SCOOP: cal42688 completes SCOOP/WCOOP double with Event #25-M win

scoop2009_thn.gifAs we head into the home stretch for the 2011 SCOOP Player of the Series Award and in honor of tonight's tournament here is how the current "Stud 8" of the leaderboard faired tonight (in order of current relation on the leaderboard):

Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn - 55th place
-DrawingDad- Did not play (probably weighed down by his second SCOOP watch of the tournament last night)
DazzleO - 171st place
Team Online Anders "Donald" Berg - 281st place
mement_mori - Did not play (busy dominating other tournaments)
HN Kakaroto - 105th place
EDWARDHOPPER - 140th place
UhhMee - 204th place

No cashes tonight for our SCOOP "Stud 8" meaning no points for them towards that Player of the Series trophy, 2011 WCOOP Main Event ticket, 2012 PCA prize package, EPT Grand Final prize package, and a Special Edition PokerStars chip set all bundled for our Player of the Series.

That left plenty of space for someone in tonight's Event #25-M $215 buy-in Stud Hi/Lo tournament to take those 100 points going to the champion and gain ground on them. Team PokerStars pro Marcel Luske had a very short tournament as he hit the road before the 120 minute late registration was up along with Miwo1976, megastacks, and Globe from Sweden as 340 players plied into the $40,000 guarantee tournament.

This was not the tourney for Team PokerStars nor Team Online as Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth (214th place), Pat Pezzin (178th place), Kristian "CharismA3" Martin (174th place), George Danzer (167th place), "Nacho" Barbero (165th place), Javier "El_Cañonero" Dominguez (123rd place), Marcin "Goral" Horecki (106th place), Bryan Huang (102nd place) all failed to cash today while trying to crack the top 48 player mark.

Team PokerStars pro Liv Boeree, despite claiming on Twitter that she does not play Stud H/L very well, but used enough skill to outlast all of the Team PokerStars pros and Team Online players. Sadly her efforts did not come with a championship watch or even cash as she was short-stacked with the stakes at 1K/2K ante 200 in a three-way pot with Sivokhan and Carlos34x. After seventh street Sivokhan flipped up 2♥ 3♠ / 6♥ 5♠ 9♠ A♦ / 2♣ good for a 6-5 low and half the pot while Liv showed 8♦8♠K♠T♠ with three cards that would remain unseen as Carlos34x showed an ace-high flush Q♠ T♥ / 9♣ K♣ A♣ T♣ / 6♣ to split the 28,506 chip pot and send Boeree out in 80th place.

ept san remo_day 1b_liv boeree.jpg

Team PokerStars pro Liv Boeree

Jonathan "Iftarii" Jaffe was at it again after collecting a SCOOP champion's watch to go with his WCOOP bracelet in last night's Event #23-M. Jaffe would have to settle for a deep cash instead of more bling however taking $663.00 from his 18th place finish.

cal42688 was one elimination from a final table in Event #18-H (won by Team PokerStars pro Sebastian Ruthenberg) was looking to match Jaffe's feat with a victory tonight to go with his 2010 WCOOP Event #17 Deuce-to-Seven win and was welcomed onto the final table tonight as the chip leader after ukom777's ultra short stack finally missed. With the stakes at 8K/16K ukon777 set in his final 6,649 after receiving a 3♦ on the door as auuuuutsch!! called, brat1_77 raised to the full 8K bet and auuuuutsch!! called again. Both players checked until sixth street as auuuuutsch!! bet 16K and brat_77 called. River bet by auuuuutsch!! got brat_77 to lay it down and rolled over 7♣ 5♣ / 8♣ 4♥ A♥ A♦ / J♣ good for a pair of aces and 8-7-5 low as ukom777 somehow caught a worse low [7d ] 8♥ / 3♦ 9♠ 2♣ 8♦ / 6♥ and failed to beat the aces shipping the 62,649 chip pot to auuuuutsch!! and setting up the final table below:

SCOOP  25-M 2011.jpg

Seat 1: cal42688 (438389 in chips)
Seat 2: auuuuutsch!! (229314 in chips)
Seat 3: RAGs King (68985 in chips)
Seat 4: brat1_77 (120005 in chips)
Seat 5: luk45zp (83028 in chips)
Seat 6: SebbyGl (331029 in chips)
Seat 7: Bimbostix (96616 in chips)
Seat 8: WTFseeB8 (332634 in chips)

Brat goes splat

Short stacked after being scooped by Bimbostix, brat1_77 would find all his 30,405 chips in the middle on fourth street two hands later. With the stakes at 10K/20K ante 2K, RAGs King had the bring in as brat1_77 completed with a J♥ and cal42688 made it two bets holding a Q♠ while Bimbostix 6♠ and brat1_77 called. Fourth street saw a bet by cal42688 6♣ and call all-in for 8,405 by brat1_77 5♥ while Bimbostix came along with the 4♠. cal42688 bet 8♦8♣ and Bimbostix called 5♣T♠ on fifth and sixth. River card and both players get three bets in to show a full house for cal42688 A♠ / A♣ Q♠ 6♣ 8♦ / 8♣ 8♥ and a 7-6 low for Bimbostix 7♥ / 4♣ 6♠ 4♠ 5♣ / T♠ A♦ caused brat1_77 to muck and claim eight place cash ($1,530.00).

No diamond, no low, no luk

With the stakes still at 10K/20K ante 2K cal42688 continued his quest for the SCOOP watch to go with his WCOOP bracelet as luk45zp tried to get in the way. RAGs King brought it in as luk45zp completed on the immediate left with a 5♦ and only 41,242 chips to start the hand as cal42688 raised. Both capped the door card until luk45zp was all-in . luk45zp 7♣A♦ / 5♦ up against cal42688's 8♣6♣ / 4♥ . cal42688 would catch a pair of sixes on sixth along with a 8-6 low K♦ 2♠ 6♥ / 5♠ as luk45zp found nothing but air 9♦ K♣ 3♦ / T♣ taking home $1,870.00 in seventh place.

Unlucky 13

Just 13 hands later after suffering from all the bring ins, RAGs King sitting with just 25,785 chips and all-in after third street after raises by WTFseeB8 and cal42688. Bet by WTFseeB8 and a call on fourth by cal42688. cal42688 would give up on a fifth with WTFseeB8showing 8♦T♥ / T♦T♣K♥ as RAGs King went looking for a low card A♦7♠ / 3♦J♦2♥. However neither player would improve as RAGs King caught two high cards K♣9♦ and failed to catch a low to WTFseeB8's trip tens 7♣3♥ shipping the 103,355 chip pot to WTFseeB8 and RAGs King earning $2,550.00 in sixth place.


Just five hands later with the stakes and antes still the same auuuuutsch!! wasted no time and completed instead of bringing in with the 4♥ and found a customer in cal42688 who raised and auuuuutsch!! called all-in for the remaining 9,300 chips showing 8♣2♠ / 4♥ to cal42688's 5♦A♥ / 9♠. cal42688 continued a string of eliminating players by running off trip jacks by the river J♠8♠J♥ / J♦ while auuuuutsch!! watched the bricks stack up on his hand 6♠9♦Q♥ / 9♥ for just a pair of nines. $3,570.00 will help ease the pain for auuuuutsch!! in fifth place.

Not much of a rack

As the stakes moved up to 12K/24K ante 2,400 Bimbostix fell to the short stack and brought it in for 3,600 holding a 7♣. cal42688 completed with an ace A♠ as Bimbostix made the call. Both players caught an eight on fourth as cal42688 bet and Bimbostix called. Fifth street both players traded big bets until Bimbostix was all-in showing sevens with a straight draw 9♣7♥ / 7♣8♣J♦ to cal42688's pair of eights 8♥3♦ / A♠8♦Q♦. Bimbostix could not find a seven, eight, nine, ten, or jack on the final two cards Q♥5♥ as cal42688's eights took down the 168,436 chip pot and eliminated Bimbostix in fourth place ($5,270.00).

Yeah, those might be good

cal42688 would slip from the chip lead but gained a bunch back on the hand below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

Quad ducks for the largest scooped pot to this point (329,600) at the final table and cal42688 was back with a slight chip lead that would exchange hands between all of them as our final three dug in for the night.

WTFseeB8: I need a break, so hungry

Quote from the WTFseeB8 nearing the 11 hour mark as our final three played with stakes at 20K/40K ante 4K and cal42688 coming back to take the chip lead after being all-in twice in the previous stakes level keeping the WCOOP/SCOOP double alive.

WTF just happened

Three full levels would pass as our final three battled intensely but no one wanted to give up the rest of their chips. With stakes at 30K/60K ante 6K SebbyGl and cal42688 started dividing up WTFseeB8's chips. Down to just 103,604 WTFB8 would trade raises with cal42688 off the door card to get those chips in the middle.

cal42688: A♦ 9♦ / K♥ 5♥ 5♦ 8♦ / 3♣
WTFseeB8: K♠ 2♠ / 7♥ J♣ 9♥ 6♦ / A♣

WTFseeB8 found exactly zero pairs while cal42688 little pair of fives were enough to finally bring this match to heads-up after 11 and a half hours. $7,310.00 and third place were WTFseeB8's to take home as cal42688 had one very tough opponent with multiple WCOOP and SCOOP final tables while vying for the $13,090.00 first prize.

Double trouble

While it took almost an hour to go from three to two competitors, it would only require 15 minutes to ship the SCOOP champion's watch. Entering heads-up play SebbyGl enjoyed a 984,060 to 715,940 chip lead that expanded on the very first hand to 1.29 million to 409,940 after showing down a high two pair on the river and scooping a 612,000 chip pot. But, the tides turned as cal42688 hit a hot streak collecting pots of 372K, 312K, and finally 552K to turn the lead in his favor 1.07 million to 624,600.

By the time the hand below played out SebbyGl's hole was 362,060 to cal42688's 1.33 million as cal42688 applied the pressure on every street:

RSS readers please click through to view video

cal42688: 6♥ 6♣ / 7♣ 2♠ 4♠ 5♥ / 6♠
SebbyGl: 9♦ Q♦ / 9♠ 8♠ 7♠ 2♦ / 8♦

Trips on the river for cal42688 meant the massive 724,120 chip pot, $13,090.00 first place prize, and jewelry for both wrist as tonight's SCOOP Event $25-M champion!

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SCOOP Event #25-M $40,000 Guarantee Stud Hi/Lo results (05-17-11)
1. cal42688 (Mexico) $13,090.00
2. SebbyGl (Germany) $9,690.00
3. WTFseeB8 (Sweden) $7,310.00
4. Bimbostix (United Kingdom) $5,270.00
5. auuuuutsch!! (Germany) $3,570.00
6. RAGs King (United Kingdom) $2,550.00
7. luk45zp (Poland) $1,870.00
8. brat1_77 (Canada) $1,530.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in SCOOP