $7,827.50

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP