SCOOP: diehardmick douses slammedfire in Event #27-M ($215 Razz)

SCOOP logo.gifRazz. It's a funny game that sometimes makes people do funny things. We've all heard the jokes, the cracks, the digs, and chances are that you've called one of your Razz-loving friends a masochist at one point or another. But tonight, as the SCOOP crowned three new Razz champions, the folks at the final table of Event #27-M were treated with a display of bona fide Razz-induced mania as diehardmick fought off constant verbal barbs from slammedfire en route to victory.

339 players put up $215 apiece for a shot at SCOOP glory. 48 of them earned a piece of the $67,800 prize pool, with first place set to collect $13,051.50. Fittingly enough, it was WSOP Razz bracelet winner Katja Thater who outlasted all her fellow Team PokerStars Pros, finishing in 24th place. Canada's Pat Pezzin (26th) and Team Online's Bryan Huang (41st) also made the money.

The short stack nine-handed, Silverrain put the last of his chips in on fourth street with 2-6-9-Q up against slammedfire's 5-4-7-2. Slammedfire caught an 8 on fifth street to make an 8-7 low and sliverrain was never able to catch up, ending his run on the final table bubble.

SCOOP Event 26-M FT.jpg

Here's how the final eight stacked up:

Seat 1: EDWARDHOPPER (79,868 in chips)
Seat 2: diehardmick (398,675 in chips)
Seat 3: aDrENalin710 (369,386 in chips)
Seat 4: Dainiux (72,929 in chips)
Seat 5: 1diego_35 (55,204 in chips)
Seat 6: Us_Alex (151,628 in chips)
Seat 7: Deveroux (356,136 in chips)
Seat 8: slammedfire (211,174 in chips)

Right off the bat, slammedfire was hot and bothered in the chat box, accusing EDWARDHOPPER of stalling and promising to "punish" him by letting the minutes peel off his own time bank:

slammedfire: sorry to everyone here but edwardhopper is the slimiest poker player around
slammedfire: stalled every ahnd for past hour
aDrENalin710: afraid
aDrENalin710: to loose
slammedfire: and i have it looks like 10 mins left of time bank
slammedfire: to punish him
aDrENalin710: lol
slammedfire: ill show u edward

Ten minutes into play, the final table had its first casualty. While slammedfire yelped into the chat box demanding to know whether the next break was 5 or 15 minutes long, Dainiux got the last of his chips in on sixth street in a three-way pot, but neither he nor Us_Alex could top aDrENalin710's 7-5-4-2-A. For eighth place, Dainiux took home $1,525.50:

It didn't take long before Us_Alex and aDrENalin710 tangled again. After 1diego_35 brought it in with a king, Us_Alex completed with a deuce and aDreNalin710 called with an ace.

Us_Alex (X) (X) 2♥8♠9♦T♣ (X)
aDrENalin710 (X) (X) A♥5♠9♣T♣ (X)

ADrENalin710 led out on fourth and fifth streets, Us_Alex calling him down. Both players checked on sixth but aDrENalin710 led the river, Us_Alex making the call. ADrENalin710 revealed 4-7-2 in the hole for yet another 7-5-4-2-A. Us_Alex was left on an extremely short stack while aDrENalin710 took a dominating chip lead.

Slammedfire wasn't able to take out his nemesis EDWARDHOPPER, aDrENalin710 doing the job instead. Showing A-4 against aDrENalin710's 8-Q, EDWARDHOPPER committed the rest of his stack on fourth street and turned up a formidable 3-5-A-4 against aDrENalin710's 2-6-8-Q. Bricks rained from the sky, however, EDWARDHOPPER catching two face cards and a pair to finish with a J-5 low while aDrENalin710 improved to a 9-8-6-4-2 low to eliminate him in seventh place.

Down to his last big bet, Us_Alex put the rest of his chips in on fourth street against aDrENalin710. Although the deuce he caught on sixth street gave him the best hand and the best draw with K-6-4-3-2 against aDrENalin710's K-9-7-5-4, aDrENalin710 caught a six on the river to make a 9-7 low while Us_Alex caught a jack and exited in sixth place, earning $2,542.50.

With five players remaining, aDrENalin710 had a huge chip lead with 930,000, slammedfire was in second position with 377,000 and Deveroux, 1diego_35 and diehardmick were all bunched together with around 130,000. Perhaps needing a new Public Enemy #1 at the table, slammedfire laid in to diehardmick after this hand, when slammedfire capped the betting with 2-3-4 on third street, but paired twice on fourth and fifth and caught a queen on sixth:

Needless to say, slammedfire wasn't too pleased with the result of the hand:

slammedfire: 234
slammedfire: and your capping
slammedfire: or 4 betting
slammedfire: lol
slammedfire: watch that one on the replay

The 280,000-chip pot slammedfire won five minutes later when he made a 6-4-3-2-A low against aDrENalin710's 7-6-4-2-A seemed to take him off tilt, at least temporarily. Less than an orbit after that, Deveroux four-bet all-in for 42,936 on third street with a jack up and slammedfire made the call with an ace. Slammedfire's 9-7-6-5-A prevailed over Deveroux's J-T-7-3-2, sending him to the rail in 5th place for a $3,559.50 score. '

Slammedfire continued to roll. After taking out 1diego_35 in fourth place in this 391,000-chip pot, he was nearly even with chip leader aDrENalin710:

Remarkably, 1diego_35 also finished sixth in Event #27-H, $2,100 Razz for an additional $7,260 bringing his total haul to $12,514.50.

During three-handed play, aDrENalin710 lost three huge pots to take him from chip leader to short stack. Diehardmick picked up two of those pots, the second taking him over a million in chips when he made 7-5-4-2-A in a three-way pot where slammedfire made 8-5-4-3-2. Slammedfire crippled aDrENalin710, betting fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh streets in a pot that swelled to over half a million chips. In the end, slammedfire's 9-7 bested aDrENalin710's T-8, leaving him on life support.

aDrENalin710 (3♦)(T♠) A♠Q♥4♠8♥ (Q♣)
slammedfire (4♣)(6♦) 7♣J♥K♦9♥ (5♣)

Diehardmick finished aDrENalin710 off a few hands later. After putting in a raise on fourth street, calling diehardmick's bet on fifth and leading sixth, aDrENalin710 put his last 8,408 in on the river, but his J-8 low couldn't hold up against diehardmick's T-9.

aDrENalin710 (A♥)(8♣) 7♠3♠J♥A♣ (8♦)
diehardmick (K♠)(9♦) 6♠2♠7♦T♥[ (2♦)

For third place, aDrENalin710 collected $7,288.50.

Diehardmick held a 1.4 to 1 chip lead over slammedfire as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 2: diehardmick (989,480 in chips)
Seat 8: slammedfire (705,520 in chips)

Never one to stay quiet after losing a pot, this hand sent slammedfire back on tilt. Slammedfire brought it in on third and diehardmick called. Diehardmick led out on fourth and fifth streets, slammedfire calling in both spots.

diehardmick (X)(X) A♥3♣5♥4♦
slammedfire (X)(X) J♣7♣8♠6♠

On sixth street, however, slammedfire folded to diehardmick's bet and launched into a chat box rant.

slammedfire: yep
slammedfire: stars has decided the winner
slammedfire: mick wanna give me 100$ and ill let u win
slammedfire: 100$ mick
slammedfire: thats it

Diehardmick stayed mum while slammedfire went on a tear, winning 17 of 20 pots including this 816,000 monster. After completing on third street, slammedfire called diehardmick's fourth and fifth street bets, then raised it up on sixth. Diehardmick called, then check-called the river.

slammedfire (X)(X) 5♥5♦4♠7♣ (X)
diehardmick (X)(X) 7♥3♣8♥3♠ (X)

Slammedfire turned over 7-5-4-2-A (quite the popular hand tonight) and quieted down for an entire fifteen minutes before a set of bricks set off another seismic event. After starting with a queen up against diehardmick's jack, slammedfire's board read Q-J-8-Q by sixth street while diehardmick improved to J-3-6-4. Diehardmick bet out, but slammedfire folded. Then, after diehardmick took down this 950,000 monsterpotten, slammedfire really let his rage fly:

slammedfire: amazing stars
slammedfire: amazing
slammedfire: HOW MANY
slammedfire: wtf
slammedfire: OMFG THIS IS 100% RIGGED
slammedfire: THIS IS 100% RIGGED
slammedfire: I SWEAR TO F***G GOD

Slammedfire was quickly reprimanded by the host, who urged him to keep the chat clean. So slammedfire changed focus, attempting to get diehardmick to agree to a chop. When diehardmick declined to respond in the chat, slammedfire threatened to use his time bank to stall:

slammedfire: mick id appreciate a yes or no
slammedfire: id hate to use 10 mins of time bank
slammedfire: 10 mins it is
Baalim (TeamOnline): please man resume playing, he has trouble chatting i guess
slammedfire: he talked earlier
slammedfire: stars was nice to give me this time bank
slammedfire: but cause your tired i play

Diehardmick decided to let his chips do the talking instead, and instead of engaging slammedfire, picked up another huge pot to cripple his opponent.

diehardmick (X)(X) 4♥9♣2♠8♠ (X)
slammedfire (X)(X) 3♦5♥8♥3♠ (X)

Diehardmick brought it in on third, slammed fire raised, diehardmick three-bet and slammedfire called. Slammedfire check-called bets on fourth and fifth streets, diehardmick taking over the lead on sixth when he made the low board. Diehardmick bet out on both sixth and seventh and slammedfire called him down, but could not beat his 8-5-4-3-2 low. It was during slammedfire's ensuing rant that diehardmick finally spoke-- short, sweet, and to the point.

diehardmick: shut up
diehardmick: idiot

With only 17,000 left (less than half a small bet), slammedfire either (a) went to go break some things around his flat or (b) decided to drive the needle in further and run down his time bank. Host Jorge "Baalim" Limon, who aptly handled the chat situation throughout the final table, implored slammedfire to finish out the tournament.

Baalim (TeamOnline): slammedfire you play highstakes, this is no big deal, come on.
Baalim (TeamOnline): or i wont congratulate you on finishing 2nd :P jk

With 216 seconds left in his time bank, slammedfire finally resurfaced. Although he managed to chip back up to 100,000, a few steals later, he was all-in for his tournament life on third street:

slammedfire (Q♣)(K♣) 7♣7♦7♠2♦ (J♠)
diehardmick (A♦)(6♣) 3♥J♥5♣T♥ (Q♦)

Diehardmick's T-6 low was the winner and after a hard-fought final, the Irishman shipped $13,051.50 and a SCOOP champion's watch while slammedfire collected $9,661.50 for second place.

SCOOP Event #27-M ($215 Razz) results:
1. diehardmick (Ireland) $13,051.50
2. slammedfired (Canda) $9,661.50
3. aDrEMalin710 (Russia) $7,288.50
4. 1diego_35 (United Kingdom) $5,254.50
5. Deveroux (China) $3,559.50
6. Us_Alex (Russia) $2,542.50
7. EDWARDHOPPER (Denmark) $1,864.50
8. Dainiux (Lithuania) $1,525.50

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Kristin Bihr
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